My dog ​​vomits white foam - Causes and treatments


If you already share your life with a dog friend, you will know that Vomiting in dogs is something that happens with some frequency, and what can happen to them since they are puppies!

Undoubtedly, discovering that your dog is vomiting white foam, it's something alarming! So do not forget to be especially attentive to the evolution and symptoms of your pet!

The reasons why our pet may vomit white foam are varied, so being aware of the symptoms you have can help you see the severity of your condition.

Your dog has eaten too fast

If your pet has an upset stomach, this may be the most likely cause of vomiting.If your dog is anxious about food, and usually eats very fast, this can cause white, thick and foamy vomit.

Sometimes, if you eat some non-edible material with your food (dust, weeds, hairs ...) it is possible to be enticing, so that vomiting is the defense system to expel those substances that you have ingested.

On the other hand, If your pet has eaten a very large food, it is also possible that it ends up causing vomiting.

My dog ​​continues to vomit, what can I do? If your dog continues to vomit, Do not hesitate to consult your emergency veterinarian, he will be the one who can confirm if your dog has choked, or if you have something stuck in your throat that requires surgery. Anyway, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian, do not play with the health of your dog!

Vomiting of bile

Another of the things that may be happening to your pet, is the possibility of suffering the bilious vomiting syndrome, but what is this? One way to identify it is if your dog suffers vomiting white or yellow foam, just after you wake up (on an empty stomach). This ailment is also called "reflux gastritis," It is a digestive disorder that occurs due to the accumulation of acid in the stomach of our dog.

In these cases, It is usual for our pet to vomit a bilious, white or yellow liquid, if it is accompanied by blood, Consult your trusted veterinarian! It could be an ulcer.

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How can gastritis be treated in dogs? Gastritis in dogs can be treated with:

  • Fast
  • Soft low fat diet
  • If your pet continues to suffer from vomiting, go to your veterinarian! You may be suffering an inflammation in your digestive system.
  • Apart from vomiting, does your dog have a fever? If your pet has a fever or other symptoms, it could be an infectionIn these cases it is best to go to the veterinarian, so he can prescribe the antibiotics he needs.

Remember! Auto medicate your dog, it is dangerous, always consult your trusted veterinarian before starting any treatment with your pet.

Why does my dog ​​vomit white foam?

There are several causes of vomiting in dogs that can cause white foam, foamy vomit and phlegm. In this article we will detail the common pathologies that cause it such as gastritis, heart problems, kennel cough or tracheal collapse. However, remember that the only figure capable of make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment is the veterinarian.

Therefore, although this article can guide you when it comes to knowing what happens to your dog, we strongly recommend visit your trusted veterinarian and perform the tests that the specialist deems appropriate to be able to reach the diagnosis. Also, remember that the sooner you start the treatment the better the prognosis for your dog.

Inflated abdomen, much cu>

If your pet has a swollen abdomen, this it could be due to gastric dilation or abdominal distention, Doesn't this disease sound like you? In Wakyma we want to inform you that This is one of the most dangerous causes of vomiting! And after cancer, it is the disease that kills the most dogs!

Why does gastric dilation occur in dogs? Usually This medical condition occurs due to an excessive accumulation of air, gastric juices and foam inside the stomach of our dog. All this causes it to inflate and twist, strangling our pet's stomach. This is a very dangerous ailment that can cause the death of our pet!

What other symptoms usually accompany gastric dilation, or abdominal distention in dogs? And is that ... This condition is not only characterized by intense abdominal pain, but It is accompanied by:

  • Inflated stomach
  • Pain
  • Restlessness
  • Unproductive attempts to vomit
  • Unproductive attempt to defecate
  • Hunched appearance
  • Pale gums
  • Cough
  • Salivation
  • Excessive drooling
  • Dog decay

If you detect one or more of these symptoms, visit the veterinarian urgently! He can diagnose the pathology of your pet and offer the most appropriate treatment.

Does your dog vomit when he exercises?

If your pet exercises excessively, as in humans, You may feel like vomiting! Why does this occur? Vomiting after excessive exercise may be due to:

  • The removal of too much liquid
  • Dehydration
  • Insufficient breathing

All this has its risks! And it is that our pet could suffer a heat stroke, and even faint due to fatigue.

