How to educate a Doberman?


Are you interested in dobermans as a breed of guard dog? The doberman is a relatively new breed, raised in Germany by Karl Doberman, about 150 years ago. He wanted an intelligent, loyal dog breed, and one that could easily be trained as a watchdog. So if you want a well-trained doberman, you need to concentrate on your training since he is a puppy.

Behavior of a doberman coachorro. The doberman is a race of "pack", and is guided by the instinct of the leader. This is the reason why your doberman puppy is going to try to please you, since he cons>

These are some points that you will need to look at when going through a systematic training of a doberman puppy.

  • Be firm but never cruel
  • Be patient
  • Keep training sessions interesting but consistent and limited time periods.
  • Remember to appreciate your puppy when he follows your orders correctly.
  • Understand that the behavior of a doberman puppy, such as bites and grunts, is not aggressiveness, but is only his way of communicating with you, while developing his instinctive physical and mental abilities.

So how to train your doberman puppy? Puppy training should begin at six to seven weeks of age. He has had all this time, since the birth of the puppies, so that the puppy recognizes you instinctively, it has also weaned. If you touch the puppy and talk to him, you make him understand that he wants his well-being. He can start to bark at you and jump you in love as a way for you to appreciate and recognize him as a member of the pack.

Would you consider that a human baby has the intellectual, physical and mental abilities of a fully grown adult human being? If the answer is no, why should you consider a doberman puppy to have the same intelligence and physical strength as an adult doberman? So, treat the puppy the way you would with a human baby. Don't yell or scare him in any way. It is your job to mold the puppy to your own needs, through proper training.

How to prevent your puppy doberman stop chewing? Remember that the doberman is basically a watchdog. That makes them want to test their teeth on anything they see. In addition to this, doberman puppies will begin their early dentition and that is why they will begin to chew everything as soon as they turn 2 to 3 months old.

Here are some easy ways you can take your doberman puppy away from chewing:

a) Make sure your doberman puppy is not bored. An inactive puppy may have plenty of time to sit and chew, but if he stays busy throughout the day, he exercises and runs around and interacts with other family members. It will have less time to be destructive.

b) Keep an item to chew. At the moment when your puppy begins to chew any undesirable element, say “no” firmly. This will train you to learn the command word "no." Now replace that particular item with the item you have for chewing. He will thank you when he recognizes the right article and chews it. Being an intelligent dog, you will understand the difference between "no" and "good dog" quickly. Other basic commands are "come," "sit," and "stay."

Remember that proper and systematic training of a doberman puppy can only be done through much love, patience and perseverance. So make sure you do it systematically, in order to have a happy, happy and well-adjusted doberman in your home.

How to educate a Doberman

Before starting with the basic concepts that should be taken at the time of educate a Doberman It is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • The Doberman breed is like any other breed, that is why for your education you need a lot of patience, love and understanding, basic things if you want to have a positive response from the puppy in question
  • You should never educate with aggression, the worst thing you can do to a dog of the Doberman breed is to teach him and at the same time to attack him, the only thing you are going to achieve is to breed a very nervous and bad dog.
  • It is a breed that requires twice the effort for their education, that is why you will have to try twice as hard if you want your puppy to learn the things you teach them

That said we will explain what you have to do to be able to educate a Doberman:

  • The first concept you have to have is that the Doberman race is usually very suspicious, that is why you have to earn the trust of the dog / bitch before you start educating him, this is key for the education to be correct
  • Do not make much of your pet every time you learn a trick, just give a dog candy or a caress
  • Education has to be constant, daily and all week, because if you let only one day pass your dog Doberman could disobey you the next day if he has not learned the trick you have taught him.

Techniques and steps to educate a doberman dog

Elegance, beauty and bearing… Those are the three words that can characterize the race. And unlike what is believed, dobermans are not dangerous dogs, as long as they are educated accordingly.

The best of all is that We are facing an easy-to-train animal, loyal to his family, ideal guardian and a faithful friend forever. Before educating a doberman dog you should consider some issues. Pay a lot of attention:

2. Teach him since he comes home

If you adopt a doberman when he is still a puppy, it will be much better to train him, but you can also teach one who is already a few years old. The key is to start as soon as possible, that is, from the first days you arrive at home.

In this way, the dog will learn what the owner tells him and will behave very well at all times. It is not about being a bad owner by ordering him to do certain things, but about looking for a way to educate and raise him accordingly.

3. Socialize it

When you adopt a dog that "drags" a certain reputation as is the case with the Dobermans, it is a bit difficult for owners to take you to a park and for others to react well. But for the animal, socialization is vital and that requires approaching other peers.

You should take it first on a leash and let it gradually approach the other dogs (be they a chihuahua, a golden retriever or a rottweiller). It is very important that they know each other without pressure and that they smell the necessary. Once they 'become friends' they will recognize each other and will not attack.

4. Start with simple orders

The simplest thing for a pet, be it a doberman or any other breed, is to learn to sit. They do it since they are puppies without problems, but for this they need to practice several times for a few days.

Then you can teach him other ‘tricks’ such as lying next to you, to look for and bring his toys, to give you the leg, to come when you call him, etc.

5. Be very patient

Another step to educate a doberman dog is related to how the owner is. Of course, because if he is nervous, the animal will act in the same way or if he gets angry because ‘at first’ does not obey, the pet will also be frustrated.

Thus, We recommend that you be very patient while you are training your dog. Remember that it is as if it were a small child that you are teaching to walk or ride a bicycle. You need time to assimilate everything new!

6. Do not forget the rewards

Many owners are against the rewards because they believe that the dog acts only for convenience (because he will receive a prize in return). However, animals are not like people and relate almost everything to food. It is a matter of instinct and survival.

But, in addition, you do not need to reward him with a toy, a cookie or a treat. You can also show that you are proud of him with a pampering or a kind and caring word.

Finally, to educate a doberman dog you may need help from a professional. A trainer can achieve what you have not been able (for the moment) and will give you the guidelines you should follow. Do not hesitate to consult him!

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What do I need to educate a doberman?

To educate your friend you will need the same thing you would need if you wanted to teach any other dog: patience, respect, love, goodies and time. You will not need a punishment necklace, a tool that could also hurt the animal a lot.

The most important thing to teach the doberman is the behavior you have with him. Of course, he has to learn some basic rules of living together, but he must always do it little by little, knowing at all times that he can trust you and that you will not harm him.

How to educate him?

The first thing to know is that this is a race that has a medium-high energy level, which means that you need to exercise every day to be happy and be calm. Thus, it is important to be taken for a walk and / or to run, from an early age. With two months is a good time to start taking it out on the street so that it gets used to the smells of other dogs and people and noise.

Further, at home you will have to teach him some basic rules, like "sit" (sit down), "still", "down" (down or lying down), or even kick. In this article we explain how you can do it. Also, if you do not want to get on the furniture, do not let it ever do so otherwise it would be confused.

Whenever you do something wrong such as biting shoes, do not mistreat it. Ask yourself why you do it and look for a solution. The most common is that he behaves like this because he is bored, if so, take advantage of all the time you can play with him. Thus, that behavior will tend to disappear on its own.

The doberman is a dog that can become the best friend of the human being very easily. You just need to be respected and very affectionate so you can get the best out of yourself.