15 breeds of pitbull and similar dogs - Images and characteristics


The american pit bull terrier (APBT) is one of the best known dog breeds among all terriers. Unfortunately, even today they continue to generate controversy, due to their possible "combative nature" towards other dogs. However, just review a study by Barbara Schoening published in The University of Bristol to make sure that aggressiveness is not associated with race. In fact, it is a dog with multiple qualities, as it stands out for its agility, its patient temperament and its kindness towards humans. It is therefore a very versatile and versatile breed.

If you are a lover of a.p.b.t., you have probably wondered on occasion what are the races that fall within the term "bull type terriers" and what characteristics differentiate each type of dog. However, we must know that there is no certain origin on the origin of the pit bull, because according to the bloodline we observe variations in the phenotype: some dogs seem of the "graioid" type and others heavier of the "molosoid" type, something that we explain in the history of the American pit bull terrier.

In this article we will try to clarify whether pitbull dog breeds really exist, as there are many doubts that are generated when talking about bull terrier dogs. Also, if you are thinking of adopting a dog with these characteristics, it will be essential that you are well informed before making any decision. Are there different types or races of pit bull? Find out below, the whole truth without myths!

What are bull type terrier? Are there really several pit bull breeds?

We can differentiate the American pit bull terrier (APBT) from the so-called "bull type terrier" dogs. In the first case we are facing a concrete and well defined dog breed, registered under this name by the United Kennel Club in 1898 and by the American Dog Breeders Association in 1909, however, in the second case, the term refers to a large group of different dog breeds with similar physical characteristics.

It is not correct to speak of "pitbull dog breeds" or "types of pitbull dogs", since there are no different variations within the same race. What can be done is to differentiate the different bloodlines that exist.

Next we are going to show you the different types of "bull type terriers", together with their main characteristics. You will see that many of the races that we will mention were not developed in order to be used for dog fights, as in the case of the English bull terrier or the American staffordshire terrier. However, that does not mean at all that all bull-type terriers have been raised and selected for fighting.

We take this opportunity to highlight that clandestine dog fights, illegal in most countries, are an intolerable practice that must be completely eradicated. If you know any case do not hesitate, act, in ExpertAnimal we explain how to report animal abuse.

1. American pit bull terrier

The a.p.b.t is the quintessential race from which the different bloodlines or typologies are created. Contrary to what one might come to believe, the American pit bull terrier not an aggressive dog (remember that aggressiveness is not an inherent characteristic of the breed) in fact, it is one of the most tolerant dog breeds that exist according to research in more than 450 dog breeds conducted by the American Temperament Society.

The pit bull is a friendly and balanced dog, possessor of great intelligence and willingness to work. The weight of this dog is between 13 and 25 kilograms.

American Pit Bull Terrier

This breed is the origin of all its derivatives by crosses. It comes from the United States, and although it is confused with other dogs like American Staffordshire Terrier, this is the only pure from which pitbull will come out by blood. The creation of this dog comes from the dog fights made in the middle of the 19th century. Since a more agile and lighter dog was needed, it met expectations coming to the United States by the hands of English and Irish. Thus, these people were polishing the race until in 1898 they were recognized by United Kennel Club.

Its appearance is agile, athletic with well defined musculature. Its thorax is wide, it is long but not tall, drooping ears although they are usually clipped. The fur is short, stiff and can be of many different colors. On the other hand, an important factor is that these dogs enjoy good general health and do not have a high level of diseases of the breed.

Although it is prejudiced that it is an aggressive dog, it is actually a faithful protector. It is fun, playful and sociable. However, because of the potential attack by its physical components, it is recommended to socialize the dog from an early age and educate it permanently. Therefore, it will require constant training and exercises so as not to become a danger to other animals or humans.

Some countries like Australia have banned the possession of pit bulls due to irresponsible owners and problems of fatal attacks. Other countries such as Colombia, Paraguay and Spain require certain care when owning these dogs. It is so that for the walks it must be used necessarily muzzle, belt under penalty of fines. In addition there are other countries that require the registration of those who own this breed, the owner's care is monitored and care is required both at the residence and at the time of leaving.

East potentially dangerous dog is trained for security services, narcotics detection, wild boar hunting and also for the home. For its coat only requires a bath every six weeks and brushed weekly.

Finally, despite their potential mortal danger in attacks, statistics place other breeds above these dogs. Among the most cited in these events are German shepherds, doberman, Rottweiler and pointer.

2. Staffordshire bull terrier

Also know as "staffy", this dog is somewhat smaller than the pit bull, placing its weight between 11 and 17 kilograms, in addition, it stands out for having a compact, muscular and agile body. Like other bull-type terrier, the s.b.t has a very friendly character, both with other dogs and with other pets, but stands out especially for his dealings with children, being known as one of the best "nanny dogs".

