How to bathe a hedgehog?


It is not the majority pet, but more and more people are encouraged to have a hedgehog at home. If you have decided to have one of these pets full of skewers, you're probably wondering how to take care of him correctly. Do you want to know how to bathe a hedgehog?

Hygiene is a fundamental part of any pet's health, so do not miss this new post. We tell you how to wash your hedgehog!

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During the first days of a hedgehog at home, you will need special care. The first thing you should know is that hedgehogs they are not accustomed to contact with humans, to life as a pet. In fact, they are quite distrustful, so you will have to gain their trust little by little.

In order to catch your hedgehog with your hands, at the beginning you will have to wear gloves, because when you consider yourself a threat, a ball will be made to defend yourself and you will stick your spikes.

The process of adaptation to human contact can last a month, or even longer. We recommend that you start socializing your hedgehog from day one, to get used to it. Put it in your lap, caress it carefully, spend time with it, let it sniff everything you need ... Don't worry about the bathroom for now, really the hedgehogs are very clean, at first you don't need to bathe it as long as you keep your cage very clean and disinfected.

How to bathe a hedgehog

Now, let's talk about how to bathe a hedgehog. If your little one is already accustomed to contact and accustomed to life at home, you can start bathing it. As we have said, they are very clean animals, so you don't have to do it very often, just once every two or three months, what you should clean often is its cage.

Well, how to bathe a hedgehog? You need very few things, just a neutral shampoo and a toothbrush. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Choose the "bathtub": it can be a village, or just the sink of the bathroom putting the cap.
  2. Fill it with water, at most two centimeters deep No more! I could drown. Try that the water is not too hot, the best thing to bathe a hedgehog is warm water.
  3. Put shampoo in your hands and wash it, paying special attention to their legs, which is usually the dirtiest thing. On the back of the spine, pass the hand soaped in favor of the spikes.
  4. Once you have soapy spikes, it is time to use the toothbrush. Pass it through all the spikes to clean them, carefully and always in favor of growth.
  5. After, rinse it well taking care not to put your head under the jet of water.
  6. You already know how to bathe a hedgehog! Now play something very important: dry it well. Use a towel and make sure you don't leave any moisture, it could develop fungus if you don't dry it well!
    As you probably cannot remove all the moisture with the towel, you can use a soundproof pet dryer to finish drying it completely, always quite a distance. Surely it costs you a few times to lose your fear.
  7. Important! Do not put your hedgehog in the cage while it is still wet. Optionally, after the bath you can use oatmeal powders to soothe your skin.

Care that a hedgehog's needles need

You already know how to bathe a hedgehog, but that is not the only important thing: your spikes also require special attention! Especially in time of molt.

Didn't you know that hedgehogs molt the spikes? You are right! Just as children have their teeth dropped, hedgehogs also get rid of "milk" spikes to make room for stronger and more definitive ones.

This molting of spikes usually occurs when the hedgehog is 2 or 3 months old. If you notice that it is more disgusting at that time, it is normal. The growth of new spikes hurts, because they pass through your skin, so you may be a little more reluctant to take it. Just as babies hurt when their teeth come out!

There really is nothing you should "do" in this process, just be careful and be patient, keep in mind that your hedgehog doesn't feel very good. On the other hand, Beware of mites! If you notice that your hedgehog scratches a lot and you find small white balls between its spikes, they could be mites. Take it to the vet!

Do I have to cut my hedgehog's nails?

Yes, but it doesn't have to be very often. Only when you have them really long, which is when you run the risk of tearing them off playing and harming themselves.

Simply use a nail clipper or small manicure scissors. It is very important that you cut only the tip, if you get to the root of the nail you will make blood.

The bathroom is a good time to check your hedgehog's nails and cut them if necessary. It's not very complicated, but you can ask someone for help to hold it. If you don't feel comfortable or are afraid of harming him, you can always take him to the vet to have them cut!

And that's it! You already know how to bathe a hedgehog, how to take care of your spikes and cut your nails! It's all you need to keep it neat. Actually, the hygiene of the hedgehogs is nothing complex. Did you expect it to be so simple?

