How long is a bitch's pregnancy?


This week in our veterinary clinic we will explain everything you need to know, information about pregnancy in female dogs, duration of pregnancy and necessary care for female dogs before and after giving birth.

The period of gestation of a bitch It is fifty-eight to sixty-six days on average, or what is the same, the pregnancy of a dog lasts nine weeks or so. At general levels bitches usually give birth on the sixty-third day of pregnancy.

To know how long our dog is pregnant, it will be necessary to count the days since she made the last ride to reproduce. If we do not know, then it will be necessary to perform an ultrasound.

Through ultrasound we can see the size and development of the puppies inside the mother's womb, which will give us a very approximate date of how many weeks of pregnancy our dog has.

After two months of gestation, the dog can show signs that it will give birth, it is necessary to know them to be prepared and attend the arrival of new puppies correctly.

For example, the pregnant dog shun other dogs or growls at her, she can also find a quiet place at home where she can give birth.

The dog licks the genitals frequently and / or expels fluids, its temperature may rise or have contractions and, one surprising thing is that it can claim our attention.

If our dog shows these symptoms during her pregnancy, it means she will give birth on the same day or in the next few days.

If our dog has already turned sixty-five or sixty-six days pregnant and has not given birth, we will need to perform the following tests:

  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Palpation of the belly by the veterinarian

Once the corresponding tests have been carried out and the puppies are well verified, the veterinarian will intentionally cause the delivery with the use of medications or apply a caesarean section if he considers it convenient.

Food is essential during pregnancy and after delivery.

On the other hand, enable a quiet and comfortable space inside the house, so that your dog knows that it has a quiet place to give birth when the time comes.

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How long is a bitch's pregnancy?

The answer is simple because The habitual thing in the pregnancy of a bitch is that it lasts between 58 and 67 days, the normal average being about 63 or what is the same, about two months. This may seem like a long time, but if you compare it to humans that a woman's pregnancy takes nine months or that of an elephant that can be 660 days or a female camel that can have a gestation period of about 400 days, then we can To say that a bitch's pregnancy time is relatively short.

The conception and delivery time is relatively short taking into account that a litter of puppies with a few cells and only nine weeks later there are perfectly formed small dogs.

Factors that can affect a bitch's pregnancy

The reality is that in the pregnancies of the bitches the specific time in the gestation period can vary a little and this depends on some factors for that, If your dog gets pregnant it is best to talk to your veterinarian. Therefore, the pregnancy of your dog may vary in duration to the normal established, but there are some contributing factors and that you need to take into account.

Race size

The size of the pregnant dog is a crucial factor in estimating the duration of pregnancy. Smaller dog breeds usually take longer in the gestation period than a larger dog breed.

Litter size

The period of gestation also depends largely on the size of the litter of puppies. If the dog expects one or two offspring and occupies the entire uterus it may take a little longerOn the other hand, if you expect five or six offspring, then you may have an earlier or premature delivery because you need more space inside your body.

The ancestors of the dog

If possible you can assess the family tree of the dog to know more or less how long the previous pregnancies lasted, above all it is important to know about the mother or grandmother of the bitch.

Many professional breeders keep scrupulous records about this type of detail. Although it is not an exact science, It helps to predict how long the approximate pregnancy time will be of a bitch.

When are dogs considered premature puppies? Most veterinarians agree that puppies are premature without being born before day 58. On day 58 they can be born safely because their lungs are mature enough to survive abroad, although they can be considered premature as well.

You can usually detect that some puppies are premature because their legs are bright pink and they have very little skin. Puppies born before day 58 can be born dead or die a day or the second day after birth.

How to know if your dog is pregnant

Although most owners are very careful to know and detect if their pets are in heat, sometimes a dog can be pregnant and give birth without even the owner noticing. except when the puppies are already born. In other cases, It is possible that the owner has planned the pregnancy to produce a litter. No matter what the circumstances, it is necessary to know if the conception has been carried out successfully and if the dog is really pregnant or not.

Although it is difficult to know if your dog is really pregnant during the first weeks of pregnancy, there are some changes that you can take into account. Watch your dog carefully to see if it has one or more signs.

Less hungry

Lack of appetite is usually one of the first signs to know if a dog is pregnant. They can lose their appetite and will compensate later in pregnancy. But if your dog loses her appetite in the first weeks of pregnancy, don't force her to eat. You can tempt her with her favorite foods but don't worry too much if she refuses to eat because it's quite common.

Most dogs will not be without food for more than two days, although if your dog refuses to eat three days in a row, then it will be time to call the veterinarian for advice.

