Hairballs in sight! We talk to you about the dogs of the chow chow breed


The Chow Chow are known for their lion appearance. A common disease in dogs, especially with longer fur breeds, is the skin carpet. When the skin becomes entangled, it becomes difficult or impossible for the dog to groom.

Worse, leather carpets become self-sufficient, as larger boards get more skin trapped and become more difficult to remove.

The Chow Chow breed, while diligent in self-preparation, may be victims of painful skin carpets, the variety of rough hair is particularly vulnerable.

A comb can remove many carpets, but it is necessary to be careful when dealing with mats, without causing unnecessary stress to dogs.

Tips on how to take care of a Chow chow's hair

Relax the Chow Chow with feeding him and hug him. Keep your scissors out of sight to prevent the dog from panicking.

Brush your Chow Chow with a normal soft brush preparation to remove spilled skin and very small mats (avoid more tangled carpets, for now). Try to unravel loose mats by hand if you can do it without emphasizing the dog.

Use the comb on the remaining mats, starting at the ends of the skin and slowly work towards the main mass of the carpet. Calm your dog if any discomfort is shown, and take a short break if it expresses a high level of fear or anxiety.

Apply cornstarch powder to more tangled places in order to lubricate the skin. Use the comb again, starting at the ends and working towards the center of the tangled hair.

Use scissors to cut the knots that the comb and cornstarch cannot solve. Be careful when cutting near the skin, as the dog's skin is very thin and easily damaged. Calm your Chow Chow during this process and take a break if necessary.

Give your dog a bath after successfully removing all the mats. Use a conditioning shampoo to keep the skin soft and rinse the shampoo afterwards (as poorly lightened hair is more vulnerable to the mat).

Origin and history of the dog of breed chow chow

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Like the shar pei race, officially it is said that chow chow dogs come from China, but some doubt this fact. It is also believed that they could come from Siberia or Mongolia, having arrived in China later. In any case, it was in the 19th century when chow chow dogs arrived in Europe. The most direct ascendants of the chow chow dog are the Samoyed, the Pomeranian, the Norwegian Elkhound and the Keeshond.

In its origins It was used as a hunting dog, but today the chow chow dog can enjoy a much better life, the life of a domestic pet. He is the favorite hairy of many families around the world, and it is not for less!

Physical characteristics of chow chow dogs

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The chow chow dog looks very similar to that of lions: the long mane, a short but very robust loin and a large round head. It also has the most dignified bearing! He is a lion.

The chow chow dogs face It is marked by a black truffle and oval and dark, medium-sized eyes. Their ears also resemble those of a large animal, once again like the lion or the bear, they are small in size, erect and rounded. He always carries them up and they are very separate from each other. A very distinctive feature of the chow chow dog is its language, share this peculiarity only with one more race, the shar pei. Do you know what makes it so special? Is blue!

There are chow chow dogs with short hair and others with long hair. Those with long hair have it very abundant, smooth, separated and soft. It is especially dense in the neck area, where it forms a beautiful scarf. Chow chow dogs with short hair are somewhat rougher, with a texture similar to plush. In both cases, there are several colors accepted: black, red, blue, cream, white and fawn. They often have a lighter hue in the leg area.

Chow chow breed dogs character

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The chow chow is a very territorial dog, reluctant to strangers. So that this character does not give us problems, It is very important to teach the chow chow dog to socialize.

With his family, on the contrary, they show Affectionate, loyal and sensitive. On the other hand, they are also very independent, they worship their owner, but they like to keep distances and that their space is respected. For example, chow chow dogs like to go to sleep separately from the rest of the family, to their "holy place." They usually have a pretty good relationship with children, but not with other dogs. If you have other pets, it may not be a good idea to integrate a chow chow as a new family member.

They are very smart, so that it won't be too complicated to train a chow chow dog. But do you remember that we mention your dignified character? Watch out for that, they don't react well to rises or punishments. Be patient and positive in the learning process!

