What is the breed of dogs that least barks?


One of the distinctive features of dogs is the capac>

However, there is a breed of dog, the basenji, who is unable to bark. He still has the urge to communicate, but physically You cannot bark even if you want to. This is because his larynx has a different orientation to the rest of dogs and his vocal cords are very flat, narrow and superficial, so he is not able to take out the sound generating a robust bark.

The most cat dog

But, against the belief that the basenji is a mute race, that it fails to bark does not mean that it fails to express itself with sound. The big surprise of basenji is that his way of barking it looks more like a cat's meow Than to a dog sound. In fact, it looks like a Tyrolean singing, being a kind of fine howl at the same time as drowned.

The character of basenji, in fact, resembles that of cats, because they are very independent dogs and contrary to games or to receive samples of affection. In addition, it has a characteristic way of grooming itself, licking its legs, which also reminds a lot of feline behavior.

This breed does not yearn for physical contact, nor to act as a sheepdog watching that the whole family walks in a group. The basenji is active, but uses that energy to play alone and take long walks. It was originally a hunting dog, used to chasing its prey. Share that attitude with the felines and, together with his “maull>

A very independent race

It is not an advisable breed to live with children, since his independent temperament does not make him participate in the games. But that does not make it impossible for me to be one of the family. The first months are the most important in their education, since Good training can help to file those rough edges. In fact, education in your case is vital, because a priori is a race that can be stressed by being part of a family, and this condition can trigger aggressiveness and some destructive behavior.

Despite these issues that may be negative at a first glance, the basenji is a dog that will always look for the figure of his master. It will choose a person from the family, usually who demonstrates a position of more author>

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Problems derived from barking

On the one hand, a dog that barks too much may be suffering from some disease, have pain or irritation In these cases, barking is a symptom and should not be ignored for the sake of animal health.

On the other hand, it is the case that the owners reside in apartments or shared areas. Excessive barking can cause problems with living with neighbors and even financial damages thanks to fines.

All these reasons reaffirm the need to pay attention to the behavior of pets. And before choosing a best friend, It may be important to know the breed of dogs that least barks.

Why can a dog bark excessively?

As we said before, barking is the most frequent form of expression of dogs. Thus they express feelings and moods, alert their owners and their fellow men of dangers and highlight their needs such as drinking, eating, urinating, among others.

There are natural factors that can cause excessive barking. One of them is the behavioral tendency of each race. It works similarly to humans. There are more expressive, more alert or more distrustful races. And others more calm and sociable.

Races that have a tendency to bark too often They are: Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier, Fox Terrier, Beagle, Chihuahua, Silky Terrier, Pekingese, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle.

Many external factors can also make the dog bark more. In this case, barking is a reaction to different environmental stimuli.

Main causes of excessive barking in dogs

1-Stress: Dogs can bark to relieve stress or to express your concern.

2- Enthusiasm: many dogs usually bark when a situation or stimulus excites them excessively.

3- Boredom: it is one of the most frequent consequences of sedentary lifestyle. Dogs bark because they get bored of doing nothing.

4- Frustration: dogs usually bark when they are upset or to express their frustration for not getting what they want.

5- Sedentary: the lack of exercises to spend energy can cause excessive barking.

6- Alert: our pet has sharp senses and perceives danger more easily than men. They bark to warn threatening situations.

7- Unconscious training: it happens when basically We allow or teach dogs bad behavior. One of them can be barking to get what you want.

8- Health problems: some diseases also make dogs bark constantly.

9- Possitivity: Dogs that develop possessive behaviors in relation to their owners or things can bark to defend territory.

10- Shyness or defensive behavior: some dogs that were not properly sociabilized or that are shy by nature, can bark defensively. With this they try to avoid the approach of other animals or humans.

There are many causes of excessive barking and some of them are harmful to the health of our pet. Therefore, it is essential to take the dog periodically to the veterinarian, keep vaccination and antiparasitic treatment up to date.

And what is the breed of dog that barks the least?

