Character and care of the Chinese Crested dog


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Title: Chinese Crested hairless care

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Title: Chinese Crested hairless care

Chinese Crested Dog Character

First, it is extremely important to keep in mind that there are two varieties of this breed. We have to differentiate between hairless and powderpuff. The first are those who only have hair on the legs, head and tail (the most common). On the other hand, the powderpuff are those that have a long and dense coat of fur, as if they were a miniature version of the Afghan Hound.

Both have an open, affectionate and affable character. In addition, they are characterized by:

  • They are very active and energetic.
  • They know how to understand their masters (they are usually obedient).
  • They are cute with children.
  • They can be very suspicious of people they don't know.
  • They are familiar.
  • Sometimes they can become very restless.
  • They are very playful.

Despite being extremely loving, these little friends can be very independent

Care you should take

Having a series of very peculiar physical characteristics, the Chinese Crested dog is one of the most cared for races To be cute and healthy.

That is why The attention and care of these dogs revolve around two fundamental aspects which you will have to face constantly if you want your dog to always be in the best possible conditions.

Health care

For both the common variety and the Powder Puff, these are the cares and precautions that you must take into account to ensure your health:

    You must be aware of the cu>

If you want this dog to maintain a perfect appearance, you should apply the following care:

  • If your dog is one of those without hair, you should bathe it frequently so that your skin stays clean and soft. For this, you should use a good shampoo and after the bath apply some good quality moisturizer.
  • If it is a Powder Puff, it is essential that you brush your fur daily With a metal barbed brush. These will be essential when the canine is reaching adulthood. In addition, for the bath of the latter it is essential that you use a natural shampoo so that your skin does not suffer any type of damage. They should also be dried with hot air to keep their fur in the best possible condition.

As you can see, the two varieties of this breed need good attention to live healthy and with an ideal appearance. As simple as that, if you like to play and fix your canine, the Chinese Crested dog will be your dream come true.

Physical characteristics of the breed

The Chinese crest is thin and thin bones, but not so much that it appears weak. Of funny aspect and alert expression, other physical characteristics of this can are:

  • Height of the cross: between 28 and 33 centimeters males, and between 23 and 30 females.
  • Weight: should not exceed 5.5 kilograms.
  • Head: flat and slightly wrinkled
  • Truffle: prominent. Any pigmentation is accepted.
  • Snout: thin without being pointed.
  • Lips: thin and adherent.
  • Eyes: scattered, medium, dark and very separate implantation.
  • Ears: low insertion, they are long and erect. The Powder Puff may have droopy ears.
  • Tail: high insertion, does not curl or bend. It is long and is tuning towards the tip.
  • Color: any color or combination of colors is accepted.

A cheerful and fast learning dog

We are facing an active and funny dog, and that lacks aggressiveness. Smart and balanced, it is very easy to train. And he is very loyal and attached to his humans.

Like most dogs, the Chinese crested does not like to be left alone for too long. Further, must be correctly socialized to avoid becoming fearful and develop destructive habits or suffer from separation anxiety.

A good socialization also ensures that the animal interacts well with other people and pets. In any case, it is not the ideal dog for young children, as it can be hurt by some rough treatment by infants.

The health of the Chinese crested

It is usually a dog that is in good health and is not too susceptible to inherited diseases. Likewise, you may suffer:

It has a life expectancy of between 13 and 15 years. As with any companion animal, so that it lives healthy and happy, in addition to treating it with respect and affection, it must be vaccinated, dewormed, given adequate food and taken to the veterinarian periodically.

Care that race requires

The thin and thin hair that the Chinese crested hairless variety has to be brushed two or three times a week, to prevent the formation of knots. For its part, the Powder Puff variety coat should be brushed at least once a day.

Further, a hairless crest has to be bathed every 15 days. On the other hand, the Powder Puff variety is possiblebathe her to see her dirty. In both cases, a specific product determined by the veterinarian must be used.

