What do I do if my sick dog does not eat


Dogs generally have a very good appetite, if you are worried that your dog does not want to eat, in this article we will give you some recommendations, but keep in mind that for any type of abnormal situation in your pet it is important to go first to a veterinarian.

If you are worried because your dog does not want to eatIn this article we will talk about the possible reasons why this happens and how they could be solved, mainly the lack of appetite occurs when dogs get bored of always eating the same thing, they are providing an inappropriate food for him or he is sick. Dogs have a good appetite for natureThat is why the absence of this is disturbing.

If your dog does not want to eat, it is important that you go first and foremost with a professional veterinarian to perform a check on your dog and can rule out any serious health problems. The lack of appetite or the fact that your dog does not eat is known as anorexia.

Possible causes why your dog does not want to eat

Your dog may stop eating for different reasons, here are some:

  • Canines can stop eating because they no longer like the food they are being provided, a possible solution to this problem may be to try the BARF diet.
  • The advanced age is another important factorSome dogs lose the potential of their senses such as smell or taste.
  • Heat can also reduce your pet's appetite.
  • The fact that your dog does not want to eat can also be linked to serious diseases such as cancer, pain, dental problems, kidney failure, some infection or liver problems.
  • Sometimes vaccines have certain contraindications, one of these is lack of appetite, if your dog has been vaccinated recently this may be a side effect.
  • Your dog could have ingested some object or food that is clogging your stomach or intestines, so it is important that the veterinarian perform a complete check.
  • Another reason why your dog has lost his appetite could be neuronal damage that is affecting the area responsible for producing the need to eat.
  • If your dog is under any treatment that involves the consumption of medications, you can consult with your veterinarian what kind of effects it can have on your dog, some of them make the appetite disappear.
  • It is likely that the dog does not want to eat if it is in an unknown environment Due to a trip or a move, some dogs feel uncomfortable or stressed in this type of situation and environment changes.
  • Canine depression, as it happens in human beings, causes a total lack of control of our life, feeding being one of the affected aspects and for this reason the dog can stop eating.

Why should my sick dog eat?

That is what we ask ourselves when we are sick. We do not feel like anything, much less eat. But precisely because of that, because of this weakness we feel is when we most need nutrients. In the case of your dog, exactly the same happens.

When your dog gets sick, his whole body accelerates to fight against the disease, the virus or the bacteria that causes it. Therefore, to match the energy spent, your dog must eat something that provides the nutrients that acceleration from the body takes away.

You should keep in mind that depending on the illness your dog has, it may be necessary not to eat, although these are strange cases. The animal should almost always eat something even if it is sick. That is why it is important to know what your sick dog can eat or not.

What do I feed my sick dog?

The first thing you should do is ask your veterinarian if, due to the disease your dog is suffering, it has restricted any food That is not allowed. This usually happens in many cases with milk, for example. Once this is known, we can take into account these recommendations according to diseases:

    Digestive ailments In such cases, the animal needs digestible and soft protein to eat without any fat and if possible with an add>

How to make my sick dog eat

Although we have prepared a diet for our sick dog knowing that that is exactly what it needs, it does not mean that it is exactly what the dog wants. Because, do not be surprised if the dog ignores the dish that you approach with the rich delicacies that you have so lovingly bothered to prepare.

Now, what to do to make your sick dog eat? One idea is to bring the food to the dog for fifteen minutes and remove it even if it has not eaten. Do it every two hours. The dog will understand that either he eats it at that time, or he will no longer be able to do it.

If after all, your sick dog does not want to feed, it will be his turn to be fed. You can crush the food and try to give it with a spoon, or in more extreme cases, with a syringe. They should not be very large amounts, as you could make your sick dog vomit. Do it in small quantities but repeat the operation every two hours.

If the veterinarian prescribed a drug for your sick dog to recover, you can mix this in the food. The animal will not notice and you will be killing two birds with one stone.

If you strive to prepare the necessary food, after consulting your veterinarian, we are sure that the recovery of your sick dog will accelerate by leaps and bounds. As always, we tell you, With love, perseverance, patience and perseverance you will take splendid care of your dog and make this a healthy and happy animal.

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Step 1: Is the dog's food appropriate for his age?

A puppy does not have the same needs as an adult dog or an elderly dog. The nutritional requirements of the four-legged friend, as with people, vary with the age of the dog. Therefore, when the animal rejects the food that is offered the first question to ask is whether the feed that corresponds to its vital stage has been well chosen.

