Toy poodle: care, food, health, hygiene and more about this breed


  • Height at the cross: between 25 and 28 cm for the AKC, between 28 and 35 cm for the FCI
  • Cap: white, black, gray, brown, apricot or red
  • Aptitudes: service dog
  • General ranking:Small dog breeds
  • Classification according to the AKC:Group 5: Toy Dogs
  • Classification according to the FCI:Group 9: Companion and toy dogs> Poodle

The Dwarf Poodle It is a dog that has always been linked to glamor, either as a companion to the ladies of the French court or as one of Marilyn Monroe's many pets. The actress had a Poodle white called Maf (abbreviation of Mafia) that was a gift from also actor and singer Frank Sinatra.

For many centuries the Poodle and the Barbet were the same race. This dog was used for guarding goats and sheep and for hunting wild birds. By the 16th century they began to differentiate progressively. Some specimens remained hunters or guardians but others mated with spaniels to soften the texture of their hair. From this second batch the Poodles, which would soon become the favorite pets of kings and princes. During the 16th and 18th centuries, breeders began to cross to the smaller Standard Poodles in order to obtain the Dwarf Poodle.


Like all Poodles, the Dwarf Poodle He is faithful, lives tied to his owner and can sometimes get him to hoard, to the point of following him everywhere, watching him closely and sitting at the same time as him. He is playful, vivacious, cheerful, observant and very intelligent, he is able to learn many things and very quickly. Sometimes he can be a barker in the presence of strangers or when he is left alone at home, he is quite protective. Variety Dwarf It seems more predisposed to anxiety than others.

The most notable feature of the Poodle It is your competition hairstyle, you can take it to the lion, the English or the modern style, although there are many haircuts that do not fall into the standard. The Dwarf Poodle It is a dog that measures between 25 and 38 cm, harmonious, firm and muscular. It has strong legs and well developed. The ears are quite long and fall to the sides of the cheeks and the snout is long, straight and thin. The tail is used to cut a third of its original length. There are two varieties of poodle depending on the hair: curly hair (fine, woolly, well curly, elastic, thick and bushy, forming equal loops) and curled hair (abundant, fine, woolly and tight, forming 20 cm ropes so less). It is preferable that the layer is unicolor.


The Dwarf Poodle It adapts perfectly to the way of life of its owner. It is convenient to live with quiet people, since it has been observed that otherwise you can always be tense and nervous and develop anxiety crisis.
Sometimes it can be quite greedy and it is advisable to regulate meals very well.
Hair care is quite demanding and difficult, it is necessary to take it to a professional hairdresser.

The most frequent problems suffered by Dwarf Poodle They are those of ear, eyes and skin.

Tips to buy a Dwarf Poodle

Searching for a puppy online carries risks. To be clear about the professionalism of the hatchery with whom you contact, we recommend that.

  • You make sure that your questions are answered, that you are knowledgeable about the breed (that attends dog shows), and that it offers to track the puppy after the sale. Is it implied, or is it limited to setting a price?
  • See if it is recommended by other breeders, or if it has references from satisfied customers.
  • Make sure that it has affix, that its dogs are registered in the LOE and have pedigree in order. Keep in mind that processing the pedigree of a puppy is not expensive, distrust phrases like "if I give it to you with pedigree it will be much more expensive." More information about the prices of a puppy
  • I give you guarantees in relation to health problems, physical, hereditary. Does the puppy deliver with veterinary primer, chip, vaccinations, deworming and veterinary checks a day?
  • You ask him to show you his facilities and let you see the specimens. Are they disease free?
  • And finally, remember that puppies need a minimum of two months with their mother before being delivered. Be wary of who wants to speed up the process.

Everything you should know about the Poodle Toy

If you are thinking about what your ideal companion pet will be, we can propose you the toy poodle as an excellent candidate, because this breed loves people. He is also able to empathize greatly with the mood and emotions of their owners, being very receptive to them.

It will catch your attention, as in Petyzoo it happened to us, to see that when you are happy, you will join the celebration and when you have a complicated day, it will not stop you, as a sign of concern. If there is something that truly fascinates you, it is get to please, so if you detect that a certain behavior is funny to its owners, it will not stop repeating it.