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough? What is that? This is one infection caused by the bacterium Bordetella Bronchiseptica, is characterized by dry and rough cough that is also accompanied by nausea and white foamy vomit.

Other symptoms that may accompany this pathology are conjunctivitis in dogs. In any case, with the proper treatment by your trusted veterinarian, it can be cured in a few weeks!

Another cause of vomiting in dogs, rabies!

Although historically white foam has been linked as a symptom of rabies in dogs, this It usually occurs in the final stages of the disease.

In cases of rabies, white foam usually results in atrophy of the dog's mouth and throat nerve, this makes him unable to swallow the food. If your dog has received all the rabies preventive vaccines, the white foam will not be a symptom of rabies.

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What can I do if my dog ​​vomits?

If just when vomiting occurs, you can't take your pet to the vet, Try to keep your dog friend hydrated!

Watch out! In Wakyma we recommend that you go to your trusted veterinarian to detect possible pathologies. Do not self-medicate your pet! You could make the situation worse.

Vomiting from burning and reflux

We all know what our dogs are like, capable of eating anything, including the feces of other animals or even remnants of sticks or plastics.

The intake of non-assimilable objects such as plastics or sticks, or even the intake of poor quality food, can cause burning in the stomach of our dog. Something that will produce one or more vomiting, until it expels the substances that originate it.

    Recommendations: Consult with the veterinarian the possibility of giving him a gastric protector during some days to relieve the burning. Avoid eating sticks or tracing plastic objects, use a soft diet until you recover, a soft diet.

Vomiting from stomach ulcer

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from stomach ulcers, something that will cause vomit quite often. Generally, with some blood or coagulated blood (black / dark).

    Solution: Go to the veterinarian to confirm the condition of the ulcer and assess its severity. He will provide us with the necessary medications for your treatment.

Vomiting from excess water or food

They are always hungry, so it is not surprising that they often end up soaked and as a result, they vomit. Also, when they are tired or very hot, they usually drink too much water at once, which can also cause vomiting.

These cases are extremely delicate, because sometimes they just vomit and that solves the problem. But, on other occasions, what we know as gastric torsion occurs, something that prevents the proper functioning of the stomach, causing death.

    What to do?: As a precaution, we should always prevent our dog from eating or drinking before or after intense exercise. And if we appreciate that there are circumstances that we have appreciated, immediately consult a veterinarian.

My dog ​​throws up for poisoning

Unfortunately there are heartless people who are dedicated to poisoning animals, they are really psychopaths who should be admitted to a center so they do not harm.

When a dog takes something toxic (be it poison or some food not suitable for it), one of the symptoms is precisely vomiting. So that if you suspect it could have been poisoned, go immediately to the veterinarian to have a stomach wash and treat.

    How to prevent it?: Prevent your dog from eating food that is on the street or in the field, this way you will greatly reduce the risk of poisoning.

Vomiting caused by parasites

This is also one of the most common causes for which a dog vomits, since internal parasites will affect his digestive system and even many of his main organs if they are not eliminated. Causing vomiting

    Solution: Your veterinarian should give you a monthly or quarterly treatment to eliminate internal parasites. It is very simple and inexpensive, since it is usually the administration of a pill by mouth.

Vomiting from obstruction of the trachea

When a dog eats something that it should not, such as a piece of stick, a ball or a bone that is too large for him, a tracheal collapse can occur. What will cause you to vomit or try to vomit to expel it.

    Solution: If we know that something has been swallowed, we must urgently go to the veterinarian for treatment. In extreme cases where you stop breathing, we can apply the Heimlich maneuver.

Other causes that make a dog vomit

In addition to all of the above, there are many diseases that can cause a dog to vomit, as part of its symptomatology. Many of them are serious and require veterinary treatment.

Some of them are:

In either case, if it is a disease veterinary intervention is absolutely necessary. There are no home remedies to relieve or cure these diseases or alleviate the symptoms.

What do I do if my dog ​​vomits?

