Bad breath in dogs: Causes and treatment


If you share your life with a dog, the first thing you should keep in mind is that Dogs have their own smell. That is, whether we want to or not, dogs smell like dogs.

Dogs emit a particular smell, and This is necessary to communicate with the other dogs!

However, there are some areas that smell more than others. The most smelly areas of dogs are:

  • Ears
  • Year
  • Pads

Normally with a brushing, or a bath, Dogs stop having an excessive smell!

The anal glands of dogs

If your dog smells bad and also drag your butt on the floor ... Your pet could have a problem with his anal glands.

The anal glands are bags that They are located on both sides of the anus. They expel a liquid (similar to oil) with a very strong smell. Anal glands, they serve to facilitate the expulsion of feces.

If this liquid accumulates, apart from emitting a very intense smell, It will make your pet feel pain (and even infections).

Have you seen your pet drag the butt and lick the area? So ... It is important that you take him to the vet!

Otitis in dogs

Although it may seem a lie, otitis in dogs is very common! One of the Most common symptoms are excessive scratching, excess wax, redness in the skin, and even pus.

If your dog's ears smell bad, he may have very advanced otitis! In that case, take the veterinarian, as it could lead to canine deafness.

Skin infections

If your pet does not have otitis, and his dental hygiene is also correct, he may have a skin disease!

Bacterial infections or allergies, can cause a strong smell in dogs. You will also notice it because Your dog will have a constant itching.

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Sometimes the bad smell in dogs does not come from the dog itself, but It is because your pet farts. If that is the case, it could have its cause in poor diet, stomach problems, and / or intestinal problems. Try to remedy it as soon as possible! Gases can cause stomach torsion in dogs.

Causes of bad breath in dogs

Bad breath, or halitosis, it's not natural. When it appears, it's because something goes wrong. But what happens? Bad breath appears when bacteria from food that accumulates in your dog's mouth begin to break down and release sulfur components. These produce bad smell.

And why is this happening? The main causes of bad breath in dogs are:

  • Feeding. Some foods, such as canned wet feed or soft diet, are more stuck in the teeth and therefore bacterial breakdown is greater, favoring the bad breath of the dog.
  • Other times, Halitosis is a symptom of a disease. It can be one directly related to the cav> (Photo via: pixibai)

Of course! As we said, bad breath is not a natural process of the body, therefore can be reversed. To prevent your dog from smelling your breath, follow these tips:

  • Brush your teeth daily. It helps a lot to fight bad breath, but it is an experience that hairy people do not usually like. Because, To maintain good oral hygiene, we advise you to accustom your dog to brush his teeth from a puppy. If it is part of your routine it will not cause you so much rejection.
  • Dental hygiene snacks: There are some snacks for dogs on the market that help maintain good hygiene and dental health. They are usually rubbery but strong texture, so that by chewing the dog, they help to drag the remains of food and the plate. In addition, they serve as a reward.
  • Biting toys. Having him play with toys that encourage chewing helps prevent tartar and strengthen teeth. The combination of the acid in your saliva with the friction of the toy causes the plate to detach.
  • Annual oral cleaning. It is advisable to do it from a certain age, but Anesthesia is necessary, so a veterinarian does it.
  • Take care of your diet. The risk of bad breath in dogs is greatly reduced if the diet is balanced and of good quality. Choose an easily digestible to avoid stomach problems and preferably dry, since chewing also helps clean teeth.

And that's it! We promise you that with these tips your dog will wear a smile like those of the toothpaste ads and bad breath will stop being a problem.

Does my dog ​​smell bad?

Does your dog suffer from bad breath? Can you guess that your dog is at home even before entering the door? Does your pet smell like a wet dog even when it is dry?

Many humans who live with dogs at home complain about the body effluviums of their peñudos companions. But before continuing it is important to understand that there are natural and healthy canine odors and others that are not so.

Dogs smell like. dog!

Dogs emit body secretions that allow them to communicate with other animals. Not all people are, however, able to appreciate these smelly canine conversations.

The natural dog odors They are more pronounced in the area around the ears, the canine anus and the pads of the dog's paws, which is where they specify the largest number of glands responsible for emanating the canine smell.