The dog must eat a food appropriate for its age and size

The high-end foods for dogs carefully take care of the demands of the hairiest tenant in the house. But sometimes we let ourselves be influenced, above all, by the price of food and neglect whether this is appropriate for the age, size or breed of the dog.

A very common case is to provide an elderly dog ​​with the feed of an adult animal. In this case, you could do a disservice to our friend, since the ingredients of these feedstuffs, not recommended for old age, can cause occasional health problems, among others, obesity.

Step 2. An attractive meal for the dog

The food doesn't have to be boring, and this maxim also applies to the dog. Some simple tips make dog food more attractive.

The dog's croquettes will be more appetizing if moisten the feed with hot water. This simple gesture enhances the smell of food, an important aspect because dogs choose their food, in the first place, by smell.

Keep our friend's food in the best conditions environmental. The explanation is simple: the more smell the dog food loses, the less attractive it will be for him.

This detail explains, in part, that food cans - or wet diet - are so tempting to dogs. Its smell is stronger and suggestive.

A little trick: the dog can find the food offered in the hand more stimulating than the food deposited in its feeder.

The dog's food should be carefully preserved so that it does not lose its smell or properties

Another possibility to make the food of the dog more striking is mix the feed with some of these cans of food for dogs or with natural foods.

"Combine the dog's feed with food, such as chicken or eggs, once a week in addition reduces the anxiety of the animal during the day", explains the canine veterinarian and dietitian Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez, author of the Dog Nutritionist blog.

The reason is that natural foods help you get serotonin, a neurotransmitter that reduces nervousness, both in people and dogs.

If you mix the dog's croquettes with cans, you must first make sure that it is a quality food that has been made with good ingredients. In addition, you have to be aware that with this option you can contribute to increase the chances that the dog develops some type of obesity. Canned food accumulates a higher caloric density.

Step 3. A varied but healthy diet for the dog

Most veterinarians advise providing the dog with good quality feed or dry diet. However, as on many other occasions, being too rigid can cause the dog to end up rejecting its food.

"Can anyone imagine eating the same food every day?"asks Gutierrez. "For the same reason, it is not strange to imagine that a dog that always eats the same ends up getting bored," says the veterinarian.

A homemade dog diet for dogs, controlled and designed by a canine dietitian, can be a healthy alternative to offer the furry friend who refuses his food a more varied meal. This proposal also allows you to choose the quality of food for the dog, as well as to avoid ingredients that cause allergy to the furry friend.

The variety of dog food can also be obtained with homemade cookies for dogs and fruits that the dog does eat offered as snacks or healthy prizes - never as substitutes for the animal's usual diet.

Step 4. Yogurt can encourage the dog to eat

But, What to do when the dog's disinterest in food is capitalized? The novel ingredients, such as some natural yogurt, can help the dog. For many dogs, change encourages them to eat.

To introduce the yogurt in the food of the furry friend you just have to pour a spoonful of this milk, without additives or artificial colors, on your croquettes and mix them well. With this, in addition, we can help your intestines to work better.

It is not advisable, however, to offer leftovers of our food to the dog or let him chop anything when we cook or while the family eats. These invitations can end up causing the dog's disinterest in their own food.

Step 5. Frequent changes of food, danger to the dog

Repeated or uncontrolled changes in the animal's diet are not beneficial: they can cause stomach problems and trigger diarrhea in the dog.

Therefore, before undertaking any modification in the feeding of the furry companion, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian.

Finally: a happy and happy dog ​​will be less likely to refuse their food. Long walks and games with the dog are the best way to ensure that your dog performs the physical activity he needs, while being encouraged to eat.


Just as it happens to us, to dogs also take hunger away when they are sick. However, when it is for this reason, other symptoms of illness also appear, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, decay, excess sleep ...

My dog ​​does not want to eat because he is sick? If you think this and there are other reasons that make you think you might be going through a disease, Go to the vet as soon as possible!

Recent Vaccines

Among the side effects of many vaccines is the lack of appetite and low mood. It's nothing serious, it disappears after a few hours, but If you have given your dog a vaccine in the last hours, this may be what happens to him.

If in a few hours you eat again, there is nothing to worry about, it will return to normal.

A blow to the head

Has your dog fallen or injured his head in any way? Then, it could be a neuronal problemIf the part of the brain responsible for generating appetite has been damaged, you will not feel like eating.

