How to make my cat drink water?


Felines do not always drink all the water they need, so you have to encourage their consumption with fresh liquid, containers that leave no residue and even with sources

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Publication date: July 11, 2014

Many cats do not drink the amount of water they need. Dry feeds for cats, in addition, do not help the animal to drink the liquid it needs to stay healthy, not get sick and protect from heat. But, How to get the cat to drink more water? Six tricks can help you achieve this: offer you fresh water, have glass or stainless steel containers (that leave no residue in the liquid), distribute drinkers around the house, choose large bowls and take advantage of the cat's fascination with running water with!automatic cat supplies!

How to get a cat to drink more water?

A good part of cats do not drink enough water. "Felines tend to drink less water than they need," says veterinarian Patricia Gonzalez.

In nature, cats hunt animals to survive. These dams contain a large amount of water, in addition to proteins, fats and other ingredients that felines need in their diet.

It is advisable to choose glass or stainless steel troughs for cats, because this type of materials does not leave residues in the water and, therefore, does not add flavor

Domestic cats, on the other hand, feed on feed or dry food, whose preparation - when it is of good quality - contemplates feline nutritional needs. However the I think it only contains between 6% and 10% humidity, a much lower amount of water than a healthy cat needs.

Because, The diet of the healthy and happy feline should incorporate both feed and cans of wet food (one or two a week). But, in addition, the experts warn, It is important to encourage the cat to drink fresh water frequently. How to get it?

1. Get a cat to drink more water: fresh, especially in summer

The clean fresh water It is more attractive to the cat and, consequently, will encourage him to drink. This maxim is very important, especially in summer, since cats also suffer dangerous heat stroke when temperatures rise.

The water container must fill in about twice a day (fundamental advice during the summer season). The liquid may have been preserved in the refrigerator and offer the cat mixed with water at room temperature. Some ice cubes They also help keep the liquid fresh and palatable to our furry friends.

2. Get the cat to drink more water: watch out for the container

The container where we serve the water to cats is very important to get them to drink with pleasure. Glass or stainless steel drinkers are usually more recommended. The reason? This type of materials leaves no residue in the water and therefore does not add flavor. Plastic bowls can flavor the water, especially when they are not of good quality, and felines can be very picky about flavors.

Y, What to do if you want to make cat water even more attractive? Filter it This simple process will eliminate liquid residue and, consequently, its flavors.

3. How to get the cat to drink more water? Much, much, much

Felines enjoy abundant water, they like the liquid to overflow from the containers. An advice that is usual to work is to offer large water containers. For this, you can use the water bowls for dogs (usually have larger dimensions) and remember to fill them with fresh water and change it at least once a day.

4. Cats: drinking water is a stimulating game!

The cat's environment should be stimulating. This maxim is even more important when domestic cats do not have access to terraces (closed and safe for them) or protected garden areas.

A key to improving the cat's environment is place different water bowls scattered around the house, but "the cat's water and food bowls should always be away from the sandbox," explains the International Feline Medicine Society.

Another tip? "Cats often prefer to have their food area separated from the water bowl," adds veterinarian Patricia Gonzalez.

5. How to make the cat drink water? Automatic fonts

Although many cats fear baths, this does not prevent their fascination with fountains and running water taps, so experts recommend using this enthusiasm to make hairy companions drink the water they need to be healthy.

The automatic water fountains for cats (There are from about 20 euros, but also much more expensive) are a great help to encourage them to drink more liquid. "One tip is turn on the source only at times: In this way we will be able to capture the attention of the curious felines, and encourage them to drink, "advises Valentín Rodríguez, head of a cat items business in Madrid.

What do you do to encourage your cat to drink more water? You can share it in the comments section. Thank you!

How much water does the cat drink?

Veterinarians recommend monitoring the water the cat consumes. It is normal for cats to drink between 50 and 100 milliliters of water per day (per kilo of weight). This implies that a healthy cat need to urinate two to three times a day. Therefore, it is important to check your sandbox during cleaning, and check that the cat eliminates what it needs. A conglomerating sand (that makes ball) will help in this task.

Significant variations in the water consumption of a cat (both an increase and a sharp decrease) can be alarm signals. Some of the diseases that may be behind this change in water intake is the diabetes, cystitis and even internal parasite infections. Therefore, any sudden change in the amount of water a cat drinks implies a visit to the veterinarian.

How much water should a cat drink a day?

It is difficult to determine how much water a cat should drink a day, as the intake of water may vary depending on the size of the cat, the time of the year, the feeding and the age. Felines that consume only commercial feed they will need more water than those who eat wet food on a regular or daily basis.

On the other hand, puppies and senile cats will need more input and, especially in summer, it will be important to be attentive to our felines drink. Even so, in general, a healthy adult cat of five kilograms could consume around 250 milliliters of water per day, under normal conditions.

Why does a cat stop drinking water?

There are many reasons that can cause a cat to stop drinking water, among them we highlight the lack of hygiene of utensils and accessories, behavioral problems arising from a change or the appearance of certain pathologies, such as feline lower urinary tract disease, an acronym that is used to designate various pathologies that affect the urinary tract. They are common in domestic cats.

The ideal is consult with a veterinarian If this problem continues over time, mainly to rule out any illness that could be causing this situation.

