Papill nymph: How to raise her properly


- With 20 days, a nymph chick will make the following shots, distributed as follows:

8: 00h - 12: 00h - 16: 00h - 20: 00h. and 0:00 hours (5 shots, more or less): 9 - 10 ml

- With 25 days the chick, will go to 4 shots:

8: 00h - 14: 00h - 20: 00h and 0: 00h: 9 - 10 ml

- With 30 days our nymph will eat 3 times:

8: 00h - 15: 00H and 0: 00H: 10 - 12 ml

With 45 days we eliminate the noon take:

8.00h - 0.00h: 10 - 12 ml

As you have seen, between 0:00 and 8:00 there is no shot, since a chick does not need to eat overnight.

When the nymph chick is already one month old, we will start putting dry food within reach, that is:

  • Pasta de calia (the typical yellow of the Canaries)
  • Millet on branch (or panizo)
  • I think for nymphs.
  • Mixture for nymphs
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Clean water daily.

In the store of this same portal you can find the pack with everything you need for weaning your nymph:

You have to start putting dry food when the nymph is about 30 days old, so that it becomes accustomed to it. At the beginning it will not even taste it but as the days go by it will investigate the cage and begin to peck at all the new foods that we have placed.

It is very important that in addition to putting dry food in the cage we place a drinking fountain with water within reach. A chick that is taking porridge does not need to drink water, but as soon as it begins to dry food, it will feel the need to drink water. At the beginning you will not drink water, since the food will be mixed (porridge / dry food), therefore you will not feel thirsty, but as we go distancing the shots and go eating dry food you will drink more water.

The decrease in shots should be gradual, and it depends a lot on each chick, you have to keep an eye on if you eat dry food to be able to decrease the shots.

When we observe that our nymph has started eating dry food, we will see that it no longer wants to practically porridge. Special care must be taken at this time in the life of the chick, since at this time the chicks feel satiated and do not want porridge at the time of the shots. We must give at this time at least one forced nighttime support of about 5 ml, to reinforce their diet.

There are many chicks that die in this process because as they feel satiated we stop stabbing them because they do not want more porridge, but in reality the chick is not well fed and tend to lose weight and remain very weak even reaching death.