1. Water should only reach the belly of your ground hedgehog

Your hedgehog should be able to walk without problems, it shouldn't be swimming. If you leave your hedgehog in a bowl with too much water, it will get stressed, get tired and your face and ears may get wet.
You may be thinking "but I have read and seen on youtube that hedgehogs have fun swimming in the water." This is not a rule that is fulfilled in all hedgehogs, however if you want to know if your hedgehog likes to swim, you must provide him with a place where he can walk in a water-free area and that he can enter by his own will and gradually to the water and swim on his own, otherwise, if you put it in a container with a lot of water, he will be forced to swim to avoid drowning, and although it may seem like he is having fun, the truth is that he only tries to tear out of the water .

4. You should not wet your hedgehog's face

As you may have noticed, hedgehogs breathe very fast through his nose, which is why if you wet his face, he is very likely to breathe water. If it is a very slight amount, such as small drops that can fall during the bath, you can see that your ground hedgehog will begin to sneeze, this is a reflection to eliminate the water that is entering through your airways. However, if the amount of water is greater, such as a jet of water directly on your face or soaking your face in the water, it can cause you to breathe a large amount of water, causing serious problems and could even drown.

What do we need?

  • Dirty Hedgehog
  • Personal Hedgehog Towel
  • Dog or Cat Shampoo, with Neutral PH and preferably without smell
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair dryer
  • Plug
  • Lavatory with warm-cold water

5. Never immerse your hedgehog with its face down being made ball

For the same reasons above, but this being even more dangerous, because when the hedgehogs are made ball is because they are scared and one of their methods of defense is to breathe very often and hard through his nose, accompanied by a characteristic sound. This is why, if you submerge it while being made a ball, you will be putting your health in serious danger, because of the large amount of water you could breathe.

How do I do it?

Everything you need to know, in the following video:

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Some things to keep in mind:

  • It is important to keep in mind that all hedgehogs are scared or put resistance to the bathroom, but it is normal. To avoid a little fear it is better to fill the lavatory before bringing our pet.
  • Our hedgehog may defecate while we bathe it, we must not be scared, we just have to worry about changing the water more times. To avoid it, we can bathe it one day if you have> If you have questions or comments, remember to write to us in the area enabled below.

And as always, we remind you that this tutorial has been developed and documented by the How I Do it team, so it has our guarantee seal:

Until next time!

6. Never expose your ground hedgehog to drafts while wet

You should always ensure that when you bathe your hedgehog, air currents never get wet, since that can cause its temperature to drop dramatically, causing health problems such as cold, hypothermia or major damage depending on how long it was exposed to the currents of air and how much its temperature has decreased.

and as I mentioned at the beginning:

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8. You should not bathe it more than 4 times for each year of life

This is to avoid skin problems due to excess baths. If you want to give periodic baths in equal time intervals, it can be every 3 months, for example: first bathroom in January (month 1), second bathroom in April (month 4), third bathroom in July (month 7), fourth bathroom in October (month 10). Thus the fifth bath will be again in January of the following year, and you will comply with not bathing your ground hedgehog more than 4 times for each year of life. However, it should be noted that in certain cases of skin diseases, an exotic veterinarian could prescribe a certain number of baths with special shampoo to treat their condition, in these cases this bath limit no longer runs and the instructions given must be followed by the exotic veterinarian.

Have you bathed your hedgehog? Have these tips served you? Did you already know them? Would you give another advice to who goes to bathe his hedgehog? Tell us in the comments.


I have several doubts about it, especially at the moment when the little animal opposes tenacious resistance, using the only method it has at its reach and above all, for the scope that can be endemned in other areas, which is, panic and absolute terror. . It is necessary to confront this animal to a situation of extreme stress. This little bug out of captivity, how he behaves and how he performs his toilet? (Looks for ponds and throws boobies and then shit in pure taste to fuck the bathroom to others ..) I think it would be good to investigate first before, maybe enough a dry product that I believe should use in nature, and try to replicate it in captivity for the emotional health of this, because as it is tiny it cannot be defended. If I am, in error, my very dear lady, I would appeal to your kindness and patience and I invite you to bathe my cat "osama". greetings

I think the same as Rafael, I also think that he moves it very sharply, when he says squeezed and then shakes it from top to bottom it is all very rough for such a small and harmless animal, I assure you that he is traumatized with your baths. Please try to find other methods, such as a dry bath or want a pond where you can enter and exit alone.

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