It should also be noted that A hairless dog is more exposed to the action of sunrays and temperature changes. It is essential to protect it, then, from both burns and cold.

In both varieties, in addition, it is necessary to emphasize the care of the denture. And, of course, being an active dog, you should exercise daily, both inside and outside the house.

Everything you should know about Chinese Crested

Those who have adopted it say that his joy is hopelessly spread. Although it is the most popular breed of hairless dogs, it is still unusual to see specimens of it through the streets of our cities.

As you will see in Petyzoo, these are friendly, charming and always on alert They are characterized by their intelligence and their ease in learning tricks. As for his main hobbies, he enjoys climbing and digging in the dirt. Already at home, they will not depart from your side. If you want a companion dog, don't doubt that it will be your ideal breed.

The origins of this breed, given its age, are not very clear. It is said that they may come from the Philippines and that it came from Indochina to the court of the Manchu emperors in China.

Although the Chinese are considered great domesticators of animals that enjoy much success, having been precursors of innumerable and unusual races, it does not follow that the Chinese crest originated in this country, to which they owe the second part of their first name. As for the "crest" answers the simple question that they have a crest in their head.

In 1686 it was introduced in Europe and already in the 19th century the Chinese crested arrived in the United States. There are those who point out that their arrival in these continents could have occurred from the hand of African merchants, since many hairless races have also been created in Africa, some of which bear such resemblance to the Chinese crested that suggests they may be relatives.

Interestingly, once the British brought copies of Chinese crested to their empire, where they retained their own characteristics until recently, the Chinese crested disappeared from China.

Thus, it was the British who recovered the race, improving it until we do it as we know it today. As for the American contribution, we must also comment that they have done enough for the evolution of this pet but on the basis, yes, of the British lines. In this country, what has been most taken care of has been its character, perhaps less "domestic" than those to which other races have accustomed us, which is due to the primitive origin of Chinese crested.

Characteristics and physical features

This vital puppy that oozes energy everywhere, is part of a dwarf breed, which implies that although it is not a "soft" dog, a series of precautions related to its small anatomy must be taken ...

Graceful pet, tiny, light and slender bone structure, elegant, glamorous and with dark and rounded eyes of the most expressive, with large ears that give it a funny butterfly look (similar to those of the papillon), has a skin Warm and soft.

Types of Chinese Crested

There are two versions of this dog:

  • The first and most striking, called hairless, is one in which it is only covered with hair on the head, legs and tail, the rest of its body being bald.
  • The second, called powder puff, has long hair all over his body, except in the face.

Its coat can be of any color or color combinations.

Both versions share the following common features:

  • Their legs they are strong and long, gently inclined towards a low tibio-tarsal joint. Angulation of its hind limbs should allow the back to be horizontal. The posterior members must be excessively separated.
  • Their feet they are unique due to the strange elongation that they present in the small bones that are located between the joints, mainly in the previous feet, that seem to have an additional piece of joint. Otherwise, their feet are shaped like a hare and are very long and narrow, with nails that can be of different colors and quite long. Your "socks," as the hairy skin of your feet is known, should be limited to the toes and not exceed the carpal joint.

The two varieties seem to be different races, although the baldness of the first is caused by a mutation in the foxi gene, which results in the hairless variety, which has a smooth, human-like skin, retaining strands of hair on the legs and on the head, as well as on the tail.

Until recently, the variety with hair or powder puff could not appear in beauty competitions, having limited use for breeding and improvement of the breed, a destination that is still preserved today.

Today both varieties enjoy the same prestige and recognition at breeding and exposure levels, competing together in a large number of countries. With hair and naked they are born in the same litter and have the same standard, if the mantle is excepted.


Chinese crests are Cheerful and sensitive, sweet and playful. Very loyal to their owner, they stick to a particular person, choosing a family member for it.

