Toys for cats and kittens


There is nothing more satisfying for those of us who have pets than to play with them. Cats, like dogs, need to play, since in this way health problems, overweight and behavior problems, such as anxiety, depression and even aggressiveness are avoided.

Those cats that live in houses or apartments need at least 30 minutes of daily play. In this way, you will promote physical exercise and prevent your cat from becoming a sedentary and boring animal.

But that is not all: When owners play with their pets, a bond is created that nothing and nobody can break. That is why in this article we want to show you 7 games for your cat.

1.- The intelligence games

These types of games do not have to be exclusive to dogs. Our friends cats love it too. In the market there are different types, such as puzzles or constructions with holes. They consist of hiding objects for our little friends to find.

It will be a very fun game for him, but you will not stop laughing watching your cat get to find his lost toy.

2.- The game of the ball

This game is perhaps the one that our little friend likes best. We all have at home a ball or some other object that rolls. Throw it out so that your cat catches it, you'll see how it manages to throw it through the air and spend a lot of time entertaining with his toy.

There are many types of balls: with noise, with feathers or you can simply make an exclusive one for him.

4.- Pursue the mouse!

In this case, a cloth mouse tied to a rope is needed. Just place the toy somewhere in the house and pull the rope to move the mouse. In this way, it will awaken the interest of your cat, who will chase him throughout the house.

As well you can hide the toy in a cardboard tube and have him take it out.

Cat toys are essential

Cats, by nature, they are creatures that live for leisure, strangely you will see your cat running around the garden with wild abandon as his dogs friends. Many cats are happy to sit on the windowsill all day, taking naps and watching the world go by.

But that does not mean that cats do not enjoy or need to play with their owners. Of course they do! Your cats love to be stimulated mentally and physically and spend time playing with you.

5.- The pen game

The pen game is perhaps the most used by cats. To do this, you need an elongated stick to which you tie a piece of string and in the end a pen, although it may be another object like a cork.

Shake the stick so that the pen moves in front of your eyes, he will try to catch it. But remember that at the end of the game you must let him catch his prey, in this way he will feel happy.

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6.- The box with holes

In this case, you will need a cardboard box to which you will make different holes, large enough for you to put your legs. Then place the different toys of your cat, such as a ball, mouse, etc. Your little cat will have a fun time trying to catch his reward. This game is very attractive to them.

The best electronic toy

Do you need some extra "energy" to keep your cat interested? Try this technological toy from Pawaboo, it has a little mouse that works with batteries and that goes in and out of the holes while your cat tries to hunt it. It also has a button to vary the speed, so that your cat does not get used to the movement of the mouse.

The engine is quite silent and keeps your cat entertained for long periods.

Some tips when playing with your cat

First of all, you have to keep in mind that cat and pet games in general, They should not encourage aggression or competition.

Cats are hunters by nature, so it is interesting to take advantage of this behavior so that the domesticated cat runs and chases its toys. Remember that for this reason they like those that are smaller in size, as it reminds them of their prey.

Cats usually play alone, but It would be great if your owners spend at least 30 minutes a day playing with their pets.

Remember that Once the game is over, you must remove all toys from your sight. This will increase interest in them in their next session.

Each cat will have their favorite toy or game. That is why it is the owner's job to discover which one arouses more interest in his little friend.

The best to bond with your kitty

Your pet needs interactive toys with you, this cane with interchangeable feathers is the best option. It comes composed of 2 extendable wands up to 1 meter long and 6 different feathers to dazzle your cat.

Made of non-toxic and cat-friendly materials. Cat rods are a great way to help please the cat's innate hunter behavior in our homes. It helps them to be emotionally balanced, happy and exercised.

Veterinarians have always recommended this type of indoor cat toys, as they help satisfy their hunting cravings and control their weight.

The best catnip toy

What kitty doesn't like catnip? If you have not allowed your feline friend to play with Catnip for a while, now is the time to buy this colorful playful fish that will make your cat fall in love. While it is a good toy to use when you leave your cat alone at home, you will also want to enjoy his curious behavior from time to time with him.

It is one of the best toys you will find for your cat, if your cat is very "special" and gets bored of the other toys, with this you will be right. It will not separate from him.

This toy fish is made with resistant and colored cotton using only natural vegetables or soy-based colors. It is a safe toy for your cat to nibble for hours and hours, and it will! Guaranteed!

The best interactive toy

This cat toy is as simple as it is addictive. The Bergan Turbo scraper is a toy that cats love, its use is very simple, just hitting the ball, the fun begins!

The ball goes around the circular lane, while your cat hits it and tries to catch it. Cats are excited about this toy, which gives them entertainment for hours.

