Contribution Homemade Artemiero Dish


Hi, how are you? I had a good one that didn't post at all. so let's start

Recently I was able to push through one of my scalar couple's sets. I've been trying since January and I couldn't.

either because they ate the eggs or when they were removed they spent a few days and they all turned white. finally I repeat just a few days ago if I was able to move on and thinking about food for them I decided to make an Artemiero dish and here the images

Tupper or Round container approx cm high (I occupied the container of some candies)

Black spray can (highly recommended)

and a 2 liter pet container

Depending on the height of our container we cut a strip approx 3.5 cm high. and we form a circle in such a way that this circle is inside our container leaving 2 to 3 cm from the wall of our container. What I did first was that I staple it and then paste it with silicon

At the bottom I made some small cuts so that here the artemia that already hatched passes

The tabs that cut occupy them to glue the circle to the container .. also first staple them and then reinforce them with silicon

Remember the tabs that cut the circle occupied to fix this to the bottom of the container

fix them with silicon

Now that it is fixed we continue to cut another circle smaller than the previous one so that it contains it inside and leaves about 2 cm between walls and about 1/2 cm lower in height

We don't make the grooves at the bottom of this circle, but if we stick 3 tabs like the previous one so that they help us fix it to the bottom

Sorry for the images but since the packaging is transparent, it didn't feel very good

something like that should be

Well now we go with the lid.

make a hole in the center of the lid so that it fits the mouth of the soda container

Eye this is the mouth of the bottle cut as follows

Now place a piece of cloth with it you can capture the artemia and let the water run. I adjusted it with a league

and ready the artemiero is finished you just need to paint it black to prevent light from entering

In this case I tried with black tape but I do not recommend it since it does not completely let the heat pass and then the water temperature would not be enough (I have it on the aquarium in a glass) but as soon as I get the paint I take the paint off tape and I paint it

Here are some photos of the artemia already hatched at 24 hrs. Ha almost can't be seen. but they are those little points that are seen in the collector

and well after a rinse of artemia, straight to the fry and devoured them.

I think I will have to do another to cover the fry's demand

I leave a small video of the fry

Friends I hope I have been explicit and that the contribution is useful

Oops something very important and not mentioned, is how it works.

well remember the first ring must be high since the eggs float and stay in the first section. When the cysts hatch, they are attracted to the light that enters the center of our plate. so that they swim in the bottom where we made the ranuas, and from there they go to the next hoop that they remember is lower than the first, and then we only pick them up with the collector

I leave this image that describes a bit how it works