Kittens are so adorable, playful and scratchable that even people who are not fanatics of cats have wanted to have a kitten at least once in their life.

For many cat owners, it is natural to want to raise their female cat and experience the pleasure of having a full litter of kittens. And cats can make that dream come true.

They enter 3 and can be played up to 3 times a year! In addition, the pregnancy of a female cat lasts only about 2 months before she gives birth to an adorable litter of baby kittens. And it's only a matter of a few months before these kittens reach reproductive maturity and can have their own kittens.

How many kittens can a cat have per litter?

Depending on the breed, health, the environment and many other external factors, a cat can have a different number of kittens each time she becomes pregnant. But just because some races are significantly larger than others, don't expect the Munchkin to give birth to a kitten, while the Maine Coon has ten.

On an average scale, females give birth to 4 kittens per litter.

However, this is an average statistic and cannot be applied to all situations. It is completely normal for your cat to have 5 kittens per litter and then another only have 3.

Of course, similar to humans, feline reproductive capacity decreases with age. This means that the bigger your fluffy friend, the less kittens she'll take for litter.

During the last stages of a cat's pregnancy, you can easily know how many kittens it will have. As they begin to kick and move inside your belly, you can see and feel them. Ultimately, at an earlier stage you can take the cat to the veterinarian. The doctor can tell how many kittens come thanks to ultrasound.

How many kittens can a cat have during a lifetime?

Unlike women, cats do not go through menopause exactly. What does this mean? It means that if you want (and can afford it), your cat will give you a lifetime of babies, literally! Elderly cats also get pregnant, so basically cats can give birth to new kittens throughout their lives.

But, how many kittens will your cat have during her life?

Most domestic cats tend to live between 12 and 15 years (this also depends on the breed). If you make simple calculations with the average statistics of kittens per litter, you will get the following result, 4 kittens per litter, 3 times a year for 15 years, gives a total of 180 kittens throughout life. It is crazy! That's why it's so important to sterilize your kittens.

Let's say that a cat can have 5 kittens per litter, that would be 5 × 3 = 15 kittens per cat every year! Or even if you only have two litters, 5 × 2 = 10 new kittens each year.

As soon as they have 5 or 6 months, those kittens in turn will have other kittens, and so on. Cats are very prolific animals. Imagine the amount of unwanted litters that are born every year everywhere. Therefore, unless you are a responsible responsible breeder of what you do, the best thing is Sterilize your cat as soon as possible.

That way, you'll end up with unwanted litters, the risk of abandonment of those babies and you will get rid of the annoying ones symptoms of heat in cats.

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Marlene Gonzalez Muñoz says

Hello good afternoon
I have a Persian Himalayan cat and according to Ultrasound gestation, I could give birth on July 29 and appear as 2 kittens. The doctor who echoed, told me about the size of his head and the father of the young. As she is a first time, maybe I could give her a caesarea ... My question is that I have been watching videos of deliveries of Persian cats and have been assisted by their owners and I would also like to see if they know of any veterinarian who attends my cat at home ... Also next week I will take it for another deeper ultrasound and, give me a second diagnosis.
I would like to help me

Hello good Morning. I have two kittens that I found in my garden at the beginning of October and because of their great resemblance they are brothers. At the end of the months, at the end of March it seems to me, we saw that the cat was pregnant by her brother. The cat is usually in another garden and mine, so one day when she had returned to my garden we saw that she was no longer pregnant. The day we met her like this was if I remember correctly on April 23. The next time we saw her again and after a day we saw her with a puppy that had taken him from the other garden where they had given birth to mine. I was very surprised that only one puppy was born. Could it be that a puppy has died inside the mother's body or was born dead? Please, I hope you help me and thank you very much.

Miguel Guzmán says

Hi José, it is also possible that two or three kittens were born and died in the first few days. It is best to sterilize the female, if not, each year she will have two litters, and in turn, her daughters will also have two litters each year. In two or three years, in your garden there may be 10, 15 adult cats ...

The reproduction of cats

In the heat of cats the amount of light influences, so, from the end of the cold until it starts again, it is feasible that our cat is fertile, considering that they can reach sexual maturity at the young age of 5-6 months. When a cat goes into heat, it is common to have symptoms such as insistent meowing, rubbing or nervousness. This situation can last several weeks and, if fertilization does not occur, the cat will repeat the heat until the cold arrives.

Since the gestation of cats lasts about 60 days, it is possible that each cat stops 2-3 litters a year. How many cats can the cat have in each of them? There is no fixed number, but the average would be about 4-5.

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How many cats can a cat have a year?

More than how many cats a cat can have in each litter we must look at the amount of litters that could give birth each year, which we have already said can range between 2-3. With this data, if we want to know how many cats a cat can have a year, we must multiply at least four kittens by two litters, that is, our cat could have 8 young per year But, if we look at the highest figures, this number could be 15, if we multiply 5 kittens by 3 litters that are possible every year.

Therefore, any cat could be giving birth between 8-15 kittens every season of heat from the beginning of his reproductive cycle until practically the end of his life. If we have the doubt of how many cats can a first-time cat have We should know that they are the same as a cat in second or subsequent gestations.

Thus, we can make an approximate calculation of how many cats a cat can have in its entire life, for which we will multiply the number of kittens that we have established annually for each cat by the years of life, which we could establish between 12-14, since The cats are usually fertile until the end of their life. Thus, a single cat could give birth between 96-210 cats and, if these are not sterilized, this figure will increase exponentially with each new generation.

Number of kittens per litter

The number of pups that a cat can have per litter varies greatly. The figure is between 2 and 10 or even 12 kittens, but extreme cases rarely occur. Normally, you have an intermediate number of offspring: enter 4 and 8 by delivery.

It may happen that one or more kittens are born dead. In these cases the number of live pups will be less. This will happen most likely in numerous litters.

The importance of sterilization

As we can see, it is true that the reproductive capacity of cats is considerable. Because of this, we currently find a large number of cats that lack a home and, although they are animals capable of surviving without human help, the cats on the street live surrounded by dangers such as abuses, poisonings, fights but also diseases which can cause death such as rhinotracheitis, immunodeficiency or feline leukemia. In addition, they must endure the inclement weather and it is common for them to go hungry. Therefore, its quality and life expectancy is reduced.

Given this situation, as cat lovers, we must be aware of this problem and opt for sterilization of our cat, either male or female. It is a simple operation that prevents the birth of new litters. We may be able to find responsible homes for 4-8 kittens, but it is impossible to do so for 200. In addition, sterilization usually ends up with undesirable behaviors such as marking and provides health benefits such as the inability to develop pymeter (among other advantages of sterilizing To a cat). It can be done before the first heat. Our veterinarian will give us all the information.

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How many kittens can a first-time cat have?

The number of cats a cat can have in the first birth changes. Nor can you give an exact figure but what should happen is that you have less offspring. This will be accentuated if the cat has become pregnant when she is very young and has not yet fully developed, as she will not be able to withstand large litters yet.

The first-time cat will have about 4 kittens In your first birth. This figure will rise to 6 kittens in their second birth, and in subsequent deliveries the range will be among the figures we mentioned previously.

Number of kittens on average
First birth4 kittens
Other births6 kittens

When it comes to a sock Different results may occur, as it cannot be assured exactly. What is clear is that the number of offspring will not be very different. If you need more information, take your cat to the vet, because he can study your specific case.

You know how many kittens a first-time cat can have. If your cat is pregnant, congratulations, A very nice months await you watching the kittens grow!