Also in the center has a scraper, with which it can be entertained back and forth, instead of scratching the corners of your living room.

The best interactive feeder

If your cat is the kind of pet that eats too fast, which can be uncomfortable or cause discomfort, then this puzzle feeder is perfect for him.

It's quite simple: fill the plastic egg with a little feed, and your cat will move it while trying to get food out of its holes. It is a great tool to slow down fast-food eaters, and even provides some exercise for the laziest kittens.

The best automatic cat toy

One of the toys with the best ratings. Cats love to follow the beam of light produced by this toy, they revolve around him to hunt for prey without rest. Ideal for cats of any age, likes both small and adults.

The toy can be programmed with 4 different speeds and so that the light rotates randomly to one side and another. The emitted light has safety certificates, it cannot damage the eyes of your kittens.

Why are games for cats important?

However, when it comes to cats, games are not just fun and entertainment. For them, the act of playing is really a very serious matter, which helps kittens learn important survival skills such as stalking, chasing and catching prey..

Even if your cat never ventures out of the home, this basic hunting instinct can remain strong, so it is important to give our feline relatives the opportunity to express and train this natural behavior through toys.

In addition to satisfying your cat's natural instincts, Toys are important to help keep your pet healthy and happy.. The game provides an important exercise for cats, especially for those who live exclusively indoors. Playing regularly will help your kitten stay active and control his weight. They help prevent behavioral problems, boredom and are a great way to strengthen the bond with your cat.

Benefits of cat games

When you look at what cats do in nature, it's obvious why they need to play. They sleep up to 16 hours a day and when they are awake, they need the exercise that the game provides. The different cat toys that exist, such as educational toys or interactive toys, encourage your cat to play.

The most important benefits of the game include:

Exercise is vital to keep your cat healthy. Playing with your cat and having it play with other pets is the ideal way to exercise. With the help of toys you will keep your kitten captivated for hours and hours.

Anxiety release

Anxiety and stress are as harmful to cats as to us. Cats under stress are more likely to develop behavioral problems such as aggression, urine marking or obsessive-compulsive disorders. They are also more likely to suffer diseases.

Cat toys help reduce anxiety and stress, and improve your mood.

Feel good

Playing, by definition, is something that serves among other things, to feel good. And your cat deserves to feel good, right?

Thanks to the different types of toys, you can spend a lot of time playing with your cat in different ways, so as not to fall into the routine. You will never have seen your cat so happy.

Friendship with your other pets

Cats chase other cats, and persuade dogs to chase them, I have even seen cats chasing dogs on some occasions. This type of behavior provides a necessary union between them. So your pets have each other, to entertain and not feel alone the times that you are not.

Toys and games help create these links between them, even if they don't get along at first, playing together will bring them closer.

Strengthen your bond with your kitty

Buying toys for your kitten and spending daily time playing with him, will strengthen your bond more than anything else. He will understand that the best of life happens when you are with him, and he will love you like never before.

Toys and games are the true key to your heart.

Benefits for your furniture

Your cat can become destructive. Cats get bored too! Without the appropriate toys for cats, a cat can decide to entertain himself by playing with his human's stuff.. Sometimes your cat's bad behaviors are misunderstood. All he wants is to play.

Interactive toys for cats

Interactive toys are the ones that cats like best. These types of toys, whether electronic or not, respond in some way to your cat's actions on them. That's why they love them, they remind them of games with a dam for example. Of this type of toys there is a lot of variety, find the one that your cat likes the most.

Interactive toys with humans

Many of your cat's toys must be of this type. These games are important for your cat, why they are made through active interaction with a person, and this Strengthens the bond between the cat and its owner. They serve to "interact" with your cat. In other words, they are toys that serve to make you an important part of the game. Within the interactive toys two types stand out.

Feather toys

One of the stars of toys. The pen toys are shaped like a fishing rod, with a pen attached with a rope at one end. They are for the cat to chase the feather like a bird. There is something about the movement of the feathers that is irresistible to cats!

Puzzle toys for cats

Many people allow their cats free access to food. Often, this leads cats to eat more than they should. Instead of feeding it "free", you can use one of these toys that will captivate your mind and satisfy your natural instincts for hunting. These toys also help to slow down cats that eat too quickly.

Catnip toys for cats

These toys are often made or filled with catnip. Cats go crazy for this, because the smell of catnip produces different feelings of well-being in our feline friends. The sensitivity to catnip is genetic, therefore there are some cats that do not react.

Choosing the best toy for your cat

The best way to determine which cat toys are best for your partner is to try the different types of toys. Each cat has its own personality and needs. It's a good idea to have a mix of toys that your cat can play with and toys that allow you to interact together.

