The most affectionate cat breeds


This breed It comes from the United States and is very popular in that country and in the rest of the world. He is a giant cat, but his heart is just as big: the Maine Coon is a very familiar cat and he loves children. He also gets along with other pets.

The Maine Coon breed has two very special peculiarities: the first is that within the family nucleus always usually choose a favorite, a leader who shows special admiration. The other is that ... He loves water! How do you read it?

4. Exotic cat

Perhaps the exotic cat is, among all the most affectionate cat breeds, the one that is the most. She is adorable and loves to live as a family. In fact, he needs it. This breed endures loneliness so badly that it can even make you sick if you spend too much time without company.

It is very rare that this cat is isolated to another room, it is always with the family, the more the better! In addition, it also tolerates well to live with other pets.

5. Burmese cat

The Burmese cat, also known as the Burmese cat, is a feline of Very elegant and spectacular appearance. But it is much more than that! Yes, it is also a very affectionate breed.

On the other hand, he is not as naughty and "restless ass" as other cats. In fact, it is especially calm, very quiet.

6. Bombay cat

Not many know this breed, but those who are lucky enough to live with a Bombay cat know that they are privileged. The Bombay breed is one of the most affectionate known.

In addition to being kind, affectionate and faithful, the Bombay cat is very peaceful and very calm, it hardly makes any noise.

7. Cat Havana

Affectionate as it is, Havana becomes even heavy at times. But it's not his fault, it's that He wants mimitos all the time! He is intelligent, kind, tender and loves his family, but he is also affable with strangers. Anyone is worth it to receive some caresses!

In addition, he is very active and loves to play with his family all day.

8. Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the most famous in the world, and yes, also the most affectionate. It is also very quiet and flirtatious. He loves to be showered by his beautiful hair!

If you like to groom your pets, the Persian cat is perfect for you. The more you take care of him, the more affectionate and close he will be with you.

9. Scottish fold

This adorable kitten with folded ears is all love. His appearance is adorable, but in addition his character is also very sweet. It has body and soul of peluchito.

He is friendly, affectionate, faithful, calm and homely, and loves to interact with children. He is a perfect playmate!

10. Common cat

As we said at the beginning, the kind and affectionate character does not reside only in genetics. That is why we have decided to close this list with common cats, or if you prefer to call it that, mestizos. Why kindness is not a matter of races!

If you are responsible with your cat, you give him everything he needs, you play with him and take care of him, he will be very affectionate to you regardless of his genes. There is nothing more affectionate than a grateful pet, a happy pet!

The siamese cat

The Siamese cat is a extremely affectionate race with the family with which he lives, especially with regard to children, with whom he has infinite patience.

A peculiar "doggy" that the Siamese cat has is its tendency to wait at the door for the family person about to arrive home.

The Siamese cat is available to anyone who decides to adopt one. It is an extraordinary pet, guarantee of good times. It is a race with lively and curious temperament, but with an enormous capacity to express affection. It is a very intelligent cat breed, able to communicate with people.

The ragdoll cat

The ragdoll cat is tremendously meek and affectionate, to the point of getting rid of his muscles completely loose when caught in his arms, which explains the name ragdoll - rag doll -, with which this breed is known. It is a curious contrast that a cat of such a large size is so meek and friendly with visitors.

The Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon breed is very popular in the United States, where the breed comes from, and they are part of the list of the most affectionate cats for being extremely social and affectionate with the family, especially with children.

This giant cat breed has a couple of characteristics of the breed. The first is that they love water and bathe in it. The second is that they always choose within the family a person with whom they are more affectionate and linked than with the rest. Also, he gets along well with other pets.

The Bombay cat

The Bombay cat is a little known breed, but very highlighted by the affection he professes for the family That welcomes you. A characteristic of this breed is that it hardly meows or emits other habitual sounds among the other cats. It is usually a very calm race.

The Havana cat

On the other hand, the cat Havana is so affectionate that sometimes it becomes heavy by the porphia how asks to be caressed. He is very intelligent, playful and sociable, both with family and with strangers. He is very active and constantly request attention or play with him.

Persian cat

The Persian cat is not only popular for its long and soft fur, it also stands out for being a calm cat. It is perfect for calm families who want a cat with a relaxed and similar lifestyle.

In addition to being tremendously calm, the Persian cat is very smug and he loves that we comb and dedicate time to his fur. For that reason, if you are someone who enjoys grooming the cat's hair, the Persian is perfect for you. Spending time and much love we will have a cat especially by our side attached and sweet.

Scottish fold cat

The Scottish Fold cat has a really adorable look thanks to his ears folded down and forward. It is sweet in its appearance but also in its character: the Scottish fold is a friendly and friendly cat, easily adaptable.

He usually stays calm inside the home and is, in general, a very docile cat that willingly accepts other pets, people and the games of the little ones. Enjoy receiving affection and caresses.

A common cat

Any cat can be affectionate and a great life partner If we dedicate time, love and games. If you are not sure which breed of cat is right for you, we recommend you go to a shelter and see for yourself how the felines are there. Any animal with a good treatment can be affectionate and sweet! And if you do not get it, do not hesitate to read our post to know how to tame a cat.

Both a common cat and the previous breeds constitute the most affectionate cats, but that does not mean that any cat cannot be. Tell us about your partner and tell us how he is affectionate to you!

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Ragdoll cat behavior

Characterquiet, affectionate and manageable" With those three words, Óscar Cortés Cardona, president of the Spanish Ragdoll Association and breeder at Unreal ragdoll, defines, the ragdoll cat breed, a feline family that has become famous throughout the world for its relaxed nature and its love for human company. The latter reaches unsuspected limits, since the ragdoll is a cat that accompany your caregiver everywhere, manifesting a huge need for his presence: “if you have a ragdoll you will surely not lack company at any time, since they usually follow you anywhere in the house, even sometimes to the same shower, since many of them are very curious for the moving water, ”explains Oscar.

The ragdoll origin is placed in the United States, years 60, of the hand of Ann Backer, that obtained the first cats crossing its cat of Angora with a Sacred one of Burma. As a curious fact related to this breed, the president of the Spanish Association of ragdoll says that “The Algonquin Hotel New York has had a cat since 1923 that receives guests who come to the hotel, and is currently a ragdoll kitten, Matilda III, who is responsible for this important task. ”

6. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is a playful cat, but tends to bond only with humans who know very well, which makes them a good option for quieter homes with two or less people.

The Russian Blue is a loyal cat of sweet temperament that will follow its owner everywhere. While they have a tendency to bond with a particular relative.

They are very social creatures, but also enjoy time alone and actively seek a private and quiet corner to sleep. They don't care too much if you're out of work all day, but they require a lot of play time when you're at home. These cats tend to get away from visitors and hide while visits last.