We must remain calm and not think about the worst. The main thing is to observe the symptoms, see if you vomit only once or vomit constantly, if what you vomit contains traces of food or objects, if there are traces of blood, if it is a yellowish, whitish or brown liquid, etc ...

We must write down all these details because they will be of great help if we finally need to go to the vet. So how to first step, observe and write down.

How do I know if I should take my dog ​​to the vet?

From SoyUnPerro we recommend that whatever the cause of vomiting be, call or go to your trusted veterinarian to make sure that it is nothing serious. And if it's something serious, get the right treatment.

However, all dogs sometimes vomit without this being a major health problem. So you should assess the status of your puppy and if only call the go or go for a review.

These are some of the symptoms that should alert you if they are accompanied by vomiting:

    Weak> Diarrhea Repetitive / constant vomiting Appearance of blood, clots or parasites Abdominal inflammation / bloating Cough

Have you seen your dog throw up? Does your dog constantly vomit? Do you have arcades but can't vomit? Do you vomit even without eating anything? Better safe than sorry, consult your veterinarian and thus ensure your safety.


My dog ​​vomited pink foam and instantly died, which can be.

He ate poison! Sorry for what happened to your dog! Mine tmb is going through haorita that!

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My dog ​​has been vomiting white foam for 2 days and also does not want to eat and is down 🙁 help me, my mother does not have enough to pay for a veterinarian 🙁

At this point, doesn't it matter because he's already dead?

My dog ​​vomited pink foam, and instantly died, which can be.

My dog ​​is vomiting and stand up spit and eat nothing can you help me?

Help me my puppies pump slime with foam and are dying are very flakitos 🙁

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Hi, I don't know what's happening to me, I'm throwing up white foam and even as 5 vomits are already going, my dune duo cold baby milk I don't know if that turns out

Hello yesterday my puppy of only one month and 8 days I fed him as always his wet feed. I left the room to the kitchen for a glass of water and when I returned to the room I was lying on my side on the floor with foam and as it bleeds it only lasted about 5 minutes so in my hands I died in my arms before arriving to the vet 🙁

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Hello, I have my 40-day-old puppy and she throws white foam through her mouth .. I need you to help me please because just today, another puppy started with the same symptoms and I'm worried enough, consult a veterinarian but I wasn't convinced they told me .. thanks!

Hello, I have an American bully x puppy in the early morning, esgubo pumping white foam bomb, about 10 or more times for an hour and a half, after he went to bed later, he was fed to drink water and he went to bed to sleep this decayed, shouldn't I worry? Would you help me

Hello, I have a San Bernardo of 3 months and 2 weeks and 3 weeks ago it is super bad lately we only passed in the vet but still do not know that you can have the annex I do exams and even the distemper for the symptoms you have and it came out negative
He has been walking for 3 weeks and it is not hard to stand for 10 seconds and he goes to the ground he does not want to eat or drink water, we must give it to him as a jiringa he had lost a lot of weight, they prescribed us a fairly expensive meal, we bought it and ground it to be able to give it to him and he gained a little weight but still it does not improve on the contrary on Monday he had to play again and was a little better and today again it dawned badly fade me at every moment he complains he vomits foam complains his eyes are gone we don't know what more do we are desperate nobody knows how to give us an accurate diagnosis and a treatment that functions and improves me

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My dog ​​has a little foam in his mouth but he has not pumped my rest and I bane it and I do not take it off, take it off, but after a while again. I can be

Hi, I have a two month old German shepherd. Four days ago, he vomits foamy, has diarrhea, bloody urine and is drastically dehydrating and I don't have a veterinarian within 300 kilometers of my place of residence. What can I do?

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How the colic of a greyhound puppy is cured removes white foam

Hello my dog ​​white pump, eat some food, not much but eat, I made a chamomile water, I am sorry to see it like this, it will be good chamomile water.

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Hello my puppy is a 3-year-old chihuahua that already goes like 4 quiet vomits but it seems as if he drowns throws him out and then he is already running as if nothing anyone knows what it is? And can you help me?