Cats like to play with toys that best mimic their favorite species of prey animal. Some cats prefer cat toys that can move like a bird (floating and flying). Others prefer to move like a mouse or a lizard (hiding, running on the floor ...)

If your cat needs to lose weight, interactive toys with humans are usually the best to motivate them to run. You can also get a puzzle feeder to help you lose weight.

Let's play with your cat!

Playing is a vital activity, not only for kittens. Also for adult cats!

Cats are athletic creatures with incredible strength and agility. Nature made them perfect machines for jumping, running and climbing. That is why toys for small cats and toys for adult cats are so important for domestic cats. Toys help them preserve their nature and have a full life.

The importance of play in cats

Cats are curious animals by nature and, therefore, offering them elements that keep their mind stimulated is practically obligatory for us if we want to enjoy healthy and happy animals. A good way to achieve this is through the game, since through it we will be able to cover your need for fun and your hunting instinct. Thelack of game generates boredom in the cat, which in turn can develop stress and derived problems Like the destruction of furniture.

As you have noticed if you live with a cat, chasing possible prey to hunt them down is one of their favorite activities. If this instinct covers it with objects, nothing happens as long as it does not involve the destruction of things relevant to us, such as underwear, shoes, etc., and does not involve any damage to the animal, such as cables. The problem lies when we or other animals prey for him, trying to attack our hands and feet or bringing dead animals home. As we say, it is part of your instinct and it is not a problem of behavior, but a wrong education on our part. When we decide to play with our puppy constantly moving our hands, without realizing it we are indicating that this is the toy that should bite, resulting in constant attacks during adulthood. In this way, we see how the game is essential for the cat, but the way to play and educate it correctly for it is also relevant.

It is best to offer toys that guarantee the safety of the cat, fleeing from those with small pieces that can easily detach and get stuck in his throat, and avoid those that can produce frustration in the animal What causes frustration in cats? Games that can't win or toys that can't catch. A clear example of this is the laser. Although it may seem fun to see our cat chasing a light that will never catch him, that same fact causes frustration, stress and anxiety, disorders that can cause serious health consequences.

We will opt for toys that allow us to entertain the cat and let him play alone, and for those that also involve our interaction in order to strengthen the bond between them and improve communication. In general, cats are selective animals, so not to get the most expensive toy we guarantee that our furry companion loves it. Therefore, knowing our cat, its tastes and preferences is crucial to provide just what you need.

Games for my cat to entertain himself

Some cats are more independent than others, and prefer to have fun alone or do not want to spend their leisure time to play only with their human companion. Therefore, the ideal is to mix both types of games and spend hours of the day to entertain the cat alone and others to play with him. For the first option, we must be clear that felines are animals that tend to get tired of things easily. This means that probably after a few weeks, some even days, the cat will stop playing with that new toy that he loved so much, because he has stopped looking new and curious. Remember what we said at the beginning of the previous section: they are curious by nature and need to discover new smells, textures, etc., constantly. To help you with this, we advise you to have a box with several toys and games, and offer them alternately. In this way, in a while that toy that bored you will seem interesting again.

A cardboard box, many possibilities!

Something as simple as an empty cardboard box can be the best game to entertain your cat at home, and for him it hides endless possibilities! You have the option of leaving it at your fingertips so that he decides when to enter and play, or introduce other stimulating elements inside, such as toys, treats, etc. Thus, not only will you get their attention to start the game, but you will also get them to associate it with positive stimuli.

And if you want to make the game to entertain your cat even more fun, get three or four boxes and create a maze with them, joining them together and creating different openings so you can go in and out. Don't forget to distribute several treats and toys to guide you! Especially if you plan to go out for a couple of hours and the cat must be left alone, this game will keep you entertained for a while.

Scraper with several floors and toys

It is no secret to anyone that cats love to file their nails, and what better way to do it than in a scraper that also offers fun. We can offer you the traditional scraper that has no more than a sheet to file the nails, or get one that has more than one floor, even have a small house, feathers as prey and other toys that keep the cat entertained. To do this, do not miss the following article in which we teach you to make a homemade scraper, easy and economical: "Home scraper for cats step by step".

Paper bag with surprise

That said it does not seem like a game to entertain your cat very stimulating but, knowing that cats love to hide and enter any gap they see empty, does it start to gain a little more interest? A paper bag can be a very fun game for the animal if we know how to motivate it. So, we propose introduce several treats or arrange one of your favorite toys inside, you will quickly go on your search and start entertaining yourself with the bag. And if you leave the paper bag with surprise inside a cardboard box. Fun is more than guaranteed!

