How to clean my cat's sandbox


The cleaning of cat litter is key to reducing odors at home, but you also have to choose the substrate well and air the area

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Publication date: July 15, 2014

What do I do to reduce the smell of cat litter? How do I clean the sandbox so that it does not leave odors at home? These questions are common among people who live with felines and it is one of the concerns that slows many adoptions of felines. But you can get that cat litter doesn't smell. How? It is achieved, if the following apply six tricks: clean the sand every day, choose a very binder, use sandboxes with filters, clean them with mild detergent, air the area and be careful with the air fresheners.

1. Clean the cat litter to reduce odors at home

Cleaning cat litter is essential to avoid odors at home

The first rule so that cat litter does not leave odors at home is. Cleaning! "The sand should be cleaned once and twice a day", explains veterinarian Eva Carmona.

The task is simple.. Just take a shovel or rake for sandboxes. These accessories have grooves that allow the collection of clean collected sand to escape, but that trap solid deposits and the urine of felines, provided that a binder sand is used.

This operation can be performed. every night, before littering. In this way, the possible smells of the sandbox will not have time to sneak into the house.

2. Sands for cats that leave no smell at home

Sands for cats there are of all tastes, prices and colors. People who share their lives with felines know how important it is to choose a suitable sand that meets the expectations of these fussy hairy friends.

"There are many types of cat arenas in the market, although felines prefer very fine and unscented grain substrates"concludes a study on sandboxes for felines conducted by the University of Ohio. But, in addition, a cat litter binder-make solid balls with urine- It cleans better and reduces its stink.

Choosing a good quality substrate can make the difference between living with smells at home or saying goodbye forever. The advice? Try, try. And if you find a better sand, keep it!

3. Sandboxes for cats covered and with filters smell less

The sandboxes for covered felines They also help reduce odors at home. Some of these accessories also include a filter which minimizes the stinks even more.

However, "we must remember that covered cat litters concentrate more odors inside, since they do not let them out, and some animals reject them, "the experts add. The key? Further cleaning the sandbox.

4. How to clean the sandbox of cats to reduce odors at home?

Most cat sands on the market need to be completely withdrawn once a week. Fortunately, this sector is also evolving at high speed, and there are already substrates that agglomerate very well and last longer.

In addition, "the cat's bin or sandbox will need a deep cleaning at least once a week with a mild detergent"add the specialists.

6. Deodorants for cat litters, yes or no?

Cats can be very picky about smells. This is the reason why many cats reject scented sands and, also, the cause for others to shy away from deodorants They promise to eliminate the smells of sand. This aversion includes the air fresheners which are placed near the sandbox to counteract odors coming from the box.

The solution? Know the animal with which life is shared and extreme cleanliness of the sandbox with the advice given.

Do you know other tricks so that cat litter does not leave odors at home? You can share them in the comments section. Thank you!

How often do you have to clean the sandbox?

The sandbox has to be cleaned as often as necessary, I explain: depending on the type of sand used and the amount of cats in the home that frequency can vary. Thus, if for example we live with two cats and use a sand, we are going to say, from a supermarket that does not agglomerate anything, we will have to clean thoroughly once a week, instead, if we also live with two hairy ones but we use silica sand or binder sand, it may be necessary to clean it every 15 or 20 days.

It is important to remember that if the sandbox is dirty and smells bad the cat will not use it, but prefer to make your needs in other areas that are cleaner such as floor or furniture. Therefore, you have to remove the bowel movements every day, and do a deep cleaning whenever necessary.

How to clean it?

To clean it We will need the following:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Dishwasher (or a specific product for cleaning sandboxes)
  • Scourer (like the one used to wash dishes, cutlery, glasses, etc.)
  • Water
  • Dry cloth
  • Sand
  • Shovel

Once we have everything, You have to follow this step by step:

  1. The first thing to do is put on gloves, pick up bowel movements and throw them away.
  2. Then, with this same shovel you have to remove all the sand that has been left.
  3. Now, pour a few drops of dishwasher, water and clean well with the scourer.
  4. Next, the foam and dirt are removed with water.
  5. Finally, it dries thoroughly and is refilled with sand.

Thus, we will have a cat that will feel good and will not need to do its things in places not intended for it 🙂.