How to prevent my cat from getting into bed


Although there are many owners who tolerate the presence of their pet in places such as furniture or tables, there are others who for health situations (allergies), for comfort or because they simply do not like it, prefer to prevent it. So we give you some recommendations for Prevent your cat from getting into bed.

Cats are usually very stubborn and are widely recognized because they do their will. However, it is a myth that cats cannot be educated, it is only that people do not know that cats are better worked with honey than with gall.

How to get your cat up to bed?

The cats they don't identify when you're rewarding him for something or when you're punishing him, so reprimand it, scare it or hit it, it will only make you distrustful. The best thing that works with them is patience and reinforcement.

In theory the question is simple, What you should do is that your cat manages to understand that your bed is not an optimal sleeping space. However, this will not be at all simple, starting because the favorite activity of cats, and to which they spend more time, is precisely to sleep and your bed is a warm, comfortable and padded place. It is also impregnated with your smell, therefore it will be attractive to the cat because it will want to make clear its dominance through the pheromones that it has spread throughout the body.

To get your cat to stop taking over your bed without you taking distrust on the road, the best strategy you can use is that, when you see that he is going to get on or is already sleeping in it, take it gently, lift it up and take it to a place where you can sleep, for example his own bed.

Another way to make him leave your bed is emit some kind of noise that, although they don't scare you (remember what we said earlier), you don't like it, for as long as the cat stays in bed (Shaking a can with coins is a good option). Something very important to remember with this method is that your cat You must not realize that it is you who makes the soundWell, it will not change behavior, you will simply get into bed when you are not.

This indoctrination will take a good time, so we appeal to your patience and good judgment. Basically What you want to achieve with these strategies is that your cat fails to find a space to rest quietly in your bed, because when you move it you will wake it up and the more constant you are with this, the faster you will learn it.

The feline soon he will assimilate your bed with a place where he cannot rest peacefully and the frequency in which you seek to sleep in it will decrease until, finally, it ceases completely.

He refuses to use his bed

On many occasions cats They use our furniture because they don't like to use their own beds. This phenomenon is very common and may be due to different factors. To correct the problem, the first thing you should do is determine the source of it.

Cats like to sleep rather cool in hot and hot moments when it's cold, so the location of your bed will be an important factor against the frequency with which your cat uses it. You can move it according to the season, in general they like corners, dark places without moisture, away from the sun and wind currents.

They also look for padded surfaces. If your bed is too hard or rough, you will not use it. If despite the fact that your cat's bed is comfortable and well located, it is not used, it can be your pheromones. Leave a piece of yours on your bed, you will see how it starts to give more use. If you see that you prefer a corner where it does not bother you to be located, move the bed to that place.

One way to encourage him to continue using his own bed and not yours is give snacks, but remember that you should not leave them there if you do not consume them, they could be a focus of bacteria. You can also reward it when you see him making use of her.

How to get your cat not to go to your bed

If you need to find a way for your cat not to climb and not sleep in your bed, there are ways to achieve that goal. Although it seems impossible to achieve, I assure you that with patience you can get your cat to stop taking over the bed.

The most important step is to make you see and understand that the bed is not the best place for your cat to spend his time or sleep. Do not think that you are a bad master for your cat, there are many lovers of cats that we tend to give in to the demands of cats, because they do not go crazy, but do not sleep in your bed is a completely natural and justified decision.

Do not think that your cat is going to bother, and will take off emotionally from you for trying to instill that habit. Cats are very smart, and will know how to spend time with you in many other ways.

The key issue is that every time you see your cat on your bed, or see that it is about to go up, you must be firm and say NO, if you are already sleeping on it, take it gently and change it. Don't be brusque when you take it at any time, cats learn much better with positive stimuli. When you take it, take it out of your bedroom, and place it somewhere in the house where you usually sleep at ease, a sofa, a cushion, or your own bed if you have it and you like to use it.

Although it seems obvious, you should buy a bed for your cat, but you really like it and go to use. You must put it inside your room, next to your bed, and so you can sleep being very close but without sharing a bed.

If you know your furry partner well, look for a comfortable bed, cozy and make it stimulating, in which he feels protected as for example a bed of cave format and even that it is somewhat elevated so that he can see you from his special throne.

If you notice that he doesn't use his bed much, leave some garment of yours inside and you will see how little by little he gets used to it, your personal smell is well known to your cat, it will calm him and he will understand that his bed is also a familiar and ideal place to sleep.

When you see that he is using his bed, leave interesting prizes for your pussy inside, so that associate that bed with a positive reinforcement for him.

Another way to get your feline companion does not go to bed, is making some kind of noise that you don't like. The moment you see that your cat is going to get on your bed you can shake a rattle, a can with coins, a bell.

These sounds especially displease cats, you will see how patiently, your cat will associate that sound with the fact of being in bed. It is very important that during this process, your cat does not see that it is you who makes those noises, because if he realizes he will not change his behavior and he is more, he will continue doing it when you are not at home.

I hope that these tips help you so that your kitty does not get on your bed, and whatever it is, be patient. I will continue to enjoy the pleasure of my cat's company in my bed.