"The sense of smell of dogs is thousands of times more powerful than ours, the reason is that they have 220 million olfactory receptors in the canine nose, while humans barely have five million," explains scientist Julio Correa, of the University of Alabama (USA). This ability helps them better decipher the odorous signals emitted by the rest of the congeners.

Other dogs, to the almost general disgust of their owners, also enjoy rubbing in the mud and other animal remains that they find on the promenade. Understanding that it is a natural behavior of dogs, part of their communication process and that a bathroom can be solved with a simple help will better understand and accept these behaviors.

Some canine odors are natural and play an important role in communicating the furry companion with other animals. But when does the smell of the dog prove a problem and how to stop it? Here they go seven unhealthy bad smell situations and how to end them.

1. Bad smell in dogs: grooming and brushing

Dogs need bathAt least once a month to be healthy and keep away undesirable bad odors.

The brushed Can's hair should also be included in this hygiene routine: the hair traps substances that can enhance its smell, while the tangles and knots in the fur generate the optimal conditions for dirt and bacteria to run at ease.

3. Dog skin diseases

Diseases in the dog's skin, in addition to dangerous ones, can generate strong canine odors. The bacteria and fungi associated with many of these skin ailments They are behind the strong stench that some dogs can give off.

Below you can read more about the main skin diseases in dogs and how to stop them in time.

4. Dog otitis

Otitis or inflammation of the ear of the dog may be responsible for a more intense stench than usual in the ears of the furry friend. A unpleasant and intense stench coming from the area of ​​the dog's ear, along with a anomalous presence of wax, are signs of a possible otitis of the dog, which require an urgent veterinary visit.

5. Anal glands too odorous

Dogs usually empty the glands or inner sacs that surround the anus area by themselves. However, some animals have problems for it and drag their bottoms insistently on the ground in order to achieve it. Nail clogged anal glands accumulate the odorous liquid that should have been expelled, so they cause pain and a very strong stench in this area.

6. Canine flatulence

Odorous flatulence is normal in dogs. However, when these are too much frequent or smelly can hide a poor canine diet. The canine gastrointestinal diseases too They may be behind an excess of flatulence.

The best recommendation is to go to the vet so you can examine the furry friend.

7. Medicines that boost canine smell

As happens to people, some medicines or antibiotics they also wake up the smell of the dog and make it more intense than usual.

In this case, the advice is to follow the veterinarian's guidelines closely and be sympathetic to the smell of the furry friend during his illness.

Problems with your anal glands

Dogs and cats have two glands located near the anus, responsible for creating an oily liquid that they use to mark the territory. In general, this liquid is emptied when the dog defecates.

But nevertheless, There are occasions when it is not evacuated correctly, so it accumulates in the glands and produces a bad smell. In addition, it causes pain in the pelvic area of ​​the animal.

Usually, This problem is detected when we see the dog dragging the anus on the carpet or floor. Also when you constantly lick the area, the product of itching, burning or pain caused by the accumulation of fluid.

This type of obstruction is called impaction and can lead to infections in the anal glands. Infections that are not treated on time usually lead to bleeding, constipation, fever and abscesses which, in some occasions, require surgical treatment.

Oral health

Dogs will not have a mouthwash breath, but it shouldn't be too bad either. Bad breath or halitosis in dogs is usually caused by poor oral hygiene and because pieces of food have been trapped between the pet's teeth.

The longer the trapped food passes, the worse the animal's breath will be. Many times, especially in older dogs, bad breath occurs due to the accumulation of tartar on the gums, so you will need a prophylaxis to correct the problem.

If, despite brushing your teeth frequently and having removed tartar, the problem of bad breath persists, It can be a caries problem, a bad stomach, liver or intestine. In these situations, it would be wise to take it to the veterinarian for a review.

«Many people believe that the smell of dogs is related to their grooming. However, excessive bad smell is usually due to health problems »

Otitis or ear infections are one of the most common conditions in pets. It is easily detected by an obvious discomfort in the ears of the animal (scratching or shaking the head frequently), irritation in the area, inflammation, suppuration and bad smell.

Unfortunately, when a dog smells bad, this is usually the reason that leads owners to treat otitis. When it becomes very strong, it means that the disease is quite advanced and may have compromised the hearing of the pet.

