How long is a cat's heat?


The cats begin to get into heat when the hours of sunlight begin to grow, after the winter solstice.

When the brain detects that the days begin to increase, it sends a stimulus that sets in motion the hormones that make the cat into heat and want to mate.

The cat's brain is able to detect the increase in duration of days and thus predict the arrival of spring.

In spring the temperature is optimal and the availability of food is maximum: the right time to get the litter forward.

In the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, the reproductive season begins in January and ends at any time between June and October.

In the southern hemisphere the time of jealousy begins in August.


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In the case of bitches, once the heat is over, they do not have sexual activity again until after 6 or 7 months.

On the other hand, cats, if they are not pregnant, will continue to suffer successive hormonal waves and jealousy will be repeated periodically during the breeding season.

When the hours of sunlight begin to decrease, it is the signal that anticipates the arrival of winter, a bad time to bring litters forward.

The cat's brain sends the necessary stimuli for the ovaries to enter the resting phase.

Most cats cease to be jealous in September and will be in sexual rest from October to the end of December.

The first zeal of a cat.

The age at which cats begin to have sexual behavior is very variable because it will depend on the degree of development they have when the time of jealousy arrives.

To get into heat, the cat must be at least 75% of its adult weight.

The first heat will appear between 4 and 11 months of life if the right circumstances occur.

The cats that were born at the beginning of the previous spring may leave in heat in late December or early January.

While cats born in the previous fall, they may not be sufficiently developed until the following summer.

It is known that long-haired breeds take longer to go out in heat than short-haired ones and that street cats come out in heat before domestic cats.

The coexistence with males and other cats in heat also advances the onset of puberty in young cats.

So, if you have a cat born last year, it is very likely that you will begin to experience their symptoms of heat, if you have not already done so.

Symptoms of cats in heat.

Unlike the bitches that first have a bleeding phase - proestro, - the cats appear in heat overnight, without warning.

The proestro phase is very short in the cat and is not appreciated since does not bleed and his vulva barely increases in size.

When the heat begins, the cats change their personality, become more affectionate than normal, rub continuously against their owners or any furniture, and tend to roll belly up and rub the back against the ground.

Meows that seem to be whining are very typical.

Although the cat is normally affectionate, you will know that your cat is in heat because they get very heavy and seek contact much more than normal.

Some are very scandalous with the typical meats of cat in heat and can bother the neighbors.

When he puts his hand on the spine, they support their elbows and lift their hips, divert their tail to the side. The estrus is characterized by being the phase in which they allow the male to make the ride.

When a cat's heat lasts

Not all cats are jealous with the same frequency. Some cats, the majority, are jealous every 8-10 days, they are cats that only ovulate if they are mounted by a male.

On the other hand, other cats are able to ovulate even if they have not been paired and in that case the heat will not return until after 40 or 60 days.

Many cats maintain high levels of estrogen between heat and heat and owners seem to always be in heat.

In contrast, cats that ovulate without the need for mating will be jealous every month and a half or two months.

These cats are more likely to suffer from uterine diseases in the future.

It is because the ovaries enter a special phase called right-handed in which they produce progesterone, when an empty uterus repeatedly receives the influence of progesterone, it weakens and is more prone to infections.

The tablets for the heat of cats, produce the same effects as progesterone.

They are substances that keep the ovaries permanently permanent, so they stop going out in heat. These medications also weaken the cat's uterus and also triple the risk of breast tumors.

You can sterilize a cat in heat.

If you have no intention of raising, the best thing you can do is castrate it. There is no problem sterilizing a cat that is already in heat.

For the health of the cat, it is much better to sterilize it while in heat than to cut it using pills or injections.

Castration during the first year of life, in addition to family planning, has other advantages as we have explained here.

Cat mating

On the contrary, if you prepare to breed with your cat, you should know that males are always willing in the presence of a cat in heat. Unlike dogs, mating is very fast and penetration will trigger ovulation and subsequent gestation.

Spicules in the penis of a male cat.

Males have a kind of spines on the penis, which during the intercourse, produces a stimulus that triggers ovulation in the cat.

It is estimated that approximately half of the cats can ovulate with a single mount, while others need several mounts on successive days to be able to ovulate and become pregnant.

With several mounts, they are more likely to become pregnant and the litters will be more numerous.

Cats are very sensitive to the environment and it is better to take the female to the territory of the male than the other way around.

In long-haired breeds it is interesting to shave the back area so that the obstruction by hairs does not prevent the ride.

There may also be difficulties in riding due to excessive size difference between male and female.

The ideal age for breeding is one and a half years of life up to 7 years. Cats with more than 8 years tend to have irregular cycles and smaller litters. They also increase the chances of abortions and birth of kittens with congenital defects.

In another article we will talk about the gestation and delivery of cats. Click here if you want to receive updates by mail from our blog.

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Hello good, I am very worried, my cat is going to meet the month of March, 1 year. And he just had his first heat, my question is, is it normal for the heat to last more than 2 weeks in a row?