However, it is essential to note that this breed was not created or selected for its functions as a nanny dog, but receives this nickname for its affectionate, sociable, fun and vital character. In addition, we talk about a dog especially attached to its relatives.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This is one of the most similar dogs to the pit bull so some consider it part of the breed, although it is not their own. Its creation has also emerged from the interest of attack for use in fights. This is how it is a product of the mix between bulldogs and terriers, as the name suggests.

Regarding the physical aspect is a proportionate dog, of good musculature and robust. It has short hair that can be different colors or fawn.

Since the dog endures pain and is even stimulated with it, hitting it is an option that will encourage him to attack. Therefore, their behavior must be controlled from a young age with rewards-based training. It is so maintaining a good education this is a loyal and playful dog with children, very attached to its owners. He does not get along with other dogs in general and this leads to fights of high level of injuries.

Although you enjoy good general health, you may have some problems such as cataracts, split lips and the like. Is tumor prone although with a veterinary care and annual controls these conditions can be detected continuing the treatment.

3. American staffordshire terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier or "amstaff" It has a widely developed musculature, especially in the pectoral area. It can weigh 35 kilograms and all colors are allowed in this breed, although fur with more than 80% white, black fur and fire and liver should not be valued. It is a quiet dog, although with a strong impulse, which creates a very special bond with his caregivers, whom he cares for and protects.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Also native to the United States, this breed derives from the Old English Bulldog and Old English Terrier mix. Their uses as well as their peers went back to blood fights with bulls or dogs. This prohibited activity has not prevented him from remaining as a pet and companion dog.

Elegant, short-tailed and with short fur. It is a muscular dog with great skills when it comes to exercises.

It is an excellent dog as a guard is always attentive to the care of its owners. However, if you are not trained since childhood you can become uncontrollable. Thus, his stubborn character if stimulated with aggressiveness or violence makes him a lethal weapon. He doesn't usually stop against fights even against more powerful opponents, which is risky for himself.

It is a healthy dog ​​with only trends like hip dysplasia which is very common in all older dogs.

4. English Bull Terrier

One of the most notorious physical characteristics of the breed is its eyes, which have a triangular shape. He is a stubborn but gentle dog, which requires the company and affection of his adoptive family. It's about a brave dog which can reach 35 kilos of weight. Since its creation, the breed standard has been modified several times and bull terrier dogs and staffordshire bull terrier have been used to fully develop it.

There are no different types of pit bull

In order to deny the large amount of wrong information Y fake news circulating on the network, we must clarify that the types of pitbull "pinat", "villa liberty", "Johnson" or "cobra" (among many others) do not exist, just as there are no "blue nose" or " red nose ".

None of the names we have mentioned belong to the fictitious pitbull dog breeds. In fact, to be more concise, the term o.f.r.n (old family red nose) is a pit bull terrier's bloodline, the term "villa liberty" refers to a breeder and "Johnson" is a type of American bulldog. As for the dogs "pinat", "cobra", "pitbull monster" or "Mexican chamuco" ... They simply do not exist.


A direct relative of the Pitbull breed, this chunky jaw and large snout is among the most robust. Since it is potentially harmful to your attacks, it is recommended to have knowledge or train the dog carefully. However, this can be a very faithful and friendly pet, you should only have responsible behavior.

It tends to imitate its owner and respond to aggressive or affectionate stimuli. Therefore, if you have been raised with tenderness you will always have good reactions. However, if it is incentivized to violence or its owner is aggressive it can be lethal aggressions.

Control of this dog is essential. They have jaw muscles and teeth so powerful that even without intention they can damage. You have to reprimand your hard games because they can harm other puppies or children.

What is the best dog?

Now that you've known the difference between a.p.b.t and the different types of bull-type terrier, you're probably wondering what the best breed or bloodline of these dogs is, right? If we want to adopt a bull-type terrier, the most important thing is that we look for those characteristics that best suit our life style and needs

Regardless of the differentiations, if you want to adopt a pit bull or any other bull type terrier you must take into account the following:

    These dogs need regular physical exercise, so it is>

If you have decided on one of the breeds of pit bull dogs as a companion animal, we recommend that you consult the current legislation on "potentially dangerous dogs", however, do not believe that they are aggressive dogs, because you would be surprised to see all the faculties of the American pit bull terrier, which is currently considered a excellent assistance dog, police or detector of narcotics

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More American Pit Bull Bloodlines

Like the above mentioned, there are other lines that come directly from the american race. Among the direct descendants, we find the following:

  • Johnson: is the line that most closely resembles bulldogs. Since their body is stocky and heavy they are usually slow but docile in character.
  • Colby: with broad head and strong muzzle. Also of character for constant education but they can be great friends of children since they are usually calm.
  • Chamucos: Just as their name evokes, they are Mexican pit bulls. This line has been created for fights and for their ability to attack. They have a tough physical build and are loyal. Since they are friendly they can be ideal companion pets if they are well bred.
  • Spike: They are also of direct line and it is believed that they have mixed them with Dalmatians. This belief derives from his body with white spots on a black background. They have less muscle and are friendly.