The toy poodle is considered an ideal alternative for people who are familiar with dogs of this breed, but larger, and who are no longer able to follow the adventures of such a large pet. As usual, whoever has a poodle develops a love for this breed for life, the change for a toy poodle is common.

The knowledge of the history of a race leads us to appreciate more broadly what are its qualities and allows us to locate what is the potential companionship of it. Although today the poodle is an eminently familiar companion dog, examining their ancestors we will learn more about what some qualify as The most affectionate and intelligent of dogs.

The poodle and the barbet were a single breed for many centuries. This was a dog used to store goats and sheep, as well as to hunt wild birds. The difference came progressively, around the 16th century. Certain specimens mated with dogs of the Spaniel breed, resulting in dogs with softer hair and hence the birth of the breed of poodles, very cute copies that soon became the favorite pets of royalty.

Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, breeders struggled to cross the smallest standard poodles, until obtaining a dwarf poodle. He had not yet had time to become truly popular when the creators themselves insisted on creating an even smaller breed of dog, that of the toy poodle. The official recognition of this breed did not come until 1984, although it existed for a long time.

Characteristics and physical features

The poodle, regardless of race and color, is a dog elegant and square construction (just a bit longer than high) but in a perfect proportion ...

In it, preference should be given to the proportional and harmonic aspect. Its length along (that is from the snout to the tail), must be shown according to its height at the cross, which is less than 28 centimeters. Its weight ranges between 3 and 4.5 kilos.

its head It is rounded and a bit small, with eyes something separate and a stop Not too marked. its snout It is well developed and has a black color in black, gray or white poodles and the color that predominates in their fur in the rest of the brown, red poodles and in their different ranges.

The nasal cane It cannot be pointed, but rounded, rather almost square and small. Their eyes They are tremendously expressive and very cheerful, somewhat oblique and intense black in black, gray, white and apricot dogs. Brown poodles usually have eyes in a different intensity of chestnuts.

Their ears they are so long that, if stretched, they would reach the corners of their lips. At the same time they are flat and with a rounded finish and are totally covered by a very long wavy coat.

Your body has a loin straight and firm. its tail It is of high implantation and seems to follow the line of the loin, and must be oblique when the poodle comes into action.

Their legs They must be parallel, firm and straight with good muscles. its walk It is characteristic, very dynamic and with small agile and fast steps.

Coat and colors

The coat is composed of two types of hair. The external has to be curly, wired and thick. The internal, woolly and soft will give heat, not losing hair in any of its varieties, which makes them hypoallergenic pets. This makes them puppies especially suitable for all those people who suffer from allergies but do not want to give up the multiple advantages of living with a pet.

The layers of the puppy's hair are usually thin and soft, little or no curly, although they tend to become wavy. Once the dog has grown and becomes an adult, the coat will become curly and thick.

The best way to know what the layer of a puppy is still to be is to observe that of their parents, as parents with good layers will transmit them to their children.

The theme of colors It is not easy to determine in this breed. Purists believe that the only 3 possible colors are white, dark brown and black. The rest considers that there are infinite shades that go from cream to coffee with milk, going through all the varieties of clear apricot. Some end in a chocolate brown and others descend from carbon black to deep metallic gray, leaving among them various shades of pure gray that end in silver gray.

Definitely, The poodle's bearing should not be heavy or delicate and his expression must be active, alert and cheerful.


We have already referred to the toy poodle has good character and eagerness to please. Among its features are They find joy, loyalty, dignity and extreme intelligence.

There are many people who tend to mistakenly think that it is a female dog when the reality is that the toy poodle is a dog robust and athletic and you can train him easily.

Some specimens come to believe that they are people and become infatuated with being treated as such. This attitude is easily corrected as long as its owners know what the limits are and let them know to your pet.

They are affectionate until exhaustion and love the pampering and affection of their family, always wishing to be in company. Playful as they alone, his sense of humor does not seem to have limits, and their antics are the order of the day.

Active and energetic They enjoy very much that you share moments of play with them, being the ball one of their favorites. If you have the opportunity to take yours to the beach, you will discover his good skills as a swimmer and how happy he will feel taking a good dip in the water, and all this despite the fact that there are those who consider that his character is somewhat quieter than the of the miniature poodle.