I want a chow chow dog, what care do you need?

If you have decided to add a fluffy to the family and you think that chow chow is the ideal dog for you, we show you what care and attention you should give so that your quality of life is great ... and be inseparable!

The chow chow dog It is not characterized by being especially athletic, as far as exercise is concerned, you won't need anything beyond usual: a couple of daily or three walks, combined with some games. The fact that it is not too active and of medium size makes chow chow a dog suitable for living in apartments.

Something yes It is very important for chow chow dogs, as we said, is education. On the one hand, the chow chow puppy must learn to obey basic behavior orders so that coexistence is the ideal, you can increase to your liking the complexity of the orders as you learn the simplest. On the other hand, socialization is essential. If you want to neutralize your territoriality instinct and distrust in front of strangers and other animals, It is very important that you gradually teach the chow chow dog to interact with others and get used to all kinds of environments.

As for chow chow dog hair care, It is a demanding tad, especially in the case of long-haired chow chow. It is necessary to brush it very often to keep it soft and tangle free. Once every two days is enough. And remember! Dogs do not need to bathe as much as we do. Just do it once a month or a month and a half, or your protective skin layer will deteriorate.

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Are chow chow dogs in good health?

As is often the case with pure breeds as well as with mongrel dogs, chow chow dogs can be affected by certain ailments or pathologies throughout their lives. Some of the most common are:

  • Hip dysplasia: It is a frequent problem that can affect any race. It is a malformation in the hip joint, which can occur unilaterally or on both sides and can vary in severity, sometimes requiring surgery.
  • Dissecting osteochondritis: It occurs when the cartilage emerges in a joint (knee, elbow ...) and it enlarges and cracks, causing the bone to deteriorate. In the case of chow chow dogs it is more frequent in the elbow, it is commonly called elbow dysplasia.
  • Eye problems: Two stand out:
    • Entropion: The eyelids turn inwards, causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye and the consequent damage to the eyeball. Requires simple veterinary intervention.
    • Ectropion: In this case the opposite occurs, the eyelid turns outward, leaving the eye exposed. A bag is formed that accumulates dirt and irritates the eye.
  • Patellar dislocation: The ligament of the patella weakens and leaves its site, affecting the muscular union.

Caring for a Chow Chow puppy

This small, proud and independent, has a Difficult character. Although it will have a solid relationship with its owner, it is a dog that He does not usually show many signs of affection and will not obey because.

Is very susceptible to quarrels and punishments, so the training should be firm, making it clear who's in charge, and at the same time soft, not to offend him. It is a self-sufficient and dominant dog and needs an owner to show his authority and inspire respect.

The Chow Chow puppy is not easy to train, but with patience you will manage to do it. It is important that you spend time with children and socialize with people and other dogs, as well as get used to being touched, clean your eyes, brush, etc.

The hair of your puppy Chow Chow requires a series of constant care. You should brush, wash and groom it constantly, which will also strengthen your confidence in you. Is important that you show him that it is you who rules, holding his head or lifting him. If you try to resist, it may be a good idea to turn to treats as a reward at the beginning, until you can replace them with congratulations and caresses.

The nails, eyes and teeth They also require special attention. Make sure that your nails are clean and healthy, open your mouth to check that everything is fine and clean your eyes with a damp cotton. In addition, Chow Chow has a tendency to develop an eye disease called entropion, in which the eyelid curls inside, causing irritation and tearing, strabismus and sometimes corneal injuries. It is painful and requires surgical correction. To try to avoid it, it is important to perform proper eye cleaning on a regular basis. Another usual Chow Chow eye disease is the ectropion. In this case, the lower eyelid hangs, separating from the surface of the eye and exposing it to irritating agents. In most cases, you also need surgery.

