How to teach my dog ​​to be calm in its place


After adoption, it is very common to have difficulties in teaching our puppy to go to the bathroom, or to the area chosen for it. At first it may seem very complicated to modify this behavior, however, with the appropriate guidelines you can make your puppy evacuate in the right place, you just need to have patience and be very constant.

Remember also that puppies usually learn to urinate in the newspaper among the 3 and 6 monthsHowever, some take up to 12 months to achieve. Keep reading this Animal Expert article and discover how to teach a dog to go to the bathroom, in the newspaper.

1. Tips to teach a dog to do his necess>

Before explaining how to teach a dog to go to the bathroom, it will be essential to take a few preliminary steps and take into account some basic tips, if not, this process will not work. Keep them in mind and apply them all:

  • The dog pen: It is a delimited space in which we will leave our dog when we leave home and it will also be the place chosen to meet your needs. It must be a large space (it can even be a room) and it is very important to choose a quiet area of ​​the house without traffic. For example, the hall or hall will not be good places, we better use a room or dining room.
  • Urination hours: usually the puppy usually urinates when waking up, after eating and after exercising or intense play. Those will be the ideal moments to bring you closer to your area and allow you to urinate there.
  • Always follow the same routines: Regularity avoids stress and helps your dog understand better. Therefore, if you always follow the same meal and game schedule, your dog will probably learn to urinate in the right place before.
  • Avoid punishment and reward successes: It is essential to understand that we can never scold a puppy for doing his needs in the wrong place, we must remember that the mistake is ours for not anticipating or anticipating that he will do so. On the contrary we will always reward the successes, in this way we will achieve that you remember better.
  • Remove banned bathrooms. When the puppy makes his needs in a wrong place, there are smells of urine and feces that will motivate him to do so again. This behavior is natural in dogs, and usually lengthens the training time to go to the bathroom. Eliminate those odors and apply a dog repellent made with natural ingredients.
  • Go to the vet: The puppy needs to receive his first vaccines over 3 months of life, for that reason and taking advantage of the visit to the specialist, it will be essential to consult with him all our doubts and rule out any health problems that are complicating this learning.
  • Thoroughly clean: yes, never use products such as bleach or ammonia, it is preferable to use enzymatic products.

If you follow these tips, you will rule out any health problems in your puppy and encourage him to learn to urinate in the newspaper much faster.

Preparation of the corral for puppies

Once we have the structure of the corral for puppies mounted, it will be time to cover the area with newspaper. Also, remember that there are other options that are not newspaper, for example, in the market you can find the "dog soaps", special floor towels that absorb bad odors. You can also use artificial grass or other products.

Remember that the corral for puppies should be what big enough so that the waste and urine are not near your plate of food or your home. Your dog will have to be in that room as long as you can't supervise him. Of course, you have to leave some toys (large, that you can't swallow) to bite, your bed and your water container. Also leave your plate of food if you will need food during the time you are outside.

As time passes, you will realize that your puppy prefers some places to do his needs. When you notice this, you can start reducing the wallpaper area.

Identify the moment when your puppy wants to urinate

It is normal for your puppy to make his needs at the same times, however and if not, there are also body signs that we can identify and that will help you when teaching a dog to go to the bathroom:

  • Walk very fast and nervous
  • Sniff the ground
  • Walk in circles

Others cry, they look at their owner with a sad face. Training your dog also means learning to understand the language of dogs. When you know that you are approaching the time or see any sign take your dog to the chosen area So that is where you need it. If you manage to take him on time and make the urine, do not interrupt him, wait until he finishes to congratulate him, whether it is a treat, a caress or a kind word, everything goes as long as you use the positive reinforcement.

Start reducing the newspaper area

Over the days you will learn to identify the preferred areas of your puppy to pee in his dog pen. First remove some newspapers from the furthest place to those that your dog dirties. That is, if your dog gets dirty at the bottom, remove the papers from the entrance. Then, remove more newspapers every day, but don't rush this much. If your dog dirty a place that is not wallpaper, it is because you removed the papers very soon. In that case, re-wallpaper a larger surface, or even the entire room.

When your dog has become accustomed to doing in a small area, you can start moving the papers to where you prefer. Move them slowly, no more than three centimeters per day, to the place you have chosen. Just don't bring the papers to your bed or to your water or food containers. If you do that, your dog will stop doing his needs on the papers.

What happens if my puppy does not learn?

If for whatever, you could not teach your puppy to go to the bathroom and, therefore, does not make his needs in the marked area, do not worry and above all do not quarrel, is not doing it on purpose. Re-wallpaper the entire area and start the process from the beginning.

Remember that if you are less than six months old, it cannot be controlled for a long time. Some dogs do not make it until the year of life. Also, never leave your dog alone at home anywhere, you should always leave him in the puppy park.

What if I have punished my dog ​​and now he is afraid?

It is very common for some owners to bring their dogs' noses to debris or dirty papers as a way of punishment. Apart from that it is not at all advisable to do this, do it won't help your dog understand Moreover, quite the opposite, your dog will be afraid and will inhibit his attitude, as well as his possible learning. It can also happen that due to this method your puppy begins to resort to coprophagy, that is, to eat his feces or lick the urine, mainly for fear that he will quarrel again.

It totally avoids the punishment of the life of the puppy and the adult dog, betting on positive methods and a teaching based on rewards, since studies show that it is the best way to make them learn and remember. If you have punished your puppy and he fears you, try to regain his confidence by performing new exercises, games and activities, as well as rewarding him whenever you have the chance.