The oily skin of dogs

The bad smell of a dog is one of the most common discomforts that can cause their owners. In many cases, the owners become immunized and end up assimilating that smell in their dog as normal. If remedies are not put in place for your dog's bad smell, the problem arises when home visits arrive and guests notice this unpleasant and strong smell. The dog's bad smell can occur for several reasons, but it is usually due to the oily skin of our pet. There are dogs that have more oily skin than others, so The more fat your skin is, the stronger your smell will be.

Other ailments that can cause bad smell

Also the bad smell in the can can be caused by some ailment or problem in your anal glands or problems of skin infectionsIn which case, if they are detected by the owner, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible for an examination.

Gases are normal in a dog, but if they are very common and persistent over time and are very foul-smelling, it is also advisable to visit a veterinarian for an exam.

If, in the case of problems with the anal glands and flatulence - something that can also be made unbearable - parasitic diseases in the tract are ruled out, it is advisable to check the feeding of the pelud.

A more natural diet and with as little processed food as possible, in amounts corresponding to the size, activity and age of the dog can help regulate the dog's tract.

If you want to opt for the most natural alternative, the dehydrated food made from chicken for the dogcAlways check the optimal amounts that a fundamental protein source will provide with a balanced supply of fiber and vitamins Own fruits and vegetables that can help prevent the dog's bad smell from its gases.

You can also check a positive effect on your dog's bad smell with a type of appropriate raw food, of those that make up a diet basically of "Raw food", eliminating all kinds of flours and providing great quality of fresh proteins such as those that your dog can taste from the Barf Ostrich diet for dogs even sensitive or allergic also to other animal proteins, and for the amounts, the same, to take into account their weight and activity, as well as age.

No matter what the reason, the bad smell exists and the important thing is that there are remedies for the bad smell of the dog.

Bathe your dog with this special vinegar mixture

According to many experts, a recommended and very natural alternative, without incurring a higher expense, would be a shampoo mixture that is normally used to bathe the dog (A special shampoo for dogs, do not use the same one that you or your family uses because your skin may be irritated), with a cup about which we have already written about him in another post widely read about home remedies against fleas and ticks such as apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. The properties of these vinegars allow them to be used to clean the dog's hair, just as they were used in the past with children's hair to eradicate and prevent lice, for example.

One remedy for your dog's bad smell is to mix apple cider vinegar with the shampoo you use for your bath.

With this mixture the pet is washed thoroughly and it is convenient to make sure to rub the shampoo and vinegar very well, massaging with the tips of the fingers and reaching the roots of the hair. After everything is covered, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, leaving no remnants of the shampoo and vinegar mixture. It is important after bathing, dry your dog well. Never let the dog air dry because bacteria easily develop on damp skin, and that could cause the opposite effect, a worse smell.

Bathe your dog with this mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

We have found another remedy against the bad smell of your dog advised by different veterinarians, which is the following:

Mix a liter of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (there are different types of hydrogen peroxide, it is important to keep it in mind) with 200 grams of baking soda and a tablespoon of soap or shampoo that is used for dog washing. These proportions are optimal for dogs of normal size so if it is for a dog of large size these amounts must be doubled.

To give this mixture you have to Take special care that it does not enter the dog's eyes, for this there are ophthalmic creams that can be applied before bathing with this solution.

The animal is wetted with plenty of water and then the solution is rubbed well, leaving it to act for 4 or 5 minutes, being careful with the dog's eyes as we have commented. Once the time has passed, it rinses well, deeply and dries the dog completely.

Drying your dog well prevents bacteria on its skin and a worse smell.

Obviously, if you don't have certain ingredients you can choose to receive a good remedy quickly in your home, A most natural and moisturizing shampoo like this one that we recommend can be of great help in removing that bad smell from the dog's coat:

Then, if your pet has behaved well after the bath, you can reward her with one of her cookies or snacks for dogs favorites, or even some little piece of that chicken from your diet food Barf from the food you have saved Surely it will not disgust you, or if the bath is a trauma for your dog, it may be possible to give him a prize for dogs to help his bath be easier for you. You can visit our online natural dog food store in case you are interested in having provisions for your bath time.