Like the rest of his older brothers, he is considered a good watchdog not losing opportunity to warn, by barking, of the possible presence of strangers.

Relationship with other pets

If you already have other pets, the toy poodle is ideal for living with them, because its affable character makes it interact quite well with the rest of its peers.

His good character affects that he respects the rules of coexistence and is a small puppy that no exclusivity required and that he is happy in the company of more animals and people.

Relationship with children

As you couldn't expect less from him, the poodle is Very social and shows an excellent relationship with all people. This helps, as in the rest of the breeds, a convenient socialization from a puppy, which is achieved by allowing him to relate at will to the environment when you take him out to the street.

Therefore, this little boy who does not know how to be doing nothing, so that when he is bored, he has to do mischief, he must necessarily have busy your mind. In this sense the relationship with the children is positive which is usually great, because it is very patient with them, although there are those who also point out that it can be somewhat less tolerant than that of the miniature poodle.

One factor that must be considered is that although the puppy-children relationship of the house is formidable, the latter must be educated in respect for the figure of their pets. This becomes especially important in the case of these races whose tiny size invites to be especially careful when playing with them, because accidents of the type of falls to play with too much rudeness can cost them a broken leg, for example.

Basic care

As we have indicated previously, one of its greatest advantages is that, by not letting go of hair, it is not a pet that will dirty the house. For the rest and as for the care to be lavished, they are not excessive, just a series of basic guidelines for grooming and hygiene.

Regarding this last aspect, hygiene, mention that it is important to always keep pets clean, especially in the case of miniature breeds that live inside the house and tend to end up in the arms of all members of the family, closeness that needs to extreme hygienic measures.


As in the rest of the breeds, in the poodle toy, feeding is a fundamental factor for a dog to live as many years as possible and with all the quality of life possible. In fact, the longevity of the toy poodle itself is high, standing at around 15 years of age, although it has been found that some come to live up to 20 years as long as lead a healthy lifestyle and do not suffer from overweight.

An adult poodle toy, a stage that is considered reached around 12 months of age and reaches 7 years, must be fed with a Quality dry feed, sufficiently balanced to cover all your nutritional needs.

It is essential to highlight the fact that if you have to change the type of food, do it gradually and not at once, thus allowing a gradual adaptation and avoiding rejection of the new food.

  • The MEDIUM range provides an exclusive nutritional response to the needs of medium dogs, taking into account not only their size (11-25 kg of weight in adulthood)
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  • Optimum digestibility and digestive tolerance
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  • Food for adult dogs
  • I think for dogs that suffer food intolerances for dogs of small size from 1 to 10 kg
  • Maintains oral health

It doesn't matter if your toy poodle is going to show up or not to exhibitions, because it will always want to be properly groomed. For him, the arrangement is so important that he will happily strut all over the house giving plenty of satisfaction.

Dental hygiene

The miniature races tend to accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar in their small dentures, which can end up deteriorating them in addition to generating problems of bad breath or halitosis. If you don't take care of yourself, another of the most frequent problems that usually appear is gingivitis or inflammation of the gums that causes severe pain.

The best way to avoid all these pathologies is to get used to brushing teeth from an early age. A habit that in principle will not please you at all, but that as you carry it out in a continuous way it will not be so unpleasant.

Bath and drying

The bath of the dogs should not be too frequent and the case of the toy poodle is no exception. It is necessary to start from the base that their sebaceous glands help them keep the skin clean and that very continuous baths, even more if they are carried out with little recommended products, would lead to a dermatological alteration that among other consequences can lead to The development of allergies.

Thus, the bath of your toy poodle should be carried out around once a month That is the time necessary for the skin to regenerate and recover its natural fats, without any problem for your dermis.

Once you have taken it out of the bathroom, try to remove all the excess water with a towel, to end up applying an electric dryer at a moderate temperature and without bringing it too close to your pet to avoid possible burns.

Be careful not to go outside with wet hair, especially in winter, to avoid unnecessary colds.

Keeping your toy poodle's hair in optimal condition will require brushing. minimum three times per week. A rule that you should always keep in mind is to brush your poodles before and after bathing them with a cardina, which in English is known as a slicker brush, cardinating both for and against the growth of your hair. Then, we will proceed to comb them with a metal tooth comb.

