Is sea water good for dogs?


Hydrotherapy It is one of the most used methods for the treatment of diseases related to the bone, cardiovascular and immune system, to relieve muscle pain and combat disorders such as stress, anxiety or depression. Thus, it is no secret to anyone that this holistic medicine technique obtains excellent results in both human patients and dogs. To do this, treatments can be carried out in swimming pools manufactured for these purposes, through the advice of a canine physiotherapist, or by going to the sea, also under the instructions of the specialist. However, did you know that the effects of seawater are also reflected in the condition of the dog's skin?

With the water of a pool our dog will not improve the health of its skin or fur, however, in the sea this fact changes completely. In this way, it is not surprising that we ask ourselves, Is seawater good for dogs' skin? In what cases can it be used and how? These and more questions will be solved in this Animal Expert article, so read on!

Benefits of seawater for dogs' skin

Yes, seawater is good for dogs, affirmation that is sustained thanks to the study carried out by the French researcher René Quinton at the end of the 19th century. In it, he found that almost all the elements of the periodic table are found in the composition of seawater, as well as a wide variety of nutrients present, also, in the body of all mammals. Thus, and after several experiments, he was able to discover that diluted seawater helped to stabilize the patients' organism, to treat problems related to the organs, such as the kidneys, and even to act in severe cases of bleeding, injecting the liquid as a transfusion.

In their study, the benefits of seawater for dogs in their diluted, injected or drink form are revealed, however, this discovery is also interesting to understand why baths with seawater are able to significantly improve the state of the dermis As we said, thanks to its composition, the body manages to stabilize, strengthening its immune system and protecting it from pathogens. By producing this consequence, the skin is also benefited. Here are the main benefits of seawater for dogs' skin:

Regenerates damaged tissue

Seawater has important antiseptic and healing properties, so that when the damaged skin comes into contact with this liquid, its regeneration process is activated. Of course, for the results to be expected, it is necessary that the seawater is not contaminated.

Help disinfect wounds

Thank you to your antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, the sea water favors the correct disinfection of any type of slight wound. In this way, it is a perfect natural remedy to heal and disinfect wounds caused by scratches when scratching or first and second degree burns. In cases of very serious wounds, such as those caused by third or fourth degree burns, or wounds produced during a fight with another dog, they should be treated by the veterinarian and, once treated, apply seawater if the specialist Approves It.

For minor injuries, both a sea bath and a topical application can only be carried out on the affected area. To do this, you can collect a little liquid in a bottle, clean the dog's lesion with it, letting it act for a few seconds, removing the remains, replacing another layer of seawater, drying and, finally, covering the wound with a dressing.

Relieves itching

Due to antibiotic and soothing properties of seawater, patients with atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, scabies, psoriasis or dandruff, among other skin diseases that cause severe itching, can see symptoms relieved considerably and reduced itching sensation. In this way, it is not only possible to reduce the inflammation and irritation that these pathologies produce in the affected dog, but it also prevents scratching and, therefore, causing new wounds. However, it should be noted that seawater should never act as the only treatment for these conditions, it must be a complement to veterinary treatment, an aid to make the body can recover more quickly.

Seawater for scabies in dogs

As noted in the previous section, seawater is good for dogs and can help relieve symptoms caused by skin conditions such as scabies. To do this, it is advisable to let the patient enjoy a daily bath in the sea, where you can swim and let the water act on the wounds, helping to combat the presence of the mites that cause the disease, disinfecting them and relieving itching. We emphasize the importance of the word "help" because, as we said, seawater cannot constitute the treatment of scabies, but a complement to it.

After bathing with seawater, since this natural liquid will have already taken effect, it is essential to bathe the dog with the shampoo prescribed by the veterinarian. Being a dermoprotective shampoo, you should not worry about damaging the protective layer of the skin of the dog, since these types of products are already designed to respect it and not disturb its function, but quite the opposite.