Chow Chow care

As we mentioned in the section of our puppy, the Chow Chow needs to be educated with firmness and smoothness, so that We recommend a good canine training book. It is a dog of an independent and dominant nature, so you must make it clear who is in charge and you will have to join the firmness to patience to achieve it. If you do not, you will have a dominant, territorial and stubborn dog that will give you problems.

Besides of entropion and the ectropion, Chow Chow can suffer other ailments such as hip dysplasia, dissecting osteochondritis or patellar dislocation Consult your veterinarian to have these problems controlled and give them the most appropriate solution.

Take him for a walk several times a day to do exercise. He is not a very active dog, so you should motivate him, play with him and keep him fit. Do not use harness, as it can hurt your shoulders. Keep in mind that it is a dog very sensitive to high temperatures, so look for a cool place isolated from the sun and provide plenty of fresh water. If you live in a very hot place, you may have to cut your hair.

Feed it with a I think of quality (you can see our article of the best dog food). Your diet should be hypocaloric and have the right dose of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The Chow Chow has a mantle of hair very thick that can cause hair problems. Brush it regularly with a soft brush and remove loose hair and peeling skin. If you have knots, try to untangle them with your hand so as not to hurt by pulling with the brush. Every six months, after removing the knots, it is good to give it a bath to remove loose debris. Use a conditioning shampoo and rinse it very well.

The health problems of Chow Chow

Besides of entropion and the ectropion commented above, other typical health problems of Chow Chow are the following:

  • Hip dysplasia. It is the most common cause of lameness in the hind legs of dogs. It is a malformation in the hip joint that makes the femur head play It is not properly secured, enhancing joint wear. A very high calorie diet can aggravate the problem. It also deals with prevent it from jumping to high places or rising on the hind legs, as it will contribute to the development of dysplasia. To prevent it, avoid overweight your Chow Chow and go to your vet to give you the proper guidelines. Lameness is relieved by the administration of a chondroprotector. Horsetail and turmeric also give good results.
  • Dissecting osteochondritis. This disease is caused by a defect in the cartilage calcification process, which calcifies irregularly, creating decalcified areas at the ends of the bones. The process is accompanied by pain and joint swelling. In the Chow Chow it is more frequent in the elbows. In this case, it is also known as elbow dysplasia.
  • Patellar dislocation. The ligament of the patella weakens and leaves its site. Veterinary examination is necessary to rule out associated fracture and place dislocated bones in position, using anesthesia.

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. Bathing and drying a Chow is not an easy task. One bath per month With proper shampoo and conditioner it keeps the skin well nourished and clean. Thus a possible alteration in the skin is avoided. In addition, the elasticity of the hair is recovered and that facilitates brushing.
At the time of shedding, it is advisable to advance the baths to accelerate and shorten the shedding period and prevent old hair from causing a knot problem.

. Weekly thorough brushing. A superficial brushing is not enough. You have to brush layer by layer and brush from the base of the hair eliminating any beginning of knot. To do this, it is important to use a brush with very long metal feet. The hair is the main protector of the skin, but a knotted mantle retains dirt and moisture becoming a major source of infection. Keeping it free of knots is therefore paramount.
In the time of molting it is necessary that brushing be done daily or every two days.

. Clean uptips. In this breed it is advisable to maintain the arrangement with an appropriate scissor cut. In this way you can enjoy a Chow with rounded shapes while keeping the tips clean so that the brush slides more easily.

. Care with the rapados ! Absolutely inadvisable and unnecessary. As a consequence, skin alterations usually appear that result in suffering for the dog, as well as changes in color, texture and problems with alopecia.
The idea of ​​shaving hair for comfort for the dog is a big mistake. The hair is the thermoregulator that the dog naturally has. Especially in summer, shaving a double-layer dog is exposing it to heat stroke and skin burns.


Before bathing, make sure there is no knot.

If the bathroom at home is a nuisance, the advice is to take it to a hairdresser. Make sure they use good cosmetics. It's very important.

