How to choose the breed of dog according to your lifestyle


Which are the least active dogs

A dog is undoubtedly one of the best companions we can have at home, but we must be clear that we must choose a breed that we can take care of properly and whose needs we can combine with our day to day.

This means that if we are very busy or sedentary people we should not choose a dog that requires too much physical activity, just as if we are very active it is convenient to avoid those breeds with difficulty exercising.

Are you trying to decide and do not know where to start ?, at we explain which are the least active dogs.

Bulldog, calm and sedentary

The breed of bulldog dogs, in which popular types such as French or English are found, are affectionate and faithful dogs but they are also very little active animals and with a very low tolerance for exercise and heat. This is mainly due to his brachycephalic nose with a flat nose, which makes his breathing difficult and therefore prevents him from doing too much physical activity.

Chow chow, an Asian not very sporty

Among the less active dogs, chow chow also stand out. This dog of Chinese origin that is characterized by its abundant hair and dark tongue, is also a brachycephalic breed which makes it difficult to breathe and therefore a low tolerance for exercise. They are not an ideal pet for those who love to run or play very actively, because the animal does not support it well.

Pug, tender but calm

For the pug, also originally from China, 30 minutes of light walk is enough to perform all the daily exercise you need. Like the previous races, the shape of its skull and its physiognomy do not facilitate too intense activity, so it does not require running or long game sessions looking for the ball.

Basset Hound, good teammates bad athletes

The basset hound in an excellent hunting breed with a prominent nose, however its short legs and its rather lazy character make it an animal with a tendency to sedentary lifestyle, which is not ideal for those who love outdoor activity with their pet .

Great Dane, large size little activity

This giant breed that leaves many speechless requires significant care to ensure their well-being, including a 30-minute daily walk. However, these animals do not tolerate extreme exercise too well, because they tend to run out easily being perfect for those who enjoy walking but without much action.

Other breeds of little active dogs

Due to the shape of your skull and the breathing difficulties it causes, there are other races that are not very active, for example:

The Pekingese
Shar pei
The boxer
Shih tzu

Dog breeds that need less exercise

  • Shih Tzu: attached to the owners. Affectionate with children and adults. Excellent companion dog.
  • Maltese Bichon: You don't need much exercise. Affectionate with children and good companion dog.
  • Pomeranian: attached to the owner but excessively protective. He barks a lot and is not very friendly with children.
  • Westy: playful but not very active when it comes to physical exercise.

Large dogs that need little physical activity:

  • Great dane: It is hard to believe that with its size you do not need it, but it is a dog with slow movements and in need of moderate exercise.

Dedication time

The dogs that need you you spend a lot of time They are the ones with high activity, they need long walks and running. If you are not an active person, better forget about having a German Shepherd, Akita Inu, Doberman, Belgian Shepherd Mallinois, Border Collie, Retriever, hunting dogs ...

Other dogs that need time for us, and not for physical activity, are those that have long hair and require brushing daily or several times a week.

All dogs need a minimum of exercise and exits. It doesn't matter if they are big or small. There are no "homemade dogs." Everyone must go out, go to the park and socialize with other dogs for proper physical and mental development.

It is always better for the dog with the highest number of departures, so if you live alone, you should consider optimizing your time to be able to devote a minimum to your dog. If not, opt for a cat. If you live as a family, it is always easier for the outputs to be distributed. And if there are children, a dog that can be protective, affectionate, but not aggressive.

It is important to consider the period of absences and vacations. Can you leave the dog with someone? Can you take it to the place where you are going? If you are going to leave it in a residence, plan a budget for it. Please do not abandon him.

Male or female?

Males are more burly, weigh and measure more than females of their same race. It is also usually more dominant and territorial, so it usually marks with its urine all the usual sites of passage.

The female has two jealousy a year that last approximately 15 days. On the contrary, the males are "willing" throughout the year, and if you do not castrate it, you have to pay close attention in case there are females in heat nearby. They can escape by chasing them or fighting when competing against another male.

Care depending on the races

There are certain races that by genetic predisposition are more delicate and tend to suffer from various diseases. It is important to take it into account because it will incur a high economic expense and time in your care.

Breeds with a tendency to suffer waterfalls: Poodle. Bichón Frisé, Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Shih Tzu.

Breeds with a tendency to suffer hip dysplasia: Bullgog, Bulldog, Mastiff, St. Bernard, Pit Bull, Basset, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever. The latter, despite being hunting, has been leaving aside its characteristics to become a beauty dog.

Respiratory problems: Bulldog, Boxer, Carlino, due to his flat nose.