If you do not have access to the sea, you can buy bottled sea water and carry out the baths at home, or go one day to fill your own bottles yourself. In this sense, another effective remedy to reduce pruritus, inflammation and irritation caused by scabies, is the elaborated based on seawater and olive oil. To do this, you just have to buy a sprayer, introduce seawater, a tablespoon of olive oil, stir, apply on the affected areas and leave on. Remember to remove the remains after each application.

All these tips are also applicable to other skin conditions, such as atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, ringworm, allergies or pyoderma.

Sea baths for dogs at home

For seawater baths to have their effects, it is essential not to force the dog to them. So, if your furry companion has a sea phobia, never force him to bathe in it, because you may be able to improve his skin, but you will increase his fear and develop other serious disorders, such as stress or anxiety. For these cases, it is best to carry out sea baths for dogs with skin problems at home, ensuring a totally relaxed and positive environment for him.

If you have access to the sea, you can follow the instructions in the previous section. If you do not have access to the sea, you should know that you also have the possibility to simulate the sea water yourself. To do this, you must follow the following proportions:

  • 1 liter of hot or distilled water
  • 60 grams of pure sea salt

Once you have obtained sea salt, which you can substitute for Himalayan salt, you should heat the water if you do not have distilled water. When it is hot, add the salt and stir well to integrate it. Optionally, you can add a couple of drops of tea tree oil, neem oil, almond oil or olive oil. You can use this solution to perform bathrooms at home, or to introduce it in a sprayer and apply it only in the affected areas, always removing the remains and leaving the area well cleaned. In this way, you can take advantage of the benefits of seawater for dogs in the comfort of home, although it should be noted that they are not as strong as those provided by the royal sea.

Can dogs drink seawater?

As we mentioned in the first section, the researcher René Quinton discovered that diluted seawater brings multiple benefits to all mammals and, therefore, we can say that Dogs can drink sea water but not direct from the sea, but in the proper way. Ingesting this diluted liquid will not only allow you to see your skin condition improved, but it will also help you promote cardiovascular function, promote the bone system and strengthen your immune system, among many other benefits.

Before getting into how to give sea water to a dog, it should be noted that it is classified into two types: hypertonic, corresponding to pure sea water, and isotonic, referring to diluted sea water and used in the Quinton method. Thus, we can deduce that the water we must offer to our furry companions is isotonic, which we can buy ready-made or elaborate ourselves. To make it at home, we must dilute a part of seawater in three parts of common water, preferably of weak mineralization. From the solution obtained, it is recommended to give the dog 20 ml daily isotonic seawater, no more. Likewise, the introduction of this liquid should be progressive.

In addition to offering canot water to the dog to drink, we can use this solution to cook your food, provided you follow a homemade diet. Thus, instead of boiling meat, fish or vegetables in common water, we can do it in three parts of fresh water and one of sea water. In this way, we will ensure that the dog takes advantage of all the benefits of seawater for its skin and, in general, for the whole organism, without perceiving it and can reject it.

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Seawater has excellent benefits for our dog's skin

One of the most essential benefits that seawater can give dogs is which relieves and is of great help so that the skin can regenerate and this happens in the same way with his fur.

That we have the opportunity to use seawater for the skin of our dogs, represents one of the ideal methods of natural origin in order to help the dermis recover from skin conditions, such as dermatitis, dandruff, wounds, allergies, scabies and many others.

Because of what its complete composition is, seawater contains a large amount of minerals and other nutrients, which make this the most appropriate remedy to be able to alleviate this kind of problems, in the same way it gives greater strength to our dog's fur, being of great help to be able to eliminate all dead hair during the time of molting and the time to be able to prevent it from falling excessively, but of course, in this case we must also consider its diet.

Seawater baths for dogs suffering from pain

The baths with seawater for dogs They are full of many benefits and not only for skin treatments, but they are also very helpful in relieving problems that can affect bones and joints, which can cause discomfort and a lot of pain.

If our dog suffers from diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, hip, elbow or knee dysplasia and even for those disabled dogs, they are situations in which we should not doubt and accompany our dog in a bath with sea water so that he can swim calmly.