Any of these bloodlines will represent a Pit Bull, since they are his closest ancestors. Some still have big problems since they are used for illegal fights, wild boar hunting and other crimes. However, they are also trained by security forces for fight drug trafficking or accompany in tracking tasks.

Similar and Pitbull relatives

In the face of these muscular dogs that have emerged with atrocious ends but that continue to exist as pets today, there are many variables. Among other relatives of pure American are the following:

  • Monster blue: This burly, heavy and powerful jaw has emerged from the cross between Bordeaux bulldog and Neapolitan mastiff.
  • Red nose: Direct descendant of the American Pit Bull. This one is thinner with long legs. Its brown, white or mixed coat of these colors.
  • Villaliberty: network derivatives nose. They have a direct line with the pure American. They are also strong, balanced and their character is optimal for children or the elderly.
  • Pynat: used as a hunting dog. Fur coat and offspring of the American pit bull.
  • Gamer: developed for attacks and fighting. Unfortunately the character of this dog leads him to constantly compete to demonstrate superiority.

These are some of the races that have fighting origins and resemble the Pitbull. However, the differences between these lie in small characteristics that make their behavior. Therefore, consulting with professionals to choose a copy that meets our requirements and way of life is essential.

Care tips for these dogs

Faced with the acquisition of these dogs, it is convenient to find out the line of origin. In the case of buying puppies, check background and in dogs with a former owner investigate the breeding. Since if the previous owner has kept it in an aggressive environment you will need professional help to have a reliable dog that does not generate dangerous events. Well educated there are no dangerous dogs.

Before the acquisition of a puppy of the Pitbull line you have to respect a calm environment and set limits from small. In addition these dogs are very robust and will require constant walk, games and stimuli. If your place is small, evaluate to make many outings a day so that you spend small energy and not break objects. On the other hand, you should advise on the legislation and restrictions of your country. This is how you should go out with a muzzle, leash and you may even have to register in a public register as a holder of this breed.

Its potentially dangerous and deadly nature due to the power of its attacks is not necessarily a marker of its actions. These dogs can have a quiet, fun life and be reliable companions. However, before: children or other dogs must be trained to behave and socialize properly. It is likely that the damage they cause to a game is not intentional, but by the power of bite you have to teach them to be gentle and manage their strength.

American pit bull terrier

This race would be the ancestral race, without a doubt, the first of all those that have originated over the years. They have a very friendly character since they are very intelligent dogs and are eager to learn. It usually weighs between 15 and 25 kilos.

Monster blue

This animal bestiality weighs 60 kilos. They have an impressive strength in their jaws (logical) since they are huge, very thick and very heavy dogs. This dog is a powerful mix between Neapolitan mastiff and a burgundy bulldog. The result is beastly.

They have a very balanced character even though they were created in the late 1880s for fights. It is a dog with a very broad head, flat snout and somewhat wrinkled. It is a perfect dog to watch children. He would rarely attack a person, he is aware of his strength and size.

These pit bulls are also very famous, they are known as the Mexican pit bulls. He is also famous for being the smallest of all the pit bulls that exist. The most characteristic thing is the great resistance they have since they are thin but they have a lot of muscle under their belt. Unfortunately, it is still the number 1 dog used for clandestine dog fights.

An ideal dog to keep you company as it is a calm dog but at the same time docile. Many think that Dalmatian dog's blood runs through his blood since some have black spots similar to those of Dalmatians.

It is my favorite pit bull. I love it, it is a line created in Ireland in the 1800s. It has a spectacular look, with unique green eyes. In addition, the rosacea nose is unique. It has a long legs in a very strong body of 30 kilos. The fur is usually brown and white.

It is a dog similar to "red nose" but it has blue or black eyes. Its fur is completely white. Another beautiful animal, I would say is the second in my list of favorite pit bulls.


A stable and safe dog. It was created in Spain from the "red nose". As you can see, a spectacular dog. A line that highlights all the virtues that a pit bull can have.

This dog, which is used for hunting, is a thin dog, yes, it weighs 30 kilos, but is more athletic and slender than the rest. It has a life expectancy of 15 years and is 50 centimeters high.

Dog of 25 to 30 kilos. Developed for fights (like almost everyone ...). Very athletic despite being very muscular.

Slow and docile dog. Of powerful constitution since it exceeds 40 kilos. Many compare it to bulldogs because of their black and white spots. Exemplary dog ​​quite friendly with people since being a huge dog receives little affection and is always looking for it in other people.