Yes, read the article carefully because we explain it there. Greetings.

Hi, just thank the complete information delivered. Obviously, in addition to reading, I regularly take my cat to the veterinarian, nothing more important than regular checks. regards

My cat had her young almost two months old and I am worried that she will return to heat is a good time to sterilize her?

As soon as they are weaned, they will return to heat, so yes. It is a good time.

Hello, I have an adopted kitten who is about to turn two years old in October, last year (2016) in May she was sterilized and she is still jealous (now) she has it (10 days) is it normal to continue having it? Thanks greetings .

No, it is not normal. If it has been properly sterilized you should not be jealous.

hello my cat is 8 years old and is in heat ...
You can sterilize my cat at the age she is.
recently he had more than 5 kittens

I see no problem to do it. We have neutered them much older.

Hello, I would like to know how many pairings a cat needs to calm the heat or if after a mating she keeps looking for more.

That is explained in the article.

Hi. My cat is sterilized but the periods of heat continue. We called the veterinarian and what he answered us was that he is in heat but cannot get pregnant (I personally saw how his ducts were cut) and also that he would be like this for at least two more months, I personally do not like that answer The two months have passed and the cat is still in heat. Besides, my idea of ​​being sterilized was to get out of it, not to continue in the same. My question is, did the operation go wrong?

It may happen that the cat had what we call ovarian satellites, are reminiscent of ovaries that derive from a poor genetic development and are very difficult to detect during surgery. Satellites can continue to produce hormones and give symptoms of heat. The only solution is to surgically extract the satellites. Greetings.

I am considering sterilizing my cat, could you tell me the risks that can be given in this type of operation, the price range between which it is located and the care that should be given after it please?

Thanks for your attention.

The main risks are those derived from unwanted reactions to any of the medications given before and after the intervention. Today anesthetics are much safer than when I finished the race but zero risk does not exist. It is important to do a pre-surgical analysis to avoid surprises as much as possible.
Our surgery does not carry external points, it does not have a collar and you do not have to give or do anything animal, we already deliver it medicated. 5% have infection in the wound and additional care is necessary, the price we give includes such care if necessary. I do not know the price range, ours (does not include pre-surgical analysis) is what we give on the web.
If you need any further clarification, you can call us at 981 38 21 44. Greetings.

Hi. I have rescued a feral cat less than two years old who was about to be ridden by five males. The next day (while in heat) I had surgery. I have her in a room already recovered, trying to tame her, since I think she had not had previous human physical contact, with a lot of patience since she is very afraid and does not let herself be touched. During the day he sleeps and at night after two weeks he continues to scream and meow. I no longer know if it is because of the remains of zeal or because he feels the males call, that they continue to be revolutionized. How long does it usually take to lower the hormones of cats? Thank you!

You must wait a month to be sure that there are no sex hormones left in the blood. Anyway I warn you that a cat, that age and that has been raised wild, will be very difficult to adapt to an indoor life.

Hello, at my in-laws' house there was a kitten with 1 year and a half of age who had already given birth twice, in December we began to notice that the belly began to grow, the dates were strange because they give birth in winter in the north from Italy is a challenge. Actually she is a country cat, she is not domesticated, she was never taken to the vet for a more formal follow-up. The story is that the last few days I could hardly walk and yesterday they found her dead. What could have happened?

I don't have the slightest idea, I don't like to guess.

I have two cats, male and female. The male is his date of birth so I am sure he is 4 months old, the female, I always thought he was smaller because of his size, but already fangs (the kitten is moving teeth ahead).
The thing is that the kitten is in heat, I think the cat is not ... Check your penis and the "spines" are not out ... Should I separate them? Is her jealousy stimulating the mountain so that it is still young? Please help. Try to separate them but they are very close and Chillán all the time!

If you must separate them

My cat has been in heat for two months in a row and she hardly eats, she is staying in the bones. My vet has told me that being in heat cannot be operated, what can I do?

I do not find it so problematic to operate the cat while in heat, we castrate them without problem, the surgery is much less bleeding than in the case of a dog. I would castrate her.

My cat had her young three weeks ago and is in heat again, is that normal?

If the cats can go into heat in lactation.

When does the first heat in cats occur and how often?

We call zeal to period in which the cat is fertile and, therefore, can get pregnant. There may be variations but, in general, cats begin their first heat towards 6 months of age, although it will depend on the time of the year, since it is influenced by sunlight, which means that more than talk about how often a cat gets into heatWe must be aware that the zeal will last for months, usually from late winter, spring, summer and early fall. It can continue throughout the year in cats that live indoors and are affected by artificial light and also in those of tropical climates with more than 12 hours of light per day. This does not mean that the cat spends all this time showing symptoms of jealousy but that, during those months, she can go into heat at any time.

How long does the heat in cats last?