On the other hand, If you have suffered any damage from a fall but it is not serious, you may still be a little scared or that the desire to eat has been taken away.

Behavioral problems

If your dog doesn't want to eat, too it may be due to an external factor. For example, if your dog is not comfortable in a given situation, He's stressed, another animal bothers him ... I could take away the need to eat.

Try to offer a comfortable environment to your pet, especially in the environment of their food.

Older dogs, as time goes by, they have been seeing how their sense of taste and smell have deteriorated. In addition, they tend to become calmer and do less physical exercise, so they do not need to eat so much.

If your dog does not want to eat and is older, it is likely that he does not feel like food anymore, or that does not develop so much appetite. However, you cannot leave him without eating. Go to the veterinarian for a solution!

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"We have moved from home and my dog ​​does not want to eat." Situations like this often occur with pets: a change of home, loss of a loved one, excessive noise, recent fights with other dogs ... There are many situations that can cause a state of stress and anxiety in your dog, and yes, it is very likely that if it is found, stop eating.


The alteration of smell and taste, as well as loss of appetite or discomfort can be some of the Side effects of medications that your dog might be taking. We recommend that you ask all your questions and inform yourself well about the medications you supply to your pet, the veterinarian will be happy to tell you everything you need!

What can cause anorexia in dogs?

There are some things that can cause canine anorexia, we tell you!

  • Disease: usually If your pet has lost its appetite, it is due to illness! That is why it is especially important that you take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.
  • Vaccinations: even though vaccines save the v> (Photo via: nutritionist of dogs)

My dog ​​does not want to eat, what consequences does it have?

If the lack of desire to eat lasts too long, it could be fatal! Do youDoes your pet spend 10 days without eating? Then your body will start to fail. If he spends 20 days without eating, he could die of starvation!

That's why in Wakyma we give so much importance to this topic, Don't play with the health of your pet! And is that ... There are some situations that have special risk, such as:

  • Your pet has lost 10% or more of its usual weight
  • Surgical interventions
  • Nausea and / or prolonged diarrhea
  • Burns
  • Wounds
  • Fever
  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • Chronic diseases
  • Aggressive Medication

Things you can do if your dog doesn't want to eat

As you see, The causes of lack of appetite in dogs are very varied. Therefore, it is very important that you go to the veterinarian as soon as possible: a dog can't be without food for a long time, but to return to normal, the problem must be diagnosed and treated.

The veterinarian is the only one trained to know what happens to your pet and why he does not eat. In addition, it will give you the most appropriate solution for your case.

If your dog doesn't want to eat, It is very important that you make sure that at least you are drinking water. If not, he could become dehydrated and die! Be especially careful if:

  • Your dog, for not eating, In a short time you have lost 10% of your weight or more.
  • Has any recently happened surgical intervention or other medical treatment of great importance.
  • Has nausea, vomiting or diarrhea That persists for days.
  • Do you have any burn, wound or any other injury infected that caused fever.
  • Suffer some chronic disease or is being treated by antibiotics.

When a dog does not eat, it may be because you are going through a specific situation where your usual food is not the most appropriate, or maybe it never was and you should rethink it for a higher quality one. To know, ask your veterinarian for advice, Will know to recommend you the most suitable for your particular case!

We hope we have helped you understand a little better why your dog does not want to eat, just remember that you should not make important decisions without first consulting with a veterinarian. Wear it and find out what's wrong!

Basic steps to try to get your dog to eat again

If your dog doesn't want to eat, don't throw in the towel! There are some basic tips you can follow:

  • Clean your nose, so you will better perceive the smell of food!
  • Try to give him more appetizing food
  • Ask the vet to prescribe a drug that stimulates your appetite

None of this has worked? Explain to the veterinarian what is happening, In severe cases, you may be given intravenous feeding!

If your furry friend doesn't want to eat, don't panic! On some occasions, with your lack of appetite our pet just looks for, call our attention!

However, if your friend stops eating, don't lose sight of him!

My dog ​​does not want to eat, what do I do?

Whatever the cause, if your dog has lost his appetite, Go to a veterinarian! He can offer you the personalized treatment your pet needs.

Remember! If your pet does not feel like eating,could cause you to lower your immune system! Don't wait for the situation to get worse!

Tips to get your dog to eat again

Are you trying to get your dog to eat again? You can't miss these tips!