We can do this only if we get our dog to be calm, so if he becomes afraid in this circumstance or if he is stressed, it will cause him to make sudden movements to swim and also to get out of the water, which will be Something very harmful to them. This it's something we can do daily, but it also depends on the severity of the disease that can.

Isotonic sea water for dogs

This is a type of seawater that has been collected directly from the sea but then has to undergo a treatment by diluting it in fresh water until its salt content It has been reduced until it has been able to reach normal levels in the body. And it is for this reason, that this seawater is for the dog to consume and at the same time to use it as a treatment for internal diseases.

Among the diseases that are usually treated with isotonic water are:

Skin problems and injuries

Liver problems

Blood disorders

Diseases that affect the respiratory tract

Remove scabies

As we just mentioned, sea water It is good for dogs that suffer from diseases such as scabies, so it is advised that the patient enjoy a bath in the sea, where the dog can swim so that the liquid acts on the wounds, giving him help to fight against the mites that cause this disease. Of course, taking into account that This treatment only helps relieve symptoms and not to cure the disease.

It is important to note that for baths with seawater to have effects, the dog should not be forced if it is a bit unpleasant. So if some dogs have you sea ​​phobia, they should not be forced to bathe in it, since in this situation although it is possible to improve the skin of our pet, certain psychological traumas can be generated. So for these occasions it is recommended that these baths be done at home, so that the dog can feel much more comfortable.

If you do not have the sea near your home, you can opt for the option of fill the bathtub with hot or distilled water and sea salt or in its difference salt from the Himalayas.

Why seawater for pets?

In the late nineteenth century the French scientist René Quinton realized how beneficial seawater could be for both people and their pets.

The Quinton method uses seawater to treat different diseases, since it is very rich in nutrients, it has all the elements of the periodic table and its composition is very similar to that of the blood of vertebrate animals.

Before trying with humans, Quinton conducted several experiments with dogs. He got them to improve their ailments by demonstrating the benefits of seawater for pets.

Quinton's first experiments with dogs

In his experiments Quinton used isotonic seawater, that is, diluted in fresh water until its salinity remains the same as that of our body, to replace almost all the blood in some dogs. In a few days they improved, recovering completely.
Later, in 1975 at the University of La Laguna, experiments with dogs and isotonic seawater were repeated. The results were completely satisfactory.

Benefits of seawater for pets

Seawater for pets has multiple benefits. Large numbers of diseases such as diarrhea, cancer, tumors, allergies, malnutrition can be treated with marine plasma ... Although in any case you should visit a veterinarian and follow his advice.

In the examples that follow we can see how animals sick with Parvovirus and cancer have been successfully treated with the Quinton method.

Two cases of dogs treated with the Quinton Method

First case
A three-month-old German shepherd mixed breed puppy is presented at the clinic with a clinical picture of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

He is tested for Parvovirus with a positive result. It is decided to apply isotonic seawater intravenously.

Within 24 hours of the application of seawater, the animal experiences an improvement in its general condition, shaking the tail and showing interest in its environment.

It begins to give liquid orally, mixing seawater. From there the animal improves dramatically. He is currently a healthy dog ​​with enviable health.

Second case
Boxer breed dog, Age 11 years, Weight 31 kilos, with severe tumor treated with the hypertonic Quinton Marine Plasma.

At the beginning of the month of August he began not to eat, not to go belly, to make thick and orange urine and to have a large lump that came out in his belly.

He was taken by his owner to the veterinarian and after examining him and doing a urine test with not very good results, he said that the dog had a very large tumor in the lower belly area (spleen, intestines, stomach).

The owner, who knew the Quinton method, was informed and decided to try. He immediately injected hypertonic seawater into his dog. He was given 200 cm3 a day by injecting it into the subcutaneous in three doses: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night.

After two days the dog began to be hungry and eat. After three days, the orange droppings became a normal color and went belly twice a day, which had always been constipated.

At five days the dog made a very abundant and clear urine. But the big surprise was that they observed that the tumor had shrunk so much that, examined by the veterinarian again, he could barely detect it by palpating it with his hands.