Is more hungry

Other bitches may also feel an increase in appetite almost immediately after becoming pregnant. If this is the case, you will eat quickly and ask for more, as if you were not satiated. It's okay to allow him to eat more but you have to be careful.

Instead of offering you a great daily meal, it is better to offer two or three meals a day so you always have something in your stomach. This will help you feel satiated and satisfied and also provide good nutrition to your young that are developing inside your belly.

Has better energy

It is possible that if your dog usually has a lot of energy, it suddenly becomes more passive. As in the pregnancy of the human woman, female dogs can also experience fatigue and exhaustion because their hormonal levels must support growing embryos.

The grow and change the nipples

If your dog's nipples grow it will also be a good indicator that your dog's body is changing due to pregnancy. The breast will increase in size and also the nipples to prepare for milk production. The color of the nipples also changes and they will become somewhat redder.

Behavior changes

It is also possible that your pregnant dog presents some kind of change in her behavior. Some females become affectionate or may even have some bad mood. As always, you need to respect your mood swings.

Canine Gestation

Female dogs can get pregnant every time they are in heat, which happens once every eight months. This fertility period lasts up to three weeks. In addition to becoming pregnant during this period, you may have altercations with the males if you do not feel prepared enough to mate. Taking her for a walk with the leash during the heat will help her avoid fights and, if you don't want a male to mate with her, she will stop her love breakthroughs.

Since pregnancy can be expensive, and sentimental for both you and your pet, it is usually better to leave the reproduction to the experts. If you want to prevent your dog from getting pregnant, you should consider sterilizing her. We offer you more information in our frequently asked questions about dog sterilization

Canine gestation usually lasts between 61 and 65 days, although you may not notice any obvious physical changes in your dog until the final stretch of pregnancy. There is no such thing as a canine pregnancy test that you can do at home, so you will wonder how to answer the question "Is my dog ​​pregnant?"

There are several signs to watch for puppies on the way.

Symptoms of a pregnant dog

In this section we will describe how is the pregnancy of a bitch. If during the heat a mount has occurred, it is likely that there has been fertilization. From that moment on the body of the dog there are changes in order to ensure the implantation and development of the embryos. Save a slight weight gain, all these modifications are not going to be noticeable to us until the gestation is not more advanced. Some bitches present sickness towards the third week of gestation. They will vomit from time to time and lose their appetite for a few days.

After the first month of pregnancy, the nipples darken and they will increase in size, the same as the abdomen, which will be more or less evident depending on the constitution of the dog. May also appear secretion in the breasts, which will be enlarged. When the date of delivery approaches we can see that the dog looks for a place to nest, stops eating and is restless.

Birth control>

Now that we know how long a bitch's pregnancy lasts, we can calculate that each one can have a couple of litters a year. At present, there are more dogs than homes willing to welcome them, so that, in an excessively large number, they end up abandoned, mistreated or dead. Therefore, as part of responsible tenure we must prevent them from reproducing. Thesterilization both to avoid unwanted litters and for their health benefits.

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Symptoms of pregnancy in female dogs

If you have noticed that there was a ride, pay attention to your pet's appetite. Most likely, if a dog's pregnancy has occurred, it significantly reduces the amount of food you eat.

Also your activity is greatly reduced and you will spend most of the day resting. However, these can be symptoms of some disease, so (in case you have not noticed if there was a ride, but your dog's behavior alarms you, pay attention to the breasts). From the third week of gestation the breasts will grow considerably, and this will be an unequivocal sign that you are pregnant.

As soon as you suspect she is pregnant, it is best to take her to the veterinarian, who will do one of the following tests to determine if she is pregnant:

  • Abdominal palpation
  • A radiography
  • An ultrasound>

Once you identify a dog's pregnancy, you must control it week by week, because it will have nutritional and spatial needs as the fetuses grow, and you will have to continuously advise yourself by the veterinarian. Now let's briefly see what happens in the different stages:

Week 1 to 3

The fertilization and cell division that will produce the embryo occurs. In these weeks the embryo is attached to the walls of the uterus and the number of puppies that will be born is defined. At the end of the third week you can already see the head and trunk of the puppies.

Week 4 to 6

Puppies measure between two and six centimeters at the beginning of week 4. The organs, muscles, eyes, spinal cord and bones are formed. Puppies' sex is defined and the heartbeat can be perceived. The legs begin to develop at the end of week six.

Week 7 to 9

The growth of puppies accelerates and they have the appearance they will have at birth. At this stage the snout develops, the coat and (depending on the hormones present) the temperament. At the end of week 9 the movements of the paws of the puppies are already noticeable to the naked eye in the abdomen of the dog, which indicates that they are ready to be born.