The Bichon Maltes bath


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The Bichón Maltese is a long-haired dog whose coat needs special care to maintain its hydration, shine and movement.

Having such a versatile mantle, we can choose between wearing it with long or short hair but, whatever we decide, we must keep both hair and skin in good condition, so we will need to use a quality cosmetic that we Help keep hair in optimal condition.

Below I am going to give you some tips on the basic care that Maltese hair will need throughout its life and in this article we will focus on the bathroom. Keep in mind that maintenance, even if we wear it with short hair, requires time, perseverance and patience.

Remember that it is not advisable to shave your mantle because it loses quality and also, having thin and pink skin, if we shave, it will not be protected from the sun. The hair on any dog ​​has a very important function of protection against the sun and cold and heat.


The Maltese Bichon can bathe whenever needed. I do it once a week but that will suit you. Nothing happens to bathe them frequently as long as quality products are used and dried completely.

It is very important that before we start bathing the dog we brush in depth to eliminate possible knots since then it will be more complicated.

We must choose high quality cosmetic products that help us keep our Maltese mantle hydrated. So we will need a good moisturizing shampoo, a conditioner, a mask and as an option a serum.

Using a bleaching shampoo is optional, I do not recommend it since they usually dry out a lot and I consider that a well-maintained and hydrated coat perfectly maintains its natural color. Even so, if you want to use a bleach, do it once a month.

I do not usually apply conditioner since I usually put on a mask every week and that is enough but if you like to use conditioner, you can do it in each bathroom and once or twice a month, apply a good mask.

As for the serum, it is not essential but I advise it as it will help us seal the cuticle and protect the hair during drying.

In the market you have very good brands of quality canine cosmetics. For Maltese always look for very moisturizing and formulated products for long hair. I advise the brands Pure Paws, Botaniqa, Crown Royale and PSH.

And remember that to keep Maltese hair in perfect condition, the key is to hydrate well.
In the following articles I will give you more advice on the care of your Maltese.

How to bathe a Bichon Maltes?

To bathe our Bichon Maltes we will always use specific products for dogs, we will never use human products, since the dog's ph is very different from that of humans and using these products on its skin can cause allergic reactions, dandruff, itching and skin problems in general.

We will start with a good shampooWe can use a moisturizing shampoo with aloe vera or any other vegetable moisturizing product, but we will never use products that contain animal oils such as mink.

We can also use shampoos that enhance the white tone, but not bleaching, as these dry the mantle a lot and our Bichon Maltes requires a lot of hydration to keep your mantle healthy and bright, blue or lilac shampoos are bleaching and aggressive, to bleach dry the mantle and do not clean, other shampoos such as white titanium PSH It is not bleaching, but a white tone enhancer, it is a white shampoo that helps to get all the beauty out of white hair.

After applying the shampoo we will go to conditioner, the conditioner is always necessary after any shampoo to help completely hydrate the mantle, facilitate the elimination of the knots and help in drying.

If the mantle is badly punished, we can use a mask to help us recover the elasticity of the mantle, we can use for example one with collagen, they go very well also to help eliminate the knots.

The PSH product line is a professional hairdresser, it is within your reach in 250ml formats and the results are excellent.