Hi, I need you to help me clear my head webs. A few days ago my pitbull puppy d 2 1/2 months died and I still do not like the twenty I really miss him and I feel guilty because unfortunately I did not realize how much when I was feeling bad until a Saturday after having eaten breakfast at they seemed to give him a soup spoon of chicken consomme whose garlic was ground in his croquettes according to moisten them and he could eat them but he only ate a small part and vomit when I lifted the vomit est was indeed the whole croquettes with an elasticity after good while I defecated with water I knew that they were parasites xq it had already happened before what I gave him 5 cm d suspension parafen 3% later I made bloodless bloodstain other times I returned with blood what I did was give him serum in a bottle and I left him in his bowl that day her veterinarian did not open because she teaches veterinary in a school we started cleaning and my daughter found vomiting croquettes in a notebook that was in the bookseller whose vomit was not fresh it already looked like it was a few days before it did not have a bad smell, I told him at night because it was half shaking we covered it with a little blanket and let it do so we left the house and left serum in its bowl and croquettes When I returned, I saw that he drank a little bit of serum, I gave him more serum and in a few moments I gave him half or an ounce until the next bone day on Sunday that I took him to the vet because I noticed that he was a little pale, he was pink skin, his eyes were normal and even if we made him angry, he would bark even with his dad, he would feel angry but in his belly he was a slight yellowish color to which the doctor said that he would turn more yellow since he had acquired an infectious bacterium the disease of leptospirosis same that he could have acquired up to x drinking dirty water or having eaten some poisonous plant he told me that it was difficult to achieve but that I was telling him how he reacted he gave him vitamin injection gave him Half a pill that was antibiotic and half instructions that I would continue to give him serum and that I would give him half in the next few days. I am talking about it. It was a 5-day treatment. My baby gave him an ounce of lactose-free milk and he took it with but not the last bit he took it, on Monday I give him half an antibiotic tablet and later I take it again so he will value it because he still did not eat and I noticed a red dot on the eyelid and on the gum and more yellow on his belly and very slight on I checked the gums and he told me that it was normal x the disease checked his temperature and had a degree below normal then he injected it again d vitamin, gave him gave to protect his stomach gave me another 3 / 2 pills to give him every 12 hours and an injection of vitamin recommended me to give him boiled rice so that he will start eating I gave him but he was vomiting I continued giving him serum ah if vomit was transparent saliva and his evacuation was yellowish and others c On blood, he always felt nauseous after drinking serum, but on Monday night he touched and the evacuation came out halfway because I cleaned it and in doing so I saw he had a parasite but then I continued with the doctor's indication because I assumed there was It has been x the suspension of the parasites made already touched x that I gave it to him since it was every 15 days his deworming. On Tuesday I give him half a tablet of the antibiotic and I begin to observe the yellow color, it was still the same only as it was already shown in the part d above his ears he injected the vitamin but he practically saw that I injected him but did not cry like the other times I gave him serum to drink and I left him because I had to take my daughter to the CQ after returning I saw him the same way I entertained fixing my pkña to take her to her inn for this it had already been two hours I give her almost an ounce serum and left it because I went with my children to take them to the inn I passed x the veterinarian but it was closed I supposed to speak to the veterinarian to tell him about his condition and propose that I put him vitaminized serum because we talked about it a day before but I did not tell him Then he kept hydrated and then I would tell him about his symptoms during the night and in the morning when he entered the house he raised his head to see us I talked to him and moved his tail I observed that he had left his gate where he had it with someone Some rags I noticed that it had been done in some of them and I had vomited white foam I opted to change the rags and put it on his grill to give him serum but this time it was different because they gave him nausea and I took him out of his grid so he would vomit but he he rested on the ground and remained intact I thought he had died so I yelled at my little one so he would call the vet to let him know we were going there the veterinarian said he was out of town he told my son to take him with another veterinarian but at that time my baby expelled white foam saliva and died and instantly became more yellow d gums, belly, ears and even the pillows d his legs I could revive but it was useless I carried him between my arms to give him heat I only got that he would take out foam x his nose was cleaning it and he kept taking out I noticed that when the foam was in the toilet paper it turned to blood ... This time I anticipated xq not research on the Internet like other neighbors It is because I had a few complicated days because with three children at home, I met the school and then I had appointments with the dentist. I stayed with The veterinarian's diagnosis because more than a year ago I attended to my daddy's dad and well, thanks to God it was achieved but with my baby It was not so because I understand that they were different illnesses but I did not let myself feel guilty because it could be said that I was not 100% aware of my Jr. I know that he would no longer matter because my baby is no longer there. I also know that the veterinarian from the first consultation told me clearly yesterday after two days of the tragedy I went to see him because my Ty dad d Jr. It dawned very tipsy without the intention of eating a piece of bread that the vet never despised or water wanted He asked me about deworming I told him that if he did touch him along with his son, casually a few days ago the plans with my husband were dq on Sunday we would take both of them to give them their vitamins and give them their dewormers but then the plans almost never They go well, the wormer gave me and we touched on the subject of Jr. He told me that he was sorry for not having helped me because a relative of his wife died and was out of town, I told him what I was going to talk to him on Tuesday that my baby also He had stopped urinating and told me that everything was a consequence of the same disease that by damaging the liver damaged my kidney, he stressed again that my assumptions could not be the cause of my baby's death because his symptoms s were d ingested eating, licking or just smelling any object that had antifreeze or lead and because my husband made the comment that he agreed on Thursday had taken Jr to accompany him to cut his hair that tied him outside I had eaten a piece of a leaf from a plant and that I scolded him I asked him because he did not tell me he also said that he had seen that Jr was doing what he wanted to vomit the same thing my daughter told me that she actually did so sometimes I wanted to vomit but I did not vomit but I also told her that she did not tell me but because she replied that she did not imagine anything was normal. Based on so many things I would like to know the real reason why my baby died until it passed to me to dig up Jr to have an autopsy but created it will not be possible because we put it in a plastic bag with lime xq they told me That the lime is for what it will not stink yesterday investigating about the lime it turns out that it is for the meat to disintegrate I also read that the corpse begins to smell about 6 hrs d dying casually we take time to bury my baby because he died around d 10:30 am and then we are only my two children and I was missing my oldest daughter who left at one o'clock in the afternoon and my husband who has no time for departure, the funny thing is that one of my nephews came, my husband arrived, my mother and one of my brothers-in-law to say goodbye to my baby, for that it was already past 6 o'clock in the afternoon and my baby did not stink until today does not stink we buried him in the courtyard with a gap d approximately 1/2 meter d depth of his little body after an hour he started to get stiff I've been crying for two days without being able to sleep until today that I was able to fall asleep but I'm still sad because I lost it, I tried to be strong, my little girl, sometimes she cries, some people think that we exaggerate but the psychotherapist told me that it is normal because that part of my family With the passing of time the resignation would come until I remembered it without hurting me, I started searching on the Internet to find an answer but did not specify anything clear x I ask that please help me.