The number 1 in the ranking of dogs that bark least belongs to a not very well-known breed called Basenji. Actually, that dog does not emit the sound that is associated with barking. His bark resembles a very soft laugh and is unique in the animal world.

This breed is really very calm and has a small size, which makes it very favorable to adapt to departments and small environments. The Basenji are very energetic and need enough exercises to avoid getting bored and present bad behaviors.

Another 9 dogs follow Basenji on the list of the least barking dog breed: Golden Retriever, Pug, French Bulldog, Bloodhound, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Akita inu e or Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Knowing the breed of dogs that least barks is very useful for choosing a pet. But before creating damage and discarding certain races, one thing must be taken into account. Any dog ​​is able to learn and socialize with proper education and love.


The bloodhound or St. Hubert's dog is all parsimony. This breed of Belgian origin is all calm and tranquility. These characteristics, together with a great tolerance, make it a great candidate to welcome if you have children.

In the Newfoundland dog a good example of a dog big, quiet and little barking. In fact, it is one of the breeds known as "nanny dog" for how tame it is with children. If you live near the sea, I can assure you that you have an authentic "beach watcher" by your side. Newfoundland are known for their love of water and the bailouts they have starred in. That is why they stand out within rescue dogs.

Did you know that there are other breeds considered a nanny dog? Indeed, in the last century the pit bull terrier was the quintessential nanny dog.

If you like Japanese culture and silent dogs, Akita Inu is your ideal pet. This breed native to Japan is very little barking, moreover, it is said that if an Akita barks it is because there really is an important reason to do so.

Also discover in ExpertAnimal breeds of Japanese dogs, all of them have a really special charm.


Another big boy, gentle and little barking. This dog known for his great strength and size, is also part of our special silent club.

The rottweiler needs a great activity because of its spectacular physical condition. Exercise is one of the basic pillars in the happiness of our pet. But not only that, one of the most powerful reasons for a dog to bark is to be bored.

If your pet tends to bark excessively, he may be telling you to "put on your batteries" and the tracksuit.

labrador retriever

In addition to being a very nice and affectionate dog in the deal, it also stands out for not barking excessively. What you should keep in mind when welcoming a Labrador Retriever is that it is a playful and very active dog.

Socialization begins from the beginning, something basic for the happiness of any dog ​​and to provide him with training, if not his enthusiastic character can lead him to be a bit destructive.

Australian pastor

The Australian shepherd or aussie is a cyclone of activity. In fact, we could say that its main characteristics are the enthusiasm, vitality and energy. Instead, it is not a dog that barks a lot.

Again I remind you of the importance of educating your pet from the beginning. An untrained Australian shepherd is a whirlwind without control. If you are not going to be able to offer your Australian shepherd a great physical activity, it is better that you ask for another race more suited to your lifestyle.

great dane

Great Dane, German Bulldog or German Alano. Of course, the "great" is not by chance. We stand before another dog silent and quiet but huge. That size, as in the rest of the cases we have seen, implies that you need to exercise a lot.

By the way, one of the most famous dogs in history is a Great Dane. Doesn't it come to mind? Scoo. . Yes, you got it right! Scooby Doo was a great Dane.'s picture

pug or carlino

The pug or carlino is one of the few cases of small dogs We have on the list. Also known for having been the mascot of historical figures such as María Antonieta or Josefina Bonaparte, her character is very pleasant and silent. The pug is a calm and affectionate dog that will surely make you fall in love.

No matter what a french or english bulldog, in both cases we are facing a silent race. Bulldog dogs are usually dogs that do not need to exercise much and live in a peaceful state of calm. They are perfect for people who do not have time to exercise but want to have an affectionate dog by their side.

Big dogs = silent dogs?

You will have noticed that with two exceptions, all the dogs on the list are large - does that mean that small dogs bark more? No, but unfortunately, many small dog owners do not find it important to educate their pets. Their reasoning is that being small and unable to harm anyone, they do not need to be educated.

We are facing a big mistake since a dog needs a dose of training to be happy. Precisely, one of the causes that can motivate barking is a bad socialization. Anyway, if your dog already barks excessively, I recommend that you read our article on tips to prevent your pet from barking.

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