Nothing aggressive or conflictive at the level of coexistence, it is convenient to socialize them well from small so that they get to relate perfectly with other people and pets, because otherwise, her shy nature would end up prevailing and would turn them into puppies suspicious and fearful of any new situation, which would lead to a fearful and unbalanced pet.

Very intelligent, they will always be prepared to learn everything you are willing to teach him, fascinating them the realization of maromas.

On the other hand, it is very important that you offer them sufficient accompaniment and the possibility of daily physical exercise so that they do not develop separation anxiety problems and choose to destroy what they have more at hand. Whenever you feel sufficiently accompanied, you will be an excellent companion dog, so they are not advisable for those people who spend much of the day away from home.

These hairless dogs, like those who do not move it, are an extraordinary option for those who suffer from allergies, as they are hypoallergenic pets.

His behavior is one of his points in his favor, since this tiny rascal wastes vitality on all four sides. Something nervous in their movements, reminiscent of those of the poodle, are jumping pets, pyreps, flirtatious and somewhat funny.

Sociable and friendly, they like to give love and sometimes they are somewhat barking when they are restless about the presence of strangers or some unfamiliar noise.

The truth is that although dogs that lack hair do not enjoy much popularity, it is likely that Chinese Crested is the best known of all. The reason is that they are not only worthy of highlighting their peculiar physical characteristics, but also their open and cheerful nature.

A lively, savvy and affectionate race that enthusiastically clings to its family, who loves to delight in his tricks. All cute that, surely, you will recommend adopting others.

At home they tend to be very calm and hardly bark, tending to practice "sofing" and spending hours and hours sleeping. Now, if there is something that arouses your interest, you will not hesitate to do as many hoaxes you consider necessary to achieve it.

Blessed as they enjoy the company of the family, these crested kids hate loneliness. Curious and sociable, they are also nervous and need the relationship with other people and dogs from puppies.

Relationship with other pets

As we have already mentioned, the Chinese crested tends to get along with other pets, but for that it must have been undergoing a socialization process from puppy, preventing him from becoming a fearful or too shy puppy.

Once this premise is fulfilled, he would like to interact with the rest of the animals, although it is not too advisable to live with dogs that exceed him too much in size, since the fact that his body is practically “naked” makes him a pretty puppy sensitive, susceptible to more damage than others.

Relationship with children

His relationship with children is very good, since his character can simply be described as charming. Now, children must be sufficiently warned that they must play with him carefully and without rudenessWell, we have just mentioned that, otherwise, it is likely that this little one will suffer some kind of unwanted mishap, such as scratches or abrasions.

This does not mean that, although it is something more physically vulnerable, it is a fragile puppy that must be overprotected, rather the opposite. With them we must adopt an attitude that does not include overprotection at any time, which would only lead to the promotion of a shy and withdrawn character that would spoil the formidable character of this breed.


This tender pet, which is often said to have "no dumb hair", suffers from a certain tendency to overweight, so you should pay special attention to your diet.

Always give a dry feed of quality among those especially suitable for toy breeds and do not exceed the rations (which can be placed in about 100 grams per day), or in the prizes.

Of course, adequate food is a factor that has a decisive impact on both the appearance and the general state of health of your dog.

Hygiene and beauty care of this breed are very simple to perform, since it does not require any complicated. You must think that it is a race that Do not change hair and it does not give off a bad smell, so with simple hygiene guidelines, your needs in this regard will be absolutely covered.

When we talk about keeping our toy pet scrupulously clean, we refer to a gesture that has an impact on the rest of the family members, since its small size leads to a close approach with its owners, so that everyone wins.

Dental hygiene

We must start from the fact that this breed has, at the outset, a poor dentition, often missing pieces of the mouth or having some of them misplaced. Some experts blame this lack of health in the mouth for the absence of hair, since both deficiencies would be related to the deficit of production of a protein that equally affects the growth of hair and teeth, although they are not conclusive studies .