Hi, I have a question, I have a 4-month-old dog ... ... He started like 3 days ago to get white foam out of his mouth ... and he threw himself on the floor and trembled and composed ... ... but he was weak ... ... I took him to the vet and they vaccinated him ... ... according to take away as poisoning ... ... and if he eats already and drinks water by himself ... because he was never lying ... ... but still maybe once a day ... he starts to shake and foams in his mouth for a After a while ... ... and then it is composed ... ... there is a little bit weak ... and even orita ... I do not hear it bark or anything ... and it defecates water ... as well as green ... and that eats food ... ... and smells enough ……… What will it be?

Hello a few days ago my pug dog was taken a dog to cross them but he began to bark, it is not very strange that he barks because since he was little every time they ring the bell he becomes alert and starts barking but when they brought the dog white foam came out, something that never happened to us with anyone and a few days before that happened we took it with another dog to cross them, it barked but it did not leave white foam ... it does not have many symptoms of rage only white foam and sensitivity to light ... my dog ​​has not behaved aggressively or in such a strange way ... but I need to know if there is a good chance of rabies

My dog ​​is getting white foam ... WHAT AUG?

My dog, a German boxer, has been vomiting white foam since yesterday. He doesn't want to eat anything or drink, he's also very down and he lies down all the time. If you know any solution, I beg you to respond quickly. Many thanks .