3. Eliminate ban bathrooms>

During the training stage, there will invariably be accidents, and sometimes your puppy will make his needs where he shouldn't. To prevent odors from urination and feces motivate you to urinate this place again, it is advisable to apply a dog repellent.

One of the best opinions on social networks was invented and made in Mexico, and it is called ¡Ahí No! Mr. Dog® brand. Their training combo is effective in 9 out of 10 puppies of any breed, size and age (over 4 months).

Remember that puppies do not completely dominate their sphincters until after 4 months of age, so it is very normal for these accidents to happen. Don't worry and first of all do not quarrel, your puppy is not doing it on purpose. Try not to leave your dog alone at home anywhere, and when you leave home always leave it in the dog pen.

The newspaper cannot replace the park

It is important to note that having an area for the puppy to learn to do his needs at home can not replace your walks. As soon as the dog can go outside (at the beginning it must remain at home for vaccines), you must learn how to teach the puppy to walk on the street. Setting an area at home is just a temporary solution until the puppy learns to control his bladder.

Why is it important to walk the puppy after getting vaccinated?

What we just mentioned is very important for two reasons. The first is socialization, the process by which your puppy learns to relate to other human beings, other dogs and the world in general. If in the first months the puppy does not come out, it can develop fear and severe stress which will then be impossible to redirect to normal behavior.

The second reason is that, without realizing it, we may be teaching our dog to urinate only on paper newspaper. Although it seems strange to you, there are dogs that refuse to do their needs in the park. It is normal, they have learned that they should only do it in the newspaper.

Once your dog has all his vaccinations a day, it will be time to teach your puppy to do his needs away from home, that is, teach him to go to the bathroom again. It is essential for your well-being and socialization, do not forget it.

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Be it in your bed or in your cushion, teaching a dog to go and staying in its place is one of the basic objectives that we should consider for its usefulness.

We all know that dogs are animals of customs and that their behavior is closely linked to our establishing certain guidelines and adhering to a series of rules that we always respect without exception. If we do not want our dog to go to our bed, for example, it is appropriate to never allow it and teach him that he should not do so since he is a puppy or since he comes home (in case he has adopted an adult dog).

Beyond a dog learning to sit or lie down when we ask, Teaching him to remain in his place is, without a doubt, something basic and very useful.

In our case, Elma did not have excessive difficulties to learn it and we are very glad to have tried to teach it because it is tremendously useful for many circumstances that occur every day: when they ring the bell and run and bark to the door, when a visitor comes home and she insists on sitting on top of them, when we are sitting at the table to eat ...

Therefore we want to share with you how we teach Elma to go and stay in his place.

First of all you have to choose what is “the site” where we want our dog to remain calm (once he learns the order it can be extended to other places).

In our case we choose the cushion where Elma usually rests while we work or while doing things at home.

Once the cushion is chosen, we place it not far away of Elma (in his sight) and we verbalize the order (we choose the phrase "to your site") making a gesture with arm and index finger extended towards the cushion.

The first few times Elma looked at us confused because she didn't understand what we were asking. Then I'll we guide with a toy at the height of his truffle to the cushion repeating the order "to your place". Once he reaches the cushion we give him the snack Expressing out loud the order we use at home whenever it does something right. In our case we use "very well."

Elma got on the cushion since the first rehearsals and we rewarded him on it. However, there may be dogs that do not. If this is your case, reward him when he arrives next to the cushion the first few times and slowly go demanding more until he gets on it.

After several repetitions (more or less depending on the dog) you will see that your partner identifies the verbal order with going to your site and sit down and it will no longer be necessary to guide you with a toy.

Although the fact of "going to your site" is practically automated, it is likely that at the beginning (it happened to us with Elma) he got up from his cushion a few minutes later. It is time to repeat the order again and so many times as necessary.

Undoubtedly, it is somewhat tedious until the dog attends the order only with the verbalization and gesture with the arm and finger, but it is very useful for many situations and, once they have learned it, extensible to other “sites” where our dog usually stays to be calm and rest (cushions, bed, tipi ...).

With Elma we use it both when they ring the bell, as when we are sitting at the table, when we are cooking or when we go to sleep and she has a playful day, she makes a whirlwind and does not want to go to her bed.

We hope these simple guidelines will be useful to you with your dogs and learn to go to your site when you ask. Try it and tell us about your experience!

When to use the order "to your site"?

The order "to your site" cannot be used as an excuse for not being with the dog. This animal is a furry that lives in social groups, in families, and they don't know how to be alone. If you are going to spend a lot of time away from home, on the way back you have to take responsibility for the animal, that is, you have to take it for a walk, play a lot with it and give it the best care so that it is happy every day.

This is an order that should only be used in cases like the one I mentioned at the beginning: when we are eating, or before we leave, or in situations like that.

How to show it to the dog?

The steps, as you will see, are very simple. However, you have to always keep in mind that the hairy one will need many repetitions until he finally learns it:

  1. Show him a treat for dogs that you like it very much (the beicone ones are highly recommended, because they have a quite intense smell), and use it to take it to “your” place.
  2. After, ask for a "sit" or "feel" and, as soon as you see that it begins to do so, say "to your site". If you don't know how to teach him how he feels, click here.
  3. Then, give it a treat as a reward.
  4. And now, stay about 30-50cm. It is very possible that the hairy one immediately gets up and goes to you, but then you will have to repeat the steps.

Repeat many times, always moving away a little more. This is how the day will come when you can give him the order even if you are eating 😉.

Much encouragement and patience! Surely you will get it.