It is said that the cat is polyestricseasonal, that is, he has several jealousy during his reproductive period. In the same way, the response to how long a cat's heat lasts is not unique, since it can have symptoms for days or even weeks on a continuous basis, although the norm is a zeal for about 7 days that repeats every 10. If a male has access to it and intercourse occurs, when finished, the cat removes its penis covered with spicules, which causes pain to the female and triggers ovulation. This process is called induced ovulation. If fertilization does not occur, the heat does not stop.

Symptoms of a cat in heat

Due to the peculiarities of its cycle, rather than the duration of a cat's heat, we must focus on identifying its symptoms, which are going to be unmistakable, although we must know that they are not appreciated in all cats. A cat in heat, in general, is going to be nervous, very restless, claiming our attention and issuing a very sharp meow, strident and continuous, which can appear more intensely at night. It is possible, also, that it is directed towards the windows or doors and that it tries to go outside.

These manifestations can be answered by neighborhood cats, if any, with the risk of incidents between them as they approach. Pheromones that produce cats during heat also they can induce heat in nearby cats. Of course, if the cat has access to the outside, it will likely return in state. We can also observe that our cat rubs against our body or against objects, she is more affectionate (although some cats show aggressiveness), lift the tail and show the genitals. You can increase your appetite at the beginning of heat and decrease at the end. Some cats will urinate more often and may mark with urine.

How to calm a cat in heat?

The only way to reassure a cat in heat is prevent him from suffering, otherwise we will have to live with the symptoms that occur throughout the duration of the heat. To eliminate the heat there are drugs that our veterinarian can administer but we must know that, although they may be the solution for a specific moment, in the long term they have serious side effects such as breast tumors or uterine infection. For all this, in addition to the health benefits we get, we can only recommend the sterilization, which usually consists of the removal of the uterus and ovaries. With this, the cat will not be jealous again and, therefore, will not be able to reproduce.

Sterilization to avoid heat in cats

In order not to worry about how long a cat's heat lasts, what symptoms it produces or if it has become pregnant or not, we recommend ovariohysterectomy, always in trusted veterinarians. It is recommended that this operation be performed before the first heat because with this we take advantage of all its health benefits, such as preventing the appearance of breast tumors.

What is zeal?

Zeal is the period of the sexual cycle in which the cat, or in this case the cat, can mate with another. This occurs when he reaches puberty, more or less at six months. But unfortunately it is very difficult to know exactly when he will have it, since cats, unlike bitches, do not stain. What we can tell you is that usually have it more frequently in spring, although if you live in an area with mild weather you can also have it in autumn.

The zeal in cats is divided into four phases:

  • Proestro: the cat attracts the attention of the male, but does not let the mount.
  • Oestrus: in this phase the cat enters the zeal proper, and lets the cat mount it. The behavior of zeal, like the maull> How long does it last?

It depends on the age of the cat, its breed, as well as other factors, such as the presence of a male or the amount of daylight hours, but usually the estrus, which as we commented is what we all identify as the zeal , usually lasts from 3 to 10 days.

So, if you don't want to raise her, it is best to take her to sterilize, since each pregnancy can leave 1 to 12 kittens. And, believe me, it is very difficult to get everyone a good home.


I understand that cats could eventually eat their young for feeling threats or because they are sick and only leave the strongest, in the case of Valeria's kitten I get the impression that it was her instinct for protection, but well do not feel bad If you didn't know, I imagine the impact that caused you ...
A hug to all cat lovers are amazing creatures k ..

And We (My Family) who thought that our cat was an Easy, Easy, or Slut.
Because her babies are barely dying in childbirth and she is already with another cat.
My Cat always has difficult deliveries, and her kittens are born Dead (Dead Come Out)
I do not know why it is, its atmosphere is calm, except when it escapes ... it is Innate Hunter.
It always brings us a Dead Gift.
Ultimately and had to Buffar, to howl to other cats, My Buffido is identical and of great power.
so if I push them back or sink ... but I still have my cat locked in a room.

Because here in my Town, Sterelization is very expensive ... Exceeding 110 dollars.
We have a leash and Food, Water, Milk, and Sardines, but does not eat ...
I fear that if this never ends, I may die.
I think I should let her get pregnant and expect her to have a Healthy Birth.
Since we adopted her from Street breeding, she has had 5 Abortions in Childbirth….
in his Young Stage.
In almost 1 year of cycle. She is 7 months.

I have become very fond of Florentina ... And I'm worried about how thin she is already ... I'm saving
for its Sterelization ...
I do not know what to do, your language is quite short of words and I see that they do not know how to name things
around her ... I think I'll let her be.
: ’V

It emits some Sounds that my family does not feel in the Skin ... I don't know what it is going to devalue ... they are like Reberverations or Vibrations, they are somewhat annoying ... every 10 or 15 minutes.
and more when there is a Macalando serca cat ... both begin to emit those sounds.
They do not look like a Ronroñeo, those vibrations are quieter and well I imagine you know.
These are of a scratchy type.

Jose Flores says

How interesting it is to know about the study of animals, especially cats that are so beautiful.