Hello, I have a dog of 2 months and a half pitbull breed a few moments ago I started throwing a kind of drool with white foam in my mouth I gave him milk and a few minutes ago, a sparkling white pump that you can recommend

Hello, I have a poodle of almost 4 years, today is the 3rd time that vomits a slime with white foam, has also been eating grass and I'm afraid that this sick, what do you recommend?


Dog breeds with a tendency to vomit white foam

There are some breeds that due to their morphological characteristics show a greater tendency to sparkling white vomit, these dog breeds are:

These dogs may possess a small diameter trachea (with or without collapse), as well as a more globose heart. In addition, heart valves usually degenerate causing cardiac alterations, which makes a perfect mix for these dogs to be candidates for vomiting white foam. The bulldog may take the gold medal in white foam vomiting.

The veterinarian will suggest that we separate the water intake from the food, that the feeder is high or that we do not subject them to stress or anxiety after eating. But seeing us arrive from the purchase is usually enough to trigger vomitingEither food or white foam if the stomach was empty.

My dog ​​throws up white foam and doesn't want to eat

True vomiting, that is, when the accumulated matter in the stomach goes outside, it occurs in several circumstances, but the inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis), may be the most common. If a dog suffers from gastritis because of a virus, the remains of the meals made during the day will appear in the first vomiting. Pero al igual que nos ocurre a los humanos, con el paso de las horas, si sigue habiendo vómitos, aparecerá un líquido de aspecto bilioso o blanquecino.

No hay contenido alguno en el estómago, pero los vómitos no cesan, y lo que vemos es una mezcla de jugos gástricos batidos, siendo este el motivo que explica por qué un perro vomita espuma blanca por gastritis. Así mismo, debido a la condición de salud que está sufriendo, la pérdida de apetito y, por consiguiente, de peso también son signos comunes.

Vómito por gastritis en perros

Acerca de la gastritis, es importante destacar que, aunque las causas de irritación e inflamación de la mucosa gástrica son múltiples, debemos investigar la causa que da lugar a los vómitos. En general, el veterinario nos puede indicar un ayuno temporal (dependiendo de la raza y edad), un protector de estómago para disminuir la acidez y un antiemético, es decir, un fármaco que corte los vómitos. Dado que en esta situación la vía oral no es muy efectiva, seguramente se lo administren por vía inyectable al principio y nos pedirán que continuemos el tratamiento por boca después, hasta dar con la causa y tratar la gastritis.

No solo los virus típicos de una gastroenteriritis causan vómitos de espuma blanca en perros, también la ingesta accidental de productos irritantes (algunas plantas tóxicas para perros, por ejemplo), con lo que una buena exploración previa y una recopilación de datos lo más exacta posible puede ayudar mucho a encaminar el diagnóstico.

Recordemos que los vómitos continuos hacen que el perro pierda sustancias fundamentales para el equilibrio del organismo (electrolitos como cloro y potasio) y dan lugar a deshidratación rápida en perros pequeños o cachorros.

Irritación de la mucosa gástrica debido a la gastritis

Si entendemos que el hígado y los riñones son parte del sistema de depuración del organismo en el perro, comprenderemos también que la acumulación de los productos de desecho que forman cuando uno de los dos órganos o ambos fallan pueden irritar la mucosa gástrica, entre otras muchas cosas.

The fallos renales o hepáticos muestran con mucha frecuencia vómitos sin contenido de alimento, entre blanquecinos y amarillentos. Si nuestro perro tiene cierta edad o acompaña estos vómitos con otro tipo de síntomas (orinar más, beber más, falta de apetito en días previos, apatía, mal aliento. ), es posible que el origen se halle en alguna alteración del sistema renal o hepático.

Tratamiento del vómito blanco en perros por gastritis

En el caso de las gastritis víricas, no tenemos más remedio que esperar a que el virus desaparezca. Suelen presentarse de forma brusca y desaparecen en pocas horas pero, mientras tanto, debemos vigilar que nuestro perro no se deshidrate y administrar los productos antieméticos que nos paute nuestro veterinario (metoclopramida, maropitant. ), así como los protectores de estómago (omeprazol, ranitidina, famotidina. ).