Breeds with a tendency to suffer skin problems:

  • Shar-pei. You need daily cleaning in your folds to avoid infections
  • Bulldog. Like Shar-Pei, folds can cause skin problems
  • Boxer. With a tendency to dermatitis
  • Dalmatian. It has a tendency to have skin problems.

Breeds with a tendency to gastrointestinal diseases: German Shepherd, Labrador (he usually eats everything he catches).

Very small breed dogs They are more likely to have tracheal collapse and birth complications.

The albino dogs or white-haired are more prone to deafness.

In contrast, the mongrel dogs They tend to be stronger when it comes to diseases and longevity.

Important: that they are prone to suffer certain diseases due to their race, does not necessarily mean that they will develop them.

Adopt is an excellent option

If you decide to buy a puppy breed, avoid pet stores and go to a specialized hatchery because they usually avoid raising dogs with congenital diseases, since they know the parents' background. If the breed does not matter to you and what you are looking for is a dog that loves you and who you want, adopt a dog. They are very grateful and give them a chance to live.

Whatever you decide, having a dog is a Big responsibility And it changes your life. Maybe, of course.


They are friendly dogs that love to relax and be comfortably lying down. Of course, they are very playful and love to play with their balls or stuffed animals, they have a lot of fun playing inside their house.

They are very sociable, they like being with the family and they also like children.

They adapt to living anywhere, in a large house in the countryside or in a small flat in the city.

They are always aware of their owners and accompany them everywhere. Are excellent companions and can spend hours on the couch, glued to their owners, receiving pampering and caresses.

In short, it is a breed of Sedentary Dogs.


To these dogs they love to sleep and they would be able to sleep all day, which is not good for their health, we have to take them for a walk to do some exercise.

They do not like extreme temperatures, both cold and heat.

Because of their snout so flat, they have trouble breathing and we must take great care that they do not suffer heat stroke.

These sleepers make noise when breathing and snore quite and very loudly, which is something to keep in mind if we decide on this nice breed.

In addition it is necessary to know that due to their genetics they can suffer several diseases, which indicates that we will have a high expense in veterinarians, therefore we must think well before choosing this breed as a company.


It is a breed of Chinese origin and is a very tender and affectionate dog, like the bulldog because of its snout so snout, they can't stand the heat and you have to be very attentive not to get tired, your respiratory system is similar to that of a person with asthma.

They also tend to snore a lot.

It is a very intelligent breed and they are very attached to their owners, they are quite affected by the absence of their owner, they really like being surrounded by family and children.

These affectionate puppies enjoy being screwed to the owner on the sofa and also have their leisure time with their toys.

They are very tender and curious companions, who are always attentive to what happens at home.

They suffer a lot when they are far from their owner, so they do not serve as pets for people who are away from home for many hours, need to be always accompanied and are Sedentary Dogs.

It is also a race of Chinese origin, who loves the comfort of their home and does not need much exercise.

Despite its small size, it is a good watchdog, but does not bark excessively. Of course, you will always be alert watching your home.

They are very affectionate and have a very arrogant way of walking, is that they were royalty dogs for hundreds of years, and they carry it in their genes.

Being a long-haired dog, you have to brush it every day, to avoid entanglements, in dog grooming by the hairs we update it

Like the previous races, having a very flat snout, are prone to heat stroke and we must be careful in summer and take it for a walk in the coolest hours of the day.

It is very good companion dog and adapts very well to small spaces, they are affectionate but They are not asking for many caresses, they feel good having their owner close, but they are independent in terms of pampering and caresses.

Despite being quite independent, they don't like to be alone for many hours and may suffer separation anxiety.

They are somewhat indifferent to other dogs, prefer the company of humans and are Sedentary Dogs, just like the previous ones.


This handsome hairy man, although he likes walks, is much happier lying on his bed or on the sofa next to his owner.

These soft and long hair stuffed animals are very tender, affectionate and cheerful.

It is the national dog of Cuba and like all bichones, they descend from the old lap dogs of the Mediterranean basin.

His sympathy and joy make it widely used as a therapy dog ​​for people with physical or psychological problems.

They are very intelligent and get along very well with children and also with other pets that live in the house.

Are very active inside the home, they spend all day with their toys and doing monkeys to get the attention of family members. Therefore at the time of walking, they don't need long walks.

We must remember that being a long-haired dog, we have to brush it every day, to avoid the appearance of knots, which are very difficult to remove.

These little ones love to be surrounded by their family members, to caress it, flatter it and pamper it, and they suffer a lot if they have to be left alone, they are happy playing with their humans.