  • If you want to prevent your dog from losing his appetite, Having a meal schedule is essential! And even if I put a little face on you, don't feed him between meals!
  • Change your feed. In this way, if the cause was that your feed did not like it, you will have the problem solved!
  • DO NOT give him human food. We know, it is much more appetizing than your food! However, remember! It does not contain the nutrients that your pet needs.
  • Combine two different types of feed, so your pet will feel a greater variety.
  • Choose especially smelly food, It will be more appetizing!
  • If you are trying different types of food, do not separate yourself from your pet! So you can see any reaction you experience!

Remember! On some occasions, there are dogs that "get bored" of always eating the same thing. One option that you can carry out is to change your feed every 3 months.

Have you followed all these tips and your dog still does not eat? Take him to the vet! I could have some health problem.

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Provide your pet with food suitable for their age and characteristics.

Puppies don't have the same needs as adult dogs! If your dog is rejecting the food you give it, ask yourself if it is the most suitable for him!

If you are doubting between two different feeds, Stay with the one of better quality!

The feeding of our dog

It doesn't have to be boring! If you want to give it a little spark of emotion.

Do you think your pet? Moisten it with hot water! This will make you smell even more.

Consider giving him an occasional wet diet, They are very tempting for your dog! It also has a smell that surely whets your appetite.

You can also try to feed him by your hand.

Don't change your dog's mind constantly

If you change your pet's food very often, it won't be beneficial for him!, It could cause diarrhea!

If you are thinking about changing your dog's diet, Don't forget to consult the vet!

A healthy and happy dog, it is very difficult to refuse your food! Remember to get your canine companion and exercise together.

My dog ​​doesn't want to eat the feed! What's going on?

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Before seeing the causes that can make your pet not eat the feed, there is one aspect that you have to take into account, and that is that Dogs are practically carnivorous animals, so providing a diet rich in carbohydrates, vegetables or fiber is a mistake! Since we would make your digestive system work more than the bill!

On the other hand, Another of the basic aspects to keep in mind is that our dog friends should eat food in a dosage form, distributed in 2 or 3 daily meals.

Causes my dog ​​doesn't want to eat I think

There are some aspects that can motivate your pet not to eat the feed, such as:

  • Does your pet enjoy good health? Before considering other problems, the basic thing is that you try to find out if your dog is healthy, if you have any questions, consult your veterinarian!
  • Another possible cause is that your pet, He doesn't like the feed you give him! Try to make your diet varied and rich in nutrients, vitamins and proteins.
  • Do not offer your pet human food! If you offer human food, apart from damaging your digestion and enhancing the onset of diseases, reinforce that you do not want to eat feed!

Does your dog insist on not eating I think? Do not give the first exchange another appetizing meal! You would be empowering him not to eat the feed you offer him!

How to encourage my pet to eat I think?

One of the basic aspects that influence your dog's health is his diet! And is to keep our dog with a rich diet, it is basic! Do not forget that our friends the dogs, they are practically carnivorous, so chocolate and sweets are prohibited!

Is there only one way to feed our dog correctly? Do not! There are many diets, depending on the specific needs, and our own tastes. In Wakyma we especially recommend making a combination of:

    I think of lime>

In any case, the food you provide to your pet should have a high content of:

  • Animal protein
  • Vegetable protein

A low content in:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Cereals

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And of course, a zero presence of both additives and dyes.

One of the basic things you can try is to suppress human food! Providing you instead, the most appropriate food for your needs. Remember that if you give human food, your pet will not notice the feed (which is the one that really has the composition that our dog needs).

Are you worried about seeing your pet's bowl full for hours? Do not worry! You can re-educate your pet, so that he can eat again I think!

How to reintroduce the feed into my dog's diet?

Remember! Allowing your pet to eat what he wants, it doesn't do him any good! Always put the recommended amount for your weight and age, if you are hungry, you will end up eating!

If you are trying to reintroduce the feed to your pet, there are some steps you can take!

  1. Start by eliminating human food and treats.
  2. Buy quality feed and wet food.
  3. Empty a can of wet food, and add some feed Do you already have it? It's time to mix it all up!
  4. Use a type of wet food every day and ... Always add some feed!
  5. Gradually increase the amount of feed you are adding.
  6. Don't remove the food from the bowl! So if your pet is hungry, it will have food available!
  7. Always have the bowl of water ready.

Remember! The process of reintroducing feed for your pet is a progressive process! Do not be discouraged and keep trying.

Have you followed all the steps and it has not worked? Take your pet to the vet, do not forget to explain the problem and all the steps you have taken.