Si se trata de vómitos por irritación, como cuando se comen parte de una planta ligeramente tóxica, la solución pasa por identificar a la responsable e impedir el acceso de nuestro perro a ella. Un protector de estómago puede ser necesario para paliar la producción de ácidos gástricos.

En el caso de que el vómito de espuma blanca en perros se deba a que hay un problema renal o hepático, no hay mucho que podamos hacer para evitar su aparición, solamente podremos seguir el tratamiento que nos indique el veterinario. Pero sí podemos anticiparnos y detectar el problema en sus inicios, cuando estamos a tiempo de frenar el avance, según la enfermedad de la que se trate. Realizar controles anuales en nuestro perro a partir de los 7 u 8 años de edad, según la raza, puede revelar casos iniciales de insuficiencia renal (analítica sanguínea completa).

Mi perro vomita espuma blanca y tose

Muchas veces, el primero de los síntomas de enfermedades cardíacas en el perro es la aparición de una tos ronca y seca en nuestros perros. Al final de este episodio de tos violenta, aparece un vómito de espuma blanca, como "clara de huevo batida". Podemos observar que el perro vomita flema blanca y no come.

A veces los confundimos con la tos de las perreras si ya conocemos el proceso, otras pensamos que se le ha atragantado algo. pero puede ser el resultado de un corazón enfermo que ha empezado a aumentar de tamaño ante la imposibilidad de cumplir su función (acumula sangre en sus cámaras sin ser capaz de bombearla y surgen las dilataciones), es entonces cuando apreciamos que "el perro vomita flemas".

Este aumento de tamaño puede comprimir la tráquea, irritándola y dando lugar a esta tos seguida del vómito de espuma blanca en perros, aunque el mecanismo por el que los problemas cardíacos producen tos, y por consiguiente, el vómito, son más complejos. Así, también observamos que el perro vomita espuma blanca y le cuesta respirar.

Vómitos por enfermedades cardíacas en perros

Aunque no de forma exclusiva, solemos encontrar este tipo de vómito de espuma blanca en perros mayores o en perros que no son ancianos pero presentan tendencia genética a problemas cardíacos como por ejemplo: shih tzu, yorkshire terrier, bichón maltés, king charles cavalier, bóxer.

Muchas veces, aunque no nos damos cuenta en el momento, nuestro perro lleva una temporada sufriendo un poco y observamos que al terminar el paseo de siempre se "ríe", que es la forma en la que nos referimos al jadeo excesivo con la boca casi en una sonrisa, y puede que al tumbarse aparezca esa tos seguida del vómito de espuma blanca. Todos estos datos pueden ayudar mucho al veterinario junto con las pruebas oportunas (auscultación minuciosa, placas, ecocardiografía. ) a realizar el diagnóstico correcto.

El tratamiento es tan variado como lo son los posibles fallos cardíacos. Hay insuficiencias, estenosis de válvulas (se cierran o se abren mal), engrosamientos del músculo cardíaco. Un mismo órgano, un síntoma común, pero muchas enfermedades posibles.

Por lo general, la tos y el vómito asociado remiten al cabo de unos días tras iniciar un tratamiento común a casi todos los procesos cardíacos, como son un antihipertensor (enalapril, benacepril) y un diurético suave para no sobrecargar al corazón débil (espironolactona, clorotiazida. ), acompañado a veces de una dieta especial para pacientes cardiópatas.

Mi perro tose mucho y vomita espuma blanca

La tos de las perreras es otro tipo de irritación de la tráquea que origina tos seca y un vómito espumoso al final. Se la conoce como "enfermedad del hueso atragantado", así que es eso nos da una pista de por qué el acceso de tos termina con la aparición de un vómito de espuma blanca.

Vómito por tos de las perreras

Es importante recopilar datos para diferenciar este tipo de vómito del originado por el fallo del corazón y ayudar a nuestro veterinario a descartar que se haya podido tragar algo realmente. ¿Nos falta un trozo de algo por casa? Una exploración nos lo confirmará, pero a veces se trata de cosas realmente pequeñas que ni sabíamos que estaban en nuestra cocina o habitación.

