How to make my cat more sociable


Teaching an adult cat to be sociable is much more complicated than teaching a small one. If we want our cat to be sociable, there is nothing better than educating him for it practically since he is born. If from the first day of life you feel accompanied and do not appreciate the distance with your environment, you will get used to the company and normalize it. His first contact will be with his mother and his brother, with whom he will learn to communicate as the cats do. And it will be after three months when you can expand that circle of relationship and affection to people and other animals (if, for example, there is a dog in the house).

Your cat also needs physical contact.

And that this contact be made with love and affection. Affection is a powerful weapon, both for people and for animals. Talk to him slowly, sweetly, and caress him whenever you can, always without overwhelming him and invading his space. You can give him specific treats for cats, play with him, comb his hair ... all this will make him feel loved and will begin to show, in a progressive way, getting closer and closer.

It involves the family

It is important that the whole family spend time with the cat and collaborate when giving food and pampering. Thus he will see you all as beings close to him, protectors and friends, and will create with you a very positive and close bond. Find a moment every day to give him love, and he will learn to give it as well as to receive it.

One of the most effective ways to create a strong bond with a cat is to feed it. You can take the cant>

What to do when there are visits

If we receive the visit of people who do not usually go to our house, we must never force our cat to be sociable, because he surely does not feel like it. It is better to wait for a while and the cat has become accustomed to the presence of strangers in the home. Then we can pick you up and bring it gently to visitors so you can smell them. Then we will close the room, if possible, so you can not leave and leave you on the floor. At the beginning you may look for a corner to get away from people, but little by little you will feel confident enough to approach you.

Don't forget to play

Playing helps cats develop not only physically, but also emotionally. They also need to play daily, because routines are very important for them. Take advantage of the moments of play to involve the family or to interact with other animals that may be in the house. Look for non-invasive games, leaning on the wide variety of toys for them that exist in the market, and that will make you spend fun times, while reinforcing your emotional ties.

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Having a cat as a pet is not the same as having a dog. These animals tend to be more independent, so tame them to socialize is a complicated task, but not impossible. The key age to teach him to take with people outside the home is when they are puppies, but there have been cases where they do not adapt completely and at the time of visits, they tend to isolate themselves or become aggressive, here we leave you some tips to prevent this happens:

Be constant in your education: so that he can get acquainted, you must keep him living with other people, children and adults, in this way, he will gradually overcome his fear of seeing more people progressively. A good way to get used to it, is to caress it frequently, of course without overwhelming it, so you will know that this is a normal action and will be touched not only by you, but by others.

Don't rush it in your progress: Do not overwhelm him, respect his learning pace, it is essential to keep in mind that you should not force him to socialize if he does not want to, cats are sensitive to noise and are easily scared, forcing them to be in a noisy environment just by 'accelerating the step ', the only thing you will achieve is to back off.

Take him for a walk from time to time: When you think it is ready, you can do it with a special leash for cats or even, if you have a large patio, you can let it walk around, although the idea is to take it to the street, where you explore different environments and see new people.

Use toys as a strategy: the use of a specific toy could serve as an object with which he becomes familiar, so when others want to play, do not feel overwhelmed by having a strange person approaching, in addition, establishing a time of entertainment, can stimulate his intelligence.

Early socialization

Educating him since childhood is the key. Many people try to socialize their adult cat and that is when they notice this detail. We must get used to our cat, since he is little, to be surrounded and to live with other people and animals. That will make him get used to socializing on a regular basis and for the cat to break the distance gap since he was a baby.

If you want your cat to be sociable, the best way is to educate him quickly taking into account in socialization, efforts that are aimed at raising him as a cordial and open cat, giving him affection and positive contact.

The process begins naturally from the first day of life, when the cat begins to interact with his mother and, subsequently, with his brothers. That teaches you how to communicate according to feline language. Later, around three months, when it will be possible to separate him from his parent, the cat must follow his socialization, relating todogs, cats, children and adults.

Using positive reinforcement to attract you and make the experience more positive is extremely important. Involve all family members in the activities and dynamics that are established, you do not want to be only sociable with you and distant with others.

Positive social links

make that the whole family Spend time with the cat. Let him see them as friends, protectors and food suppliers, so the link will be positive and pleasant for him. Perform daily routines where the main purpose is based on your cat being a more affectionate and sociable animal. You want me to love you as much as you want him.

One suggestion could be to give eat several times a day In small quantities. Do not put much food once a day, but your cat will not realize who is the person who, with so much love, feeds him. By doing it on different occasions, you will be reinforcing the idea that it is you who feeds it. When you put the food in the feed, or when you open a can of wet food, talk to him and tell him how rich he is going to try in a short time. Paying attention to small details is essential, since he will feel loved and taken care of.

Love and pure love

The physical contact you have with him tries to make it always with love. That improves any relationship. Play with him, enjoy his presence and let him enjoy yours. Talk to him all the time, caress him and comb him to get used to the contact, yes, without overwhelming him. Respect his safety space and draw him to you with kind words and goodies.

Make him feel important within the family nucleus. Without insistence, have the whole family spend time near their space to talk or play, while paying attention to it, but letting it approach for their own interest. Let him interact with everyone, adults and children.

If you follow all these tips with a lot perseverance and patience, you will see how in a short time, the cat will go from being distant to sociable and later to affectionate. The relationship will go from being distant to very close. Everything is progressive, this can be a process that lasts days, weeks or even months.

Time to play

Everything that has to do with activities and games, promotes that the cat is more sociable, has more interaction with other people, improves his intelligence and contributes to the development of curiosity. It is basic for cats play a good time a day, and even better, if you do it in the company of family or other animal friends, in addition to being an excellent way to strengthen bonds.

Do not try to pressure the cat with games that may be somewhat invasive. For example, cats, unlike dogs, do not like to be chased. Your pet may feel cornered and even afraid. Better discover the different cat toys that exist in the market and that best suit him.

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What is the most affectionate breed of cats?

It is a question that many ask themselves before buying a cat, but in reality the important thing is how you are going to educate it. Siamese cats, ragdoll or Persian are usually identified as meek breeds. In front of breeds of affectionate cats, we propose that you be clear about what you have to do to educate your cat well.

Get a more sociable cat

To ensure that cats are calm and affectionate, accustom it from an early age both to the presence of people and other animals. This is especially important if you plan to have another pet soon. There are several signs that a cat has a hard time socializing: for example, if he avoids getting on us, if he prefers to always be alone or if he gets angry frequently.

What to do in these cases? First of all, you have to be patient and let them gradually gain the confidence they lack. If a cat has been alone during the first weeks of life, it will be more difficult to socialize than one who has always been in contact with people. However, there are some routines that can be useful when it comes to socializing a cat:

To get a more social cat it is important to give you security

  • Feed it frequently in small cant> A more sociable cat is an animal that feels safe #mappy pets Click to tweet

In summary: if you want your cat to be more affectionate and sociable, you must allow him to feel calm and safe at home, without forcing him to receive pampering and letting him take the initiative when it comes to wanting your company. Getting used to it like this from day one you will see how it does not shy away from other people's presence and you will make it live happier.