When should we worry?

If we observe that our feline does not drink water but we also notice certain symptoms, such as dehydration, which can be appreciated by the lack of skin elasticity, little bright mantle, scales, apathy and lack of urination, it is time to worry. On the other hand, excessive intake, also known as polydipsia, is also an alarm signal. In these cases it is very advisable consult with a veterinarian.

10 tricks for a cat to drink water

Now you know why a cat can stop drinking fluids, however, how to make my cat drink water? We will explain below how to stimulate cats to drink water, using various tricks, in this way you will make your cat, whether we talk about a puppy or an adult cat, feel more attracted to water:

    Use a suitable container: the plastic taste that the water acquires in the low-lime containers>

How to give water to a sick cat?

In some cases, when the cat has a problem that causes rejection when drinking water, our veterinarian will prescribe daily shots using a syringe. But, How to give water to a cat with a syringe? We can buy a small syringe at any pharmacy, in which we will also request that the needle be removed, since we will not use it.

It will be essential to have the help of another person to hold the cat and we will try make the maneuver as fast as possible, to avoid stress and anxiety in our feline. In case the cat moves excessively we will wrap it with a towel, as if it were a "burrito".

We will gently feel the jaw of the cat, until we locate the fangs, and using the index fingers and thumb we will make a slight pressure, which will open the cat's mouth. Then, we must introduce the water, being careful not to cause irritation or cough.

If you have doubts, we recommend you watch the following video:

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3. Buy a cat fountain:

To much cats like to drink water that runs, so they try to drink from tap. To satisfy this taste, you can buy one cat fountain of those that keep the water constantly moving. With some cats these sources give very good results and entertain and encourage them to drink more water.

4. Give your cat wet canned food.

If you don't feel like cooking at home for your cat, you can buy wet cans for cat in pet stores. Today there are many different brands and types to choose from, lots of qualities and flavors for your kitty to delight.

Dry feed barely has water, but the I think wet canned (like the with> more than 70% water in its composition, With which your cat "baby" while eating and thus prevents diseases of the urinary tract.

5. Mix your cat's dry feed with water before giving it to him:

Simply add water to your cat's dry feed before giving it to him. Dry feed is rehydratable, and in fact I think it is very advisable rehydrate the feed from our cats before giving it to him. This is a simple, easy and economical way to get "wet food" for our cats.

Look at the photo below, Baraka The black kitten is first drinking the water from the plate and then eats the feed pellets.

In this post you can see how to mix feed for cats with water -We go into details (it is better cold or hot water, how much water is added, etc).

Why my cat doesn't drink water

The liquid of life ... That's what they call it. And it is not for less, because a third of the Earth, of our own body, and that of our pets, is formed by this essential liquid for life.

A person or an animal can spend several days without eating, but will not resist more than three days without drinking water, as it is essential for our good health and for our own life.

Do you understand now why we are talking about how to help your cat if he doesn't drink water? Because it is vital for him! Dehydration can cause death or, at the very least, serious damage to your vital organs.

If you see that your cat's drinking fountain is always full, or that its level drops very little, there is a problem that you must solve urgently. The reasons why your cat does not drink water are the following:

  • The drinking fountain It is possible that the shape of the drinker is uncomfortable to drink, or that the container is very old and releases substances that mix with the taste of water.
  • Could it be that you forgot to change the water? It can happen to all of us, but if the water gets dirty or gets too hot, the cat won't want to drink.
  • Have you changed the site drinking fountain? Remember that cats are routine animals, and that you think that a place is better to put their containers does not mean that he thinks the same.

These are some of the most common causes why a cat does not drink water. Knowing these, let's see how to solve this problem.

What to do if my cat does not drink water

It may be difficult for you to determine why your cat does not drink water, but put into practice these tips, which cover all causes, and thus heal you in health.

    Change the trough. Plastic drinkers can give off a smell and taste over time that will mix with the water and that will throw your cat back at the time of drinking. The best thing to do is to change it for a stainless steel one>

If none of these tips works for you, talk to your veterinarian, who will give you alternative ways for your cat to drink water, such as or through a syringe or wet food.

One option is also wet your feedWell, you may find it very pleasant. You could get used to and hydrate through it.

Be that as it may, do your best because your cat drinks water, because they call it the liquid of life. Your pet's life depends on it.


My 13 year old cat (approx.) Stays in front of the water fountain and does not drink. Neither tap water, nor source, nor purchased. I have stainless steel drinker. Porcelain glass The vet says it is due to oral problems and gave me stomorgil in pills. Eat less and whinny your teeth when eating, I give you moist food from envelopes and homemade. Also water with geringilla. The strange thing is that he puts himself in front of the drinking fountains for a long time, he has been doing it for a week.
Greetings thank you

Hello, thanks for the information that I am going to do, I would like to ask a question, that it is good to give it every day, it kicks in a can because I gave them every day mixed with cookies three times a day but they also do not drink water just a little and still want to know if that hurts his kidneys

if they only eat dry food (feed or croquettes), especially with some brands, and drink little water, they are encouraged to develop kidney problems, which can be very serious. If they eat wet or natural food, it is normal for them to drink little water, because the food itself contains water. Regards Sonia.