Can animals perceive an impending earthquake?


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Should you exercise with a cold?

Most of the time, it doesn't matter. A study in 1998 in the US He found that a common flu had no effect on the ability to exercise, while that activity also did not influence the recovery time.

So, although it does not remove or put, there is no reason to break the exercise routine when you have a cold.

However, other studies indicate that during more severe viral infections such as glandular fever or influenza, vigorous physical activity can lead to complications and injuries.

This is due to the degrees Celsius that the body temperature rises due to fever, the increase in heart rate by 1.6 beats per second and the fact that oxygen consumption increases by 13%.

Can an airplane make a full autopilot flight?

The autopilot allows an aircraft to complete the entire flight routine except for takeoff. Once in the air, the plane can automatically ascend, maintain speed and then descend to the runway.

However, automatic landing is only used when visibility is very poor. In this case, three autopilots are linked to the Landing Instrument System (ILS) that is on the track. The ILS is a radial wave that radiates from the ground and forms an invisible tunnel through which the plane flies.

After takeoff, some crews turn on the autopilot starting at 3,000 meters high, while others prefer to fly manually until reaching cruising speed.

Most autopilots can handle the turbulence quite well but, when the flight becomes very agitated, the crew could choose to take the manual controls of the plane.

What is the fastest train>

The fastest service in operation is the Shanghai Transrapid of maglev type (magnetic levitation), in China.

Carries passengers to and from Pudong International Airport at 483 kilometers per hour.

Maglev trains are powered by powerful magnets on the rails that "levitate" cars. During a test, the Transrapid managed to reach 501 kilometers per hour.

However, the record was beaten last August by the L0 prototype of the Central Railway Company of Japan that reached 504 kilometers per hour, although it did so without passengers.

Eventually, L0 will cover the route between the cities of Tokyo and Osaka but will not be operational until at least 2027.

Why do we close our eyes when we try to remember things?

To avoid distractions, simply.

When we imagine something, our brains use the same systems they use to see, touch or listen.

If you are trying to remember a past event, you need to release the visual cortex to evoke the images.

Researchers asked a group of people to watch a short video and then answer some questions about it.

Those who closed their eyes or looked at a white screen remembered more than those who looked at a composition of meaningless images or heard unknown words.

In other tests, they were asked to remember details of a video that showed a crime with their eyes open or closed.

The group remembered more accurately with their eyes closed.

They also remembered better video sounds if they weren't watching anything.

How long does it take to develop a console?

The details of the latest consoles, Xbox One and PS4, are wrapped in a mystery halo.

But, generally, it takes three to five years to develop a console.

Sony's previous device, the PS3, was launched in November 2006 after many delays.

The first plans were drawn up in 2000, when Sony, Toshiba and IBM jointly developed the Cell CPU console.

Microsoft is a little faster: the Xbox 360 was ready just before Christmas 2005, and began to develop three years earlier.

Predict earthquake: canine ability?

Although it is still an unbelievable fact, the ability of dogs to predict these natural disasters is not an isolated event, much less novel. Throughout history institutions such as NASA have conducted studies to demonstrate that there is a great diversity of animals that can predict telluric movements, even a few days before they happen.

In addition, there are recorded facts that reinforce this theory. One of the most notable was in 1975, in a community in China, where around one million snakes fled their habitat almost thirty days before a strong earthquake swept the place. Similar scenarios were evident in Indonesia, where animals were able to predict a natural disaster in advance and flee from the scene.

Although the role of dogs in the prediction of an earthquake has not been scientifically determined, the ability of these animals in this subject is not denied. This is demonstrated, not only by the behavior they adopt in the face of the threat, but also by their need to seek protection for themselves and theirs.

Sixth Sense?

Surely you will be wondering how is it possible for a dog to predict earthquakes and a human not?

Although it seems that the dog has a sense that a person has failed to develop, the answer to this question is not complicated.

Before a tremor occurs, the earth presents a series of changes that a person probably cannot perceive in the first instance.

Dogs, like other animals, however, may perceive some of these changes, allowing them to warn about the approach of an earthquake.

For example: vibrations prior to an earthquake usually cause alterations in the chemical composition of seawater. In many cases, these alterations are harmful to the health of animals, forcing them to find another place to live. Sudden forced migration of animals may represent the warning of a natural threat.

How do they do that?

The mechanism used by dogs to predict earthquakes It is something that so far has not been studied in depth. However, some research has shown that it is a given process through the development of the senses.

Even though Man's Best Friend does not have the ability to perceive the natural threat days before it happens, minutes and even hours before the tremor occurs, the canine is able to notice the changes that the earth's layer presents before the event.

However, this has not prevented dogs from being used as a very effective and popular tool to determine the presence of earthquakes. In fact, in countries like China and Japan, dogs and other animals, are the support of technological machines in the detection of earthquakes, which has helped save lives and prevent material losses.

The detection of electrostatic charges, accompanied by their ability to perceive high frequency sounds that are difficult to detect by the human ear, are, according to studies, the abilities that canines possess to anticipate the presence of an earthquake.

That is, it is a broader development of the senses of smell and hearing, which allow these animals to predict minutes, and even a couple of hours before, the threat of a telluric movement to society, especially if It is an earthquake above 6 on the Richter scale.

Dog behavior before an earthquake

While dogs perceive earthquakes just before they happen, dogs do not keep the information, but try to alert their owners through different actions.

In the first place, these animals tend to be nervous about this natural event, they express restlessness in their movements accompanied by incessant barking. This may be the way the dog tries to communicate that an earthquake is approaching.

Secondly, the search for a safe place to take refuge is another common action that canines do when faced with an earthquake.

So, if you notice any of these changes in the behavior of the canine, it is better to pay attention, as it is likely that they are trying to alert you about the arrival of an earthquake in the next few minutes and it is advisable to protect yourself in a safe space.
In any case, the presence of a dog will not only ensure the company, love and loyalty of what is described as Man's Best Friend, but also, you will get an animal that could alert you to the approach of an earthquake and help protect you from these natural events. What better combination is in a single pet?