Vaccines and antiparasitic treatments

When you adopt a puppy, you should make sure they give you their vaccination card, a document that the veterinarian will verify in order to verify the doses that the little one has put in and those that still have to be administered.

Together with them, this same professional will guide you on possible treatments against fleas, ticks and intestinal worms, consisting of collars and pipettes antiparasitic, which you must place once they have taken their bath so that these parasites cannot affect them.

Common diseases

Although we already know that toy poodles are a breed of strong and long-lived dogs that do not have special health problems, however, and like any other pet, they show a genetic predisposition to suffer a series of diseases that are the following:

  • Skin problems These puppies are especially prone to suffer from atopic dermatitis or sebaceous adenitis. Also the dilutive color alopecia It usually occurs, especially in those dogs that have been bred to obtain uncommon colors such as those called "blue", being a diluted layer of black. Seborrhea also attacks this breed.
  • Vision problems. The waterfall It is an inherited condition that can be prevented by checking parents before crossing them. More dangerous is the glaucoma, leading cause of blindness, which can be prevented in the same way. Other eye problems seen in the toy poodle they are progressive retinal atrophy or APR and corneal dystrophy.
  • Orthopedic problems They stand out from them cruciate ligament injury, which must be corrected at the surgical level and that causes them extreme pain, elbow dysplasia or steochondrosis, genetic problem suffered by some dogs that do a lot of physical exercise, hip dysplasia, similar to that of the elbow and that is acquired genetically and patellar dislocation or patellar central dislocation, which is carried out when the patella leaves its place, its origin probably also being genetic.
  • Other health problems Swelling or stomach torsion, consisting of the stomach twisting, filling with air and releasing toxins in the bloodstream, which can cause tragic consequences of not being treated in time, although it is a disease more typical of poodles of larger size.

The evil of the heart channels, as a genetic type of congenital heart defect is known that also attacks this breed and needs surgery. Hypothyroidism, a hormonal disorder that can also be treated with surgery, usually reaches the elderly.

Epilepsy, which causes not a few shocks to its owners, can be controlled with medication just like Cushing's syndrome, pituitary disorder. This is not the case with the disease of Von Willebrand, which can be deadly and requires the passage of the poodle through the operating room.


When you consider starting to train your poodle toy puppy, the first thing you should take into consideration is that this breed can suffer the so-called "Small dog syndrome", which is that the dog tends to be considered the leader of the pack, and therefore the master and lord of both the house and those who inhabit it.

Avoiding it involves having a firm owner who stands as that leader of the pack and who lets the pet know that he is the boss, through a series of basic rules of obedience.

The best way to train these intelligent dogs is to use them. games and establishing a rewards system, that allows you to reward them whenever they do something right. Of course, you should keep in mind that if the prizes consist of giving them some kind of treats, your little pet could end up getting fat.

Emphasize also not to show your mood on days that are negative and you are training, because he captures your emotions and in that case would translate into stress.

If you see your toy poodle barks more than usualBefore reprimanding him, find out what the reason is for him to act constantly. In the event that there is no apparent reason, you should be firm and clear, because this behavior is very annoying. To do this, do not hesitate to tell him bluntly that he must give up his efforts, but always without yelling at him.


The dwarf poodle, like all dogs, is a carnivorous animal, which you must have a meat-based diet. If you choose to feed it, it has to be one of very good quality, which does not contain cereals (oats, wheat, corn) or by-products. This will ensure that you have healthy and shiny hair, white teeth, fresh breath and an enviable mood.

Once a month you have to bathe it With a dog shampoo to keep hair clean. If it gets dirty too early, it can be cleaned with dry shampoo or by wiping it with a wet pet towel. Also, you should take the dog groomer to have your hair cut regularly.

The eyes you have to clean them at least three times a week with a gauze soaked in chamomile infusion (at room temperature). You can also use specific eye drops recommended by the veterinarian.

The dwarf poodle has very delicate ears. They have to be cleaned once or twice a week with a gauze soaked with a little water, or with a specific eye drops. Avoid deepening, you just have to clean the outermost part.

While it is a small dog, it is very important to dedicate all the timewhich can. He must take a walk every day and, above all, play a lot with him since he has a medium-high energy level.

Thus, we can be sure that we are doing our best to make the furry happy.