If you are going to bathe it at home, you will need a good nutritious shampoo. After rinsing the champagne, you can use a conditioner that is not too intense in essential oils so that it is easier to dry it and obtain a maximum volume finish. For the recovery of a damaged or too dry mantle it is preferable to use a repair mask that recovers the health of the skin and hair.

In a specimen of sensitive skin, which tends to suffer alterations, use the Shampoo of Kw Tree T Roots. It contains a very effective natural antiseptic. It is a nutritious shampoo that can be extraordinary also as usual shampoo.

After bathing it is very important to dry thoroughly by removing all moisture from the base.
In hairdressers they have professional dryers-ejectors that expel water and dry from the base of the hair without dehydrating the tips.
If you want to do it at home, it is very practical to have a ejector dryer Simple, even if you don't have the power of professionals.

If it stains promptly and does not touch the bathroom, you can clean the area and eliminate the bad smell by spraying a dry shampoo. Once you have sprayed the area, rub and remove with a clean cloth or towel. It will leave all the dirt and the bad smell in it.

Start by spraying the liquid loose , soaking the entire knotted area well. This liquid makes it easy for the knots to open with a finger massage. At the time that the knots are undone the liquid penetrates inside. In very closed knots you can help yourself with a cutter. I will need a soft card and a metal comb to finish undoing them. Once opened proceed to the bathroom.

Tips and steps to take care of a Chow Chow

As a guide, we want to leave you some referential photographs, who can show you the physique of these dogs. You can take them into account when adopting one of these or decide on other races. Among, the care that we will see in a moment, we find food, training, vaccines, care, etc. You can, consult with a veterinarian in the case you have certain doubts about your dog Chow Chow. Of course, we can tell you that these dogs are very docile and it is preferable to help them socialize since they are puppies.

Previously, we have also seen canine care, so we believe you will be interested in the following article, which you can enter by clicking here: ''Adequate Feeding for a Puppy ''

  • This dog breed is usually very dominant and will let you know at home. Therefore, since childhood, you must teach him who rules in it. You must be very firm when it comes to training your dog. Education, for any animal is the basis of everything, because in this way they can live without problems, both love and pet. Personally, I ask you to teach him the rules of coexistence and norms, such as: Urinating in his litter box and not in the house, not scratching the furniture or biting them, avoiding climbing to the table, in short there are many rules that you can teach him To your little animal. In the case, you want to learn some command you can choose to: Show, how to kick, lie down, sit down, etc. The Chow Chow, are very smart and learn fast.

  • Second, you should know that this breed can suffer from certain problems. For example, due to its characteristic features of the same breed, it could suffer from canine irritation. Also, you should be careful of the dysplasia of hips, cataracts, elongated palate, among others. Therefore, you should be aware of any problems your animal presents. If you want, prevent these pathologies from appearing, it is best to detect them in time. Personally, I recommend that you vaccinate against many diseases and take your checkups monthly. In this way, your dog will live much longer and you can enjoy it. Keep reading, for more.

  • As for the attention you should pay, we can say the following: These, dogs need a wide environment to move, otherwise you will have to take it about three times a day away from home. It is advisable to leave it that I played in the yard or in the nearby parks, otherwise your dog will suffer a lot. On the other hand, in the case of your diet you should offer foods rich in vitamins, healthy fats, proteins and minerals. It is important that the diet is balanced, since we do not want it to suffer because of obesity. In short, its fur is very essential to card regularly. In this way, our dog will wear a healthy mane and free knots.
  • Finally and finally, let's not forget that baths and nail cuts, They should be done monthly. Also, you should consider cleaning your ears and checking the dentures, you know that.

These are some of the tips and advice to take care of a Chow Chow. We wish you, good luck and see you in the next article, where you will find many more sections of interest. You can, leave us your comments below this post, we will be very happy to answer you shortly. Visit all our social networks and join our humble family, see you soon, take care and goodbye.