Bath and drying

This clean breed, which does not give off a bad smell, should be bathed around once a month. After bathing, excess moisture should be removed with a towel and, in the case of powder puff, which is covered with hair, apply a soft dryer, conveniently removed from the body and at a temperature not too high to avoid possible burns.

Like is logic, It is the powder puff variety that needs more care, it is advisable to brush once a day, because their woolly fur gets tangled if we do not take enough care.

In this way, you will get a long, heavy and straight and loose mantle at the same time. To achieve this you must avoid having knots formed.

Vaccines and antiparasitic treatments

All breeds of dogs, and the Chinese crested is not an exception, should be observe the schedule of vaccinations that your veterinarian indicates. On the other hand, you also have to place the antiparasitic pipettes or collars keep them safe from fleas, ticks and intestinal worms.

Skin care

One of its distinctive features is its high body temperature. The reason for this is that in this way the absence of hair is compensated and hypothermia is avoided, a feature that was praised by the Chinese aristocracy that at the time used them to keep their beds warmer, or to get some heat by carrying them in your lap

Because it has no fur, except in the powder puff variety, it is a cold puppy that does not adapt to living outdoors. He likes to live inside the house, where he will be well wrapped and would appreciate having always a blanket at his disposal.

In winter, it will be essential that you get one of those cute little coats that sell for toy dogs, in order to protect it when going out. Of course, when you go to choose it, you should keep in mind that this breed is especially prone to the development of wool and lanolin allergies, so you should opt for synthetic materials or cotton.

In summer, you must be especially cautious with your skin, because it is directly exposed to the sun and therefore tan, so without proper care it could get burned, which means that before leaving you should apply sunscreen.

Another of the cares that your delicate skin requires is the application of creams or oils regularly, that protect and moisturize your skin, safeguarding it from those external factors to which it is exposed, especially in the case that we notice that it is cracked.

Depending on the color of their skin they endure a greater or lesser time of exposure to the sun, being the ones with darker skin the most resistant to the sun and those with lighter skin, the most delicate and requiring more sun protection.

More common diseases

We have previously indicated that the Chinese crested breed does not enjoy good dental health. It usually has what is known for "Primitive mouth", which translates into sharp teeth and canines, as well as lack of certain teeth or poor placement of them, especially in the hairless variety.

For the rest, it is a strong and resistant breed, whose most common diseases are those of the toy races:

  • Eye diseases, such as progressive retinal atrophy that can lead to blindness or dry eye syndrome, cataracts or retinal detachment, common pathologies in them.
  • Patella dislocation or legg-perthes
  • Stenosis of the aorta


Nor are we facing a breed of "luxury" dogs, fragile and only require a cushion to be happy. Chinese crests are predisposed to physical activity and they enjoy impressive agility with which they usually stand out in the so-called agility tests.

This entertaining and fun companion dog should be socialized as a puppy, which includes exposure to noise and various outdoor activities, so that we avoid becoming shy and scary.

Race very attached to its owner, they enjoy their company to the fullest and manifest the constant need for leadership on their part. We must avoid by all means fall into the error that this wonderful breed ends up developing the small dog syndrome and that no leader of the pack recognizes.

Achieving it happens by overcoming the temptation to treat it as if it were a small child, because what we would achieve with it would be unwanted behaviors. You should be aware of signs such as your pet growling, biting things or keeping objects for themselves, as those would be unambiguous indications that we have allowed him to take over and he has become the leader. If you are already at this point, do not fear, because starting to treat you in the right way, you can correct this behavior.

At the time of the ride

Despite their small size, which makes them adapt perfectly to life in a small apartment, these puppies need a daily walk. The game with him covers part of his exercise needs, but then requires covering his primitive instinct to walk. Everyone knows that a pet that does not exercise enough is more likely to develop behavioral problems.

