The 10 best dog breeds for children


Dogs are widely regarded as man's best friend. By offering unconditional love and loyalty, they soon become an indispensable part of any family. If you have children or plan to have one, you can consider adopting dogs of these breeds.

1. Boxer

© Diyosa Carter / Getty Images Boxers have been raised for their strength and strength, which makes them a lively addition to any family. They are famous for their mischievous nature that attracts children to this breed.

2. Newfoundland

© rzoze19 / Getty Images This breed is popularly known as "nanny dogs" due to its patient and vigilant nature. Newfoundland can be large in size, but that does not deter them from caring for children in the family.

3. Dalmatians

Dalmatians are a fun-loving breed, which become a great addition to any family. Their energy helps them play with children throughout the day. This people-oriented race is extremely sensitive.

4. Old English shepherd

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Described as an "athletic race full of playful energy" by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the old English shepherd is great for kids.

5. American Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff)

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This intelligent and eager to please race enjoys human company more than anything else. The American Staffordshire terrier is very muscular and good for homes that have children over six years old.

6. Labrador retriever(labrador retriever)

Labradors are known to be affectionate to all the people they encounter. They make friends with almost everyone thanks to their sweet behavior. Their high energy levels make them the perfect companions for children.

7. Dogue de Bordeaux

This breed of big dogs does not take long to create a bond with your family. Bordeaux bulldogs are extremely kind to children and like to be close to people.

8. Beagle

In addition to being pretty, friendly and totally adorable, the beagles are extremely active and love to play. Because of their ability to remain calm and tolerant while being naughty, they are a great breed for families.

9. Carlino (pug)

If you are looking for a sofa companion for your family, carlinos are your best option. Fond of eating and sleeping, they are ideal companions for children.

10. Bichon Frize

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According to the AKC, the Bichon Frize "operates on the assumption that there are no strangers, only friends who do not yet know." They are playful and excellent companions for children.

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Golden Retriever, one of the best dogs for children

The golden retriever is a breed of dog that can weigh about 30 kilos and measures 56 to 61 cm. They have a beautiful fur in gold color or cream Without a doubt this It is the ideal breed for children. His great qualities are kindness, sweet, affectionate, patient and are receptive to training. They are used as guide dog, Due to his good behavior and knowing how to be.

That is why they are ideal dogs for children. They have one incredible sensitivity to capture the needs and feelings not only of children, but also with the elderly and with people who have a disability.

The Labrador Retriever

The labrador dog is another of the most recommended breeds for children, we could say that it is the family dog ​​prototype. To the farmer He loves to play with children, since he is patient and also has a lot of energy. They love to play the ball, a game in which children also love to participate.

Like the golden retriever, the labrador is also very receptive to being trained, that is why it is widely used in some therapies for children and it is also very common to see them as a guide dog.

San Bernado

More and more families are deciding to adopt a Saint Bernard. They are called "Nanny dogs", due to the friendly treatment they have with children and their predilection for them. Behind its robust appearance, there is a good-natured dog, calm and very patient, especially with the smallest of the house. In addition to these qualities, it is a perfect guard dog.

The main feature of the boxer is its fidelity. Behind that sad appearance, we find one of the most intelligent, noble and One of the best friends of children. He is very patient and likes to play and exercise, so he will be a great playmate for the little ones. It's a perfect guardian and something curious, so you will always be alert to any danger. They are very affectionate and they like to give and receive pampering.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd has the great quality of adapt to all circumstances, That is why if you already have this dog at home and a baby arrives in the family, there will be no problem. It is very good company for young children. Is very obedient, respectful and very protective of the house and family. Is cautious with strangers, but he trusts his owner and if he decides he is trusted, the German shepherd will also accept it.

The Pomeranian

So far we have talked about medium and large dogs, but among the breeds of small dogs that are child friendly, we find the Pomeranian. That is why if you live in a small apartment, you will not have a problem with them. Is very Playful and loves to run, something the children will appreciate. They are very protective and always alert.

It is a medium breed of English origin that is used to hunt hares. But its main features are cheerful, docile, patient and intelligent, That is why today more and more families are inclined to adopt this breed of dog. They are tireless just like children, that's why they become perfect playmates. Although puppies are somewhat stubborn, so you will have to be patient when educating him.

The spanish mastiff

We all know this breed of dog due to a commercial widely broadcast on television. They are dogs Big but very good-natured. They are ideal for children, as they adapt to their games. They are very happy and active, although they also like to have their moment of relaxation. If you have children at home, I assure you the mastiff will be your maximum protector.

The collie is a very affectionate and friendly dog ​​that You can live perfectly with other dogs, even with other pets. They can become the most loyal companions, for children, since they will be considered part of the pack. They are very protective and immediately capture the bad intentions that someone may have, which is why they tend to distrust strangers.

To finish our list of the best dog breeds for children, we couldn't stop mentioning the cocker. They are very good and happy, They always welcome you in a very friendly and affectionate way. They never tire of playing or running, which is why they are ideal for children. They are also very sociable with adults, but especially with children.