Kong, perfect for entertaining the cat

The kong is a food dispenser toy ideal for entertaining the cat while we are at home or alone. In this sense, it is a very effective method to treat separation anxiety, so that getting one is more than recommended. In order for the cat to start its game, it is enough to introduce food or treats inside it, press it slightly to make the extraction a bit difficult, and give it the kong. The cat will quickly smell the food and start the game to try to get it, keeping it entertained and motivated.

Currently there are many brands that bet on food dispensing toys, so you don't necessarily have to get the one from the kong brand. Of course, we recommend you check the material and opt for a resistant one. On the other hand, you also have the option to make a homemade one following the instructions of our video: "How to make a homemade kong".

Find the treat, a game with cardboard tubes

Do you usually dispose of cardboard tubes of toilet paper? Well, stop doing it! They are perfect for making games for fun, easy and inexpensive cats. One of them is the one made with tubes and the lid of a cardboard box. To do it, we follow the next steps:

  1. We take the lid of a cardboard box of medium-small size, about 20 cm long.
  2. We cut the tubes in half, since at the end of the game we will introduce sweets inside.
  3. Fill the inside of the lid with the tubes placed vertically and glue the base with a resistant glue.
  4. We let the glue dry.
  5. We have several candies inside some tubes and we hang the game on some wall, at the height of the cat, so that it comes following the smell of the food and tries to take it out.

As you can see, it is easy, fast and will manage to entertain your cat and keep his mind active. And if you have a little more time, with a box and cardboard tubes you can prepare a game like this: "Circuit with box and cardboard tubes".

Games to play with my cat

It's good to let the cat play alone, but it's still better for us to participate in the game. By playing with our cat, we managed to keep him entertained while we strengthen our bond, we increase confidence and keep away from it disorders and conditions such as stress, boredom, loneliness or anxiety. Here are the games to play with your cat at home more fun, simple and cheap:

Hunt the prey!

We said that cats are hunters by nature and, therefore, we must cover this need if we want to avoid chasing prey on their own. A good way to achieve this is by calling "fishing rods for cats"In the market we find them of different colors and shapes, with feathers, toy mice and other animals that act as prey and capture the attention of the feline. Choose the one that your furry companion likes best, set a time of I play a day and enjoy a good time with him moving the cane and making him chase it.

Remember that not winning can generate frustration in cats, so that let me capture the prey from time to time to prevent this from happening and do not make the game too difficult.

Look for the ball!

Finding and bringing the ball is not just a dog game, cats also enjoy these toys. To teach you this exercise, follow the next steps:

  1. Find the ball that your partner likes best and throw it to go on his quest.
  2. At the same time, say "search" to associate the act of searching with the order and reward it when it reaches you.
  3. Once this is achieved, you can go on to teach him to bring the toy. To do this, when he has the ball in his mouth, call your cat to come to you, gently remove the toy and give him a treat so he understands that when he delivers it he receives a prize.
  4. Gradually introduce the "loose" order when leaving the toy, and practice until he does it alone.

And if you are one of those who prefer to make homemade toys, you can make yourself a ball with esparto rope that, in addition, will allow your cat to file its nails with it. Do not miss this video and discover the steps to make the homemade ball and the fishing rod: "3 homemade toys for cats".

The hiding place, a classic that never fails

Do you remember how much fun you had as a child playing hide and seek? You can do it again with your cat! To start this game and entertain your cat alone you must hide, call your partner and let him find you. At that moment, run, hide again and perform the same ritual. And if it is your cat that hides, before starting its search say "Where is (name of your cat)?", So that the animal associates those words with the beginning of the game.

Another game to play with your cat at home simple and that reminds us of our childhood is called "catch-catch"You probably shouldn't teach your cat to play, because it will be he himself who will claim you to do it. Have you ever seen your cat run crazy right in front of you? At that moment you also run and start a chase. When you reach it, it will probably run again so that, again, you chase it.

With these two games for cats, we not only keep them entertained, but also get them to exercise, something totally necessary to avoid being overweight.

Game with old socks

Take a pair of old socks, join them with a very strong knot and make cuts at each end to create as a kind of fringes. Once the toy is manufactured, get your cat's attention and start the game. To do this, move the socks vigorously across the floor to chase them and let them catch them from time to time.

In which glass is the prize?

The famous game known as "trile" can not only be practiced between people, we can also perform it with our animals. It's as simple as picking up three plastic or cardboard cups and a sweet smelling candy. We place one of the glasses on the candy and the other two on the sides of it, keeping all three in line. Then, with our expectant cat, we started to move the glasses and let the scent throw the glass containing the prize. This game is perfect to entertain our cat, strengthen the bond with us and have a fun time together.

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