Prevención de la tos de las perreras

En el artículo sobre la tos de las perreras encontrareis las pautas sobre vacunación y las precauciones en épocas de mayor incidencia de esta enfermedad infecciosa. El tratamiento, y por tanto la desaparición del vómito de espuma blanca en perros, depende del caso (edad, enfermedades previas), pudiendo pautarnos nuestro veterinario un antiinflamatorio junto con un antitusígeno, o en casos en los que se tema un desarrollo a algo peor, un antibiótico.

Mi perro vomita espuma blanca y le cuesta respirar

El colapso traqueal también produce vómitos de espuma blanca al provocar, en muchas ocasiones, una respiración dificultosa, acceso de tos y el motivo de nuestra preocupación al final. Si tenemos una raza susceptible de padecerlo o nuestro perro tiene cierta edad y han descartado todas las causas posibles como origen del vómito de espuma blanca, es posible que esta alteración traqueal sea la culpable.

Vómito por colapso traqueal en perros

El colapso traqueal es una cuestión de cada raza, de la calidad de los anillos cartilaginosos de la tráquea y demás cosas que se escapan a nuestro control. No obstante, utilizando arnés en lugar de collar, teniendo a nuestro perro en el peso ideal y no sometiéndolo a ejercicio intenso, podemos controlar sus síntomas.

Nuestro veterinario puede ver necesario, en casos graves, administrar broncodiltadores para que el escaso aire que pasa por la tráquea llegue a los pulmones con más facilidad.

Mi perro vomita espuma blanca y tiembla

Los temblores son una síntoma de múltiples enfermedades y estados en el perro. The frío, el estrés, el miedo y hasta el distemper canino son causas que pueden provocar temblores en el can. Aún así, los temblores pueden indicar dolor abdominal, lo que podría estar provocado por una intoxicación o envenenamiento. Si observamos que no remiten acudiremos urgentemente al veterinario, especialmente si hablamos de un cachorro.

Mi perro vomita espuma blanca y tiene diarrea

Existen algunas causas que pueden provocar vómito blanco espumoso y diarrea que no revisten gravedad, tales como una indigestión por comer en exceso o el estrés, sin embargo, una intoxicación, obstrucción o una infección también pueden ser las causas. El vómito acompañado de diarrea es motivo de consulta veterinaria.

Pero además, si observamos que el perro vomita espuma blanca y tiene diarrea con sangre, acudiremos al veterinario urgentemente. Algunas enfermedades que pueden provocar tales síntomas son potencialmente mortales, como el parvovirus canino, común en cachorros y perros adultos no vacunados o inmunodeprimidos.

Mi perro vomita espuma blanca y amarilla

El vómito amarillo en perros nos indica que el can ha vomitado en diversas ocasiones y que, por ende, su estómago se encuentra vacío. Así, nos encontramos ante un vómito de bilis, una sustancia segregada a través de la vesícula biliar. El vómito verde o marrón también puede ser bilis. Las causas son diversas, pero puede ser especialmente grave en perros cachorros, y puede estar provocado por estrés, enfermedades, intolerancias alimentarias o la ingesta de sustancias no digeribles.

Mi perro vomita espuma blanca, ¿qué le puedo dar?

Es fundamental señalar que bajo ningún concepto debemos automedicar a nuestro perro. La única figura capaz de prescribir un tratamiento es un veterinario colegiado. Ofrecer a nuestro perro cualquier fármaco, más aún los medicamentos humanos prohibidos para perros, puede empeorar gravemente el estado de salud de nuestro perro y hasta conducirlo a la muerte. No obstante, sí existen algunos remedios caseros para perros con vómito que pueden ayudar a nuestro mejor amigo a aliviar los síntomas de forma natural.

Como podéis ver, algo tan general como los vómitos de espuma blanca en perros puede tener múltiples orígenes. Como siempre, desde ExpertoAnimal os animamos a recopilar todos los datos de vuestro perro posibles para acudir a la consulta y que el veterinario pueda determinar la causa cuanto antes.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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