How to know if a cat is pregnant


During the first weeks, you will not notice any significant change in your body, but after the first three weeks you will see some signs that will indicate that you are waiting for kittens.

When you find that she is pregnant, go to the vet to confirm it. He will advise you what steps you should take until the time of delivery arrives.


- Their breasts increase in size and turn pink.

- Manifests discomfort and even morning sickness.

- Increase weight gradually, one or two kilos depending on the number of kittens you are brewing.

- Her belly begins to swell, but she avoids touching it so as not to harm the fetuses.

- Begins to manifest "maternal" behaviors, basically purrs in excess.

- Show concern and avoid eating.

- Your cat is looking for a quiet place where childbirth can develop.

Before the first symptom of childbirth, which is manifested by a temperature drop to about 37.8 ° C, contact the veterinarian. You will immediately appreciate how your abdomen contracts, and your cat gives off vaginal discharge.


During the first half of pregnancy - until about 30 days - developing fetuses will not demand too much from their future mother. However, after the fourth week, things will begin to change, and the pregnant cat will need you to help her through this period of physical stress.

To do this, you must increase the contribution of protein and calories in your diet, about 15% per week, from the fifth week of gestation. What we recommend is that you change your usual dry food variety for another, whose level of essential nutrients is higher, and meets your needs during the process. A special kitty food will help cover all this extra demand.

Fortunately, pregnant cats eat reasonably. As long as you offer a sufficient amount of food, she will adapt her daily intake to her needs. Do not worry too much if you gain weight.Your food consumption will increase, especially during the last 20 days. Typically, you gain 40% weight during the entire gestation process.


Ideally, the veterinarian has provided your cat with booster shots just before breeding. During the first days of breastfeeding, cats in good health transmit their immunity to kittens, so it is important to make sure that your cat's antibodies are at their highest level.

In any case, it is convenient to avoid giving medications to cats during pregnancy, due to the counterproductive effect on the formation of fetuses. The only exceptions are associated with the presence of certain parasites. In these cases, turn to the veterinarian to offer you the best solution.


It is rare for complications to occur during pregnancy. However, when your cat is in gestation or about to give birth, it is important that you keep in mind that there are precursor signs that can guide you towards possible complications that you should monitor.

Vaginal blood losses during pregnancy should not be considered as a normal factor. If your cat is at risk of losing her little ones when she is about 8 weeks old, she may go into labor prematurely and need a C-section. That is an indispensable reason to go to the veterinarian.

How to know if a cat is pregnant if she has no belly

During the first month of pregnancy, the belly does not grow, so It is not so obvious that the cat expects a litter. Of the approximately two months that gestation lasts, only the swollen belly can be seen during the second, But there are other symptoms that are observed much earlier:

Changes in the character of a pregnant cat

  • Loss of appetite
  • Apathy, lack of desire to play and exercise.
  • Many hours of sleep.
  • She is much more affectionate than normal and constantly seeks pampering.
  • If you do not have much confidence with the owner, you can react in the opposite way and become much more arisca and elusive.
  • Look for privacy, especially if you have more cats, it is isolated from them.

Does your cat have some of these symptoms? If you have read this article on how to know if a cat is pregnant and yours fits the profile, it probably is, Even if I don't have a belly yet! If you suspect pregnancy, you can go to your veterinarian and they will confirm it, in addition to recommending specific care.

Sterilize your pets!

If your cat is pregnant and is what you wanted, congratulations! But Keep in mind that you have a great responsibility. You must give special care to your cat during the process and also take care of the babies that are born and find them a home. Abandonment is not an option!

If you don't want your cat to get pregnant, you should sterilize her! In addition to ensuring sterility, this operation has many advantages over pets, including an increase in life expectancy.

Leave that a pet has offspring is a very important decision and requires a lot of responsibility. Do not allow it if you are not willing to assume it!

How to know if my cat is pregnant watching her body

Even if you don't see your belly grow, this It is not the only physical change that cats experience when they are pregnant, there are many more perceptible changes from the beginning of pregnancy. From the third week approximately, you will be able to detect these pregnancy symptoms:

  • The cat's breasts and nipples become more pink and swollen, because they are preparing to breastfeed the kittens when they are born.
  • Vulva: The cat's genitals swell too, so you'll see the vulva much more prominent than usual.
  • Belly: The quintessential pregnancy symptom, your cat's belly will begin to swell from the fourth week of gestation. Little by little it will grow more and more, until in the last weeks the cat will bend the back.

The early days may be unclear signs, but If you suspect pregnancy, check every day, if you are really pregnant, the symptoms will evolve.

The pregnancy of your cat

Like us, cats have fertility spikes in which they can get pregnant: it is what is known as "being in heat". The cats are in heat once every three weeks, so there is a lot of chance that your pet will get pregnant!

If you want to avoid an unexpected litter of kittens, we recommend sterilizing your cat before her first heat, since she can get pregnant very easily from that moment. Since raising a litter can be stressful for your cat and expensive for you, we recommend leaving the breeding to the experts (if possible).

The pregnancy of a cat usually lasts between 63 and 67 days, but it can be difficult to know exactly how long she has been pregnant. The gestation period of a cat can vary from a minimum of 61 days to a maximum of 72 days.

It is likely that your cat does not show any physical symptoms of pregnancy until a few weeks before delivery. If you think your cat is pregnant, take her to the vet to confirm.

If you want to know how to recognize for yourself if your cat is pregnant, there are several physical signs that you can detect from the second or third week.

How to know if my cat is pregnant watching her behavior

If your cat is pregnant, it will not only change her body, but also her attitude and habits:

  • The appetite of the cat will change as the pregnancy progresses: As soon as you get pregnant, it is normal for you to temporarily lose your appetite. Shortly after he will recover, and as his cats grow, he will start eating more than usual, until his belly is already very large. In the last weeks or days your stomach will be pressed by kittens and you will eat less again.
  • A lot of sleep: If your cat is pregnant, she will temporarily lose the desire to go outside to explore, get on the furniture and play. Normally, they spend more time at rest and sleeping.
  • His perception of you will change: This depends on each cat, but its sociability will surely be affected, some cats become more affectionate, while others become arisca and prefer to have less contact during pregnancy and be calm.

If your cat meets these symptoms, she is very likely to be pregnant! If you have not already done so, it is very convenient that you go to the veterinarian. He will give you the necessary guidelines and recommendations to take care of your cat during this special period and prepare for when the big day arrives. Remember that a pregnant pet is a big responsibility: If you don't want to take care of pups, sterilize your pets before it's too late!

Signs that childbirth is imminent

  • If your cat refuses food, is restless and looks for a secluded place to settle, it may be because her birth is about to begin.
  • Your cat's body temperature will drop to approximately 37.8 ° C between 12 and 24 hours before the start of delivery.
  • Just before giving birth, the mother can meow more, be agitated and want to lick constantly.
  • Childbirth should start with strong abdominal contractions, followed by a certain amount of vaginal discharge. If the discharge is thick and black, or bloody, tell your veterinarian.
  • After this secretion, the kittens will not wait!

Most feline deliveries run smoothly and you will not have to intervene. There are some signs, such as secretion with spots or effort from the mother without the arrival of the kittens, which may suggest complications. If you notice these signs or have any other concerns, talk to your veterinarian. See our guide on childbirth and birth in cats for more information on the birth of cats.