Like any other breed, it will be happy to run with other dogs in the park, as if it were a larger size, because the fact that the Chinese crested is small does not mean that its exercise should be limited to small spaces.

With the specimens of this breed it's very easy to go for a walk, since they do not have the habit of pulling the belt and they are always looking for the proximity of their owner, so they do not usually want to get away. Even so, each one has its own character, so obedience education is crucial as in the rest of the races.

Now, as some fault had to have, to the Chinese crests, something eccentric and nervous, they do not like anything to step with their delicate legs on the outgoing sewers, the unions that are marked much in the pavement changes, much less over A puddle of water.

In any of these cases, you prefer to surround or skip what bothers you, although it must be said that the hairless variety of Chinese crests is more delicate for these purposes than powder puff.


Reject synthetic oils. Most pharmacy mink oils are synthetic. They do not work. Grease and yellow. If you observe carefully, when you bathe and degrease your hair, you will see that it is dry. The skin does not integrate synthetic mink oil.

After rinsing apply a good moisturizer. Dissolve the moisturizer in water and put the mixture in a good spray or in a mixing canister. It is very important that it is a product that respects the pH of your skin.

The best ones are the ones I recommend. They hydrate a lot, nourish, protect and help to repair damaged hair. They are products created with exquisite care. You will get a blanket populated and loose, and a soft and shiny skin.


This is very important, do not dream that the bathroom will provide all the necessary hydration. Your skin and mantle cannot get all the nutrients they need from the blood, they are continuously dehydrated. It is imperative that you apply external moisturizers frequently.

Therefore, even if you do not "touch" bathe, spray plenty of moisturizing agent whenever you need it, so that it is absorbed through the skin and the mantle. Especially if it is windy, you will see that every day the hair will ask you to spray your moisturizing product. Use one that does not require rinsing. It is advisable to pass a cleaning wipe through the body before hydration to clean it from the dust and sweat of our hands. The wipe alone dries the skin. Don't forget to hydrate it later.

Brush it frequently, but do not forget to spray a little moisturizer before doing so, so that the card or brush does not break, or tear that precious hair. Brush carefully. Use a soft metal barbed brush without a ball on the tip. I recommend Ibáñez butter brushes or soft black brushes. For drying the mantle, you may find it more comfortable to help yourself with a soft card. I recommend soft cards and extra soft and flexible double cards Ibáñez.


To retouch the hair of head, legs and tail, use a straight scissors of more than 17 cm. high precision Use a metal comb 15 to 19 cm. for the correct placement of the hair before giving the cut. That way the final result will be more accurate.

To shave the snout use a machine with a very low head.

In areas without hair, some hairs usually grow. I do not recommend that you cut them. To remove them, use a hair removal machine that starts them. I recommend you do the pre-bath hair removal. The pore will be open. In this way, during the bath, we will remove all impurities and the pore will close clean. It will prevent infections.


A good mantle has a genetic base, but above all it is the prize for good maintenance. The time we have before an exhibition is essential.

You can always correct the pinkish areas of the lachrymal with the chalk or the tear pencil. Use the Kw Antilagrimeo. as prevention

If it becomes stained during the trip, spray the stained areas with a specific dry shampoo on the exhibition, or with your usual enhancement shampoo very diluted in water (a part of shampoo in twenty of water). Rub and then dry with an absorbent cloth. It will leave all the dirt in it. Then lightly spray your usual moisturizer and dry with a dryer, stretching the mantle very well, using a soft barbed brush.

Once our work is finished, five minutes before entering the ring, spray a polishing spray, so that the dog enters with the ideal brightness.

A discolored truffle has a very bad effect. Even if you have become accustomed to seeing her like this, the judge will call your attention especially. If necessary, do not hesitate, use that product called "Black and Bright Truffle". Apply it the day before.

If you have red eyes due to the tiredness of the trip or for any other reason, put a drop of eye drops in each eye. Get it at a pharmacy.