Of all these pit bulls, which one is your favorite? We will complete the list in the future by adding more photos and above all, individualizing one by one so that you receive all the necessary information from each one. As we update the web, we will be adding information to their respective.

Now we leave you with the latest articles of our blog, so you can continue learning.

American Pit Bull Terrier

It is the best known breed. From it, the different typologies have been created. They are very intelligent dogs, always willing to learn new things. Further, They are friendly and stand out for having a balanced character. They weigh between 13 and 25kg.

Monster blue

They are crosses between Neapolitan mastiff and dogue de Bordeaux, so that they have great strength in the jaw. Its constitution is thick and heavy. They are one of the pit bulls with the highest body weight: an adult specimen can reach 60kg.

They are characterized by having a balanced character. They can become children's best friends, since they are patient. They have a broad and strong head, and a flat snout. Its weight is 15-20kg.

Also known as Mexican pit bull, they are the smallest. They are thin but muscular dogs, which unfortunately are used as fighting dogs due to their resistance. These dogs immediately trust human beings, so they can be very good friends and colleagues. Its weight is about 15-20kg.

They are Pit Bulls that are believed to have Dalmatian blood, since their fur is white with black spots. They have a poorly developed musculature, and They are calm and kind, so that they can live perfectly with humans. Its weight is 20-25kg.

Its fur is brown or white, with honey or green eyes. His body is thin, with long legs. They weigh between 25 and 30kg.

They are similar to Red Nose, except for their fur that is white without spots. The eyes are black or blue.

American pit bull terrier

Possibly the most known and widespread breed for being considered the original, among all types of Pitbull dogs today. His physical appearance is that of a medium-sized dog about thirty kilos in weight.

With forty centimeters in height and a fairly athletic body, his hair is short and brown, mottled, white or black. Being an important characteristic of the race the famous white spot they present on the chest.

This breed is very active and energetic, so it is mandatory to have it exercised daily to eliminate excess energy, which can cause stress. His temperament is affectionate at the family level, although very territorial and dominant with other dogs and unknown people.

It is not a breed for people with little experience in the canine field, nor for people with a lazy personality. Since it requires strong discipline and training.

Pitbull puppies are commonly known as small gladiators, because of their way of playing with each other, always in the form of a fight (although not damaged).

American pit bull terrier

APBT breeding lines

On the other hand we can also find an important variant that is officially recognized by the ADBA, the Pit Bull Terrier Red Nose, which is characterized by having the brown truffle (nose), like its hair.

Although its origins are not very clear, the theory that a crossing of Irish Pitbull with an American is handled.

The Blue nose Pitbull is also a different line and well known for having the color of the gray truffle, as well as the color of its hair. How breed is not accepted since it is a variation of the Pit Bull, but with different characteristics.

Blue nose pit bull

American bully

Obtained from the crossing of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Staffordshire terrier, it is a strong and muscular dog, with a physical appearance similar to the Monster Blue.

Colloquially known how Bullypit, can reach fifty kilos and have a height of up to forty-five centimeters to the cross.

The character of the American bully is dominant and territorial, so from puppy you should receive an intense and disciplined education. Being a physically very strong dog, we should not make the mistake of training it for aggressive purposes.

At home it has a quite calm behavior, although in the street it is an earthquake that loves to walk, run and enjoy outdoor stays enjoying the mountain, like almost all types of pit bulls.

American bully

It is actually a line of Pitbull somewhat thinner and smaller than the American Pitbull terrier, however, it is stronger and braver since this breed was generated exclusively to win dog fights.

Fortunately these types of fights are currently banned and the Colby has become a companion dog, familiar. However, he is not overly affectionate and therefore requires an education and training carried out by professional staff.

The Colby is physically very similar to Pitbull, something more widened in snout, but maintaining very similar lines.


What kind of Pitbull is best for me?

We must keep in mind a few important data before adopting a Pitbull or breed with Pitbull genetics, since the characteristics of these dogs are very peculiar.

In the first place it is not a breed of dog indicated for young people, there are many teenagers who only want a Pit Bull to feel safe or hesitate among friends to see which one is more brave.

To have a Pitbull or a derived breed, it is absolutely necessary to be mentally mature and have a lot of experience caring for and educating dogs. Pitbulls are very energetic, dominant and territorial dogs.

This does not mean that they are dangerous, but they are potentially dangerous if they do not receive an adequate education. Many of the types of Pitbull we have mentioned require a PPP license to be able to adopt them.


  • They are not carpet dogs, they require a lot of daily exercise.
  • We must never educate them with violence, nor incite them to be violent.
  • We must train them conscientiously, being the most advisable to go to a professional dog trainer.
  • We must be cautious> Discover the different types of Pitbull in video