WHY cats LOVE, (it's a sign of love)


Felines knead their humans by reflecting their puppy stage, and as a way of telling them how much they love them, a movement that dismantles the myth that they are little affectionate animals

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  • Last update: August 24, 2016

Does your cat knead you? Well, he's a lucky human, and very dear! The kneading of felines is a reflection of a movement learned from puppies to obtain milk from their mothers. But many cats maintain this reflex behavior as adults and use it to tell their owners everything they want. But cats also knead when they are calm and happy. All this is analyzed in the following article.

The cat kneads because he loves you!

Cats express their love in a very physical way, with caresses, rubs and kneading their paws

People who live with cats talk to them (one in three prefers to let off steam with their cat rather than their partner), they are amazed at the purring qualities and attend other surprising behaviors every day. Why do felines knead them? Why do they place their legs on their lap and soft areas, press and move them rhythmically, in a very relaxing hairy trance? Y What do they think while kneading with their legs?

Cats show their love to their hairy (and unique) way, that is, by kneading their human. Who said felines don't love us? Experts say that people who enjoy this movement, known as knead or make cookies Because of their unquestionable similarity, they must feel fortunate and, above all, very dear. "Their cats tell them with this massage how much they love them and how important they are for them," concludes a research project on feline behavior at the University of Florida (USA).

Cats: very loving friends

Cats are much more affectionate than people who don't know them think. These signs of love The humans who care for them and want to include caresses with their faces, affectionate thrusts of their bodies on people's legs and even circular dances around the calves of the surprised owner.

Cat puppies knead their mother to push the outflow of breast milk, and this affectionate reflex preserves it as adults for animals and people who want

"For cats, the sense of touch is very important, they are very receptive animals to physical contact and they use it to show affection for other cats, animals and people they live with and love", explains feline ethologist Manuela Wedl, of the Konrad Lorenz Research Station, a huge center for animal behavior studies located in Vienna (Austria)." The feline demonstrates his affection for us when he kneads us with his legs, "says Wedl , who has studied the love relationships between 40 cats and their owners. Their conclusions have been published in the scientific journal Behavioural Processes.

But felines not only knead their owners with their paws, as can be seen in this video. They also use their relaxing massages to show their love for friendly dogs: this recording of a feline that kneaded a dog dismantles the fallacy of a supposed natural enmity between the two species.

The love of the cat: a very physical affection

The recipients of these affectionate massages are not just loved people and animals. The cats knead almost any soft surface (bedspreads, sweaters, cushions and pillows), when they are calm and happy. The felines thus manage to feel more comfortable and even use this gesture before snuggling to sleep.

But, What is behind the cat's massage and why does it execute this curious and unusual movement? "The cats knead in response to a behavior learned during their puppy stage, since this pressure movement with the legs helps the little kittens to push the breast milk to make it better," explains expert Kim Thornton, author of the manual 'Why cats do that' (Why do cats do that, Bowtie Press, 1997).

This feline movement is usually accompanied by rhythmic purrs. And, during its execution, it is more than possible that the hairy massager enters a sort of trance. "When a cat kneaded us, he treated us the same way he would treat his mother", adds veterinarian expert in felines John Bradshaw, author of 'The sense of the cat' (Allen Lane, 2013).

Single caution For when the cat kneads frequently: keep your nails cut and well maintained. You never know when the next show of love will come!

And your cat, when and where do you knead? If you want to share it with us, you can leave your opinions in the following comments.

Wild heritage

There is an important part in the scientific community, which suggests that this is an act inherited from their oldest ancestors. In the wild world, the cats had to test the ground to see if they were able to hold on to it, for example in case they were going to jump from one rock to another or from a branch.

Cats mark their territory in very different ways and They don't just pee. In fact, they have glands in their bodies that secrete an oil that they use to permeate everywhere. Many of the physical contacts that the cat makes, whether with objects, people or animals, are due to processes to mark the territory.

When cats knead the ground or even when they scratch the surfaces, they are sending you olfactory signals through pheromones, and visuals through scratches to other cats that are entering their territory.

As we seek comfort, cats usually knead the furniture, pillows or clothes on which they sleep, to accommodate them and stay softer to sleep on them.

Show of affection

According to what we have stated above, Cats don't knead like a show of love. However, the fact that they do it on a person means that they have confidence.

A pussycat will normally not have contact with a person he distrusts or believes may harm him. Cats tend to be very "picky" against whom they allow approaches, this also includes other animals. Instinctively they will not put themselves in dangerous situations and will not sleep near someone who represents a potential threat to them.

Therefore, you can interpret that I loved you or sleep near you (even on top of you) than your cat It does not feel like a threat, it knows that you will not harm it and therefore it can relax by your side.

If it starts to knead when you are caressing it, it means that your cat likes caressing, relaxes it and gives it an extremely pleasant feeling.

Reasons and reasons why cats knead

Many people ask us "why cats knead blankets", or they say: "my cat kneads me and drools" or "my cat kneads me and gets excited". Well then we give you the answers to all these questions and many more:

1 The mininos usually knead normally on soft objects or places such as a comforter, a quilt, a blanket or their bed. But they can also do it on another cat and, of course, on their human. Let's see the reasons because cats knead things.

2 A sign that identifies cats is the act of kneading. When kittens are puppiesknead her mother's belly for this to pay attention to them, and it seems that this movement activates the secretion of milk in their breasts, so that the milk is easily released.

3 It is customary to say that the cats knead because they have been weaned or separated from the mother before time, and that is why they usually do it when they are adults. Although there are cases of cats that knead without having been separated early from their mother.

4 It is possible that the fact that the cat kneaded be a comfort behavior for himself Many kittens, when they carry out their massage, can also lick the edge of a comforter or a blanket, since it looks a lot like your mother's nipple. This is the reason because cats lick the blankets.

5 There is another reason why cats knead, and it is because of the scent glands that they have in the pads under the legs. When they do the massage, they give off something of their body odor in the place where they perform it, that is a way of mark your territory.

Why does my cat knead me?

In this section we will explain the because cats knead their owners. If in some moment your cat gets on you and kneads you you're in luck since this means he loves you very muchHe thinks you are like his father / mother. And if at the same time he purrs and you see his jaw relaxes, he may enter a hypnotic trance where he can even reach drool of satisfaction.

Keep in mind that if your pussy is on you kneading it is not only because he loves you, trust you and feel very comfortable, it is also letting you know that you belong. This is one of the reasons why cats knead To their masters.

We will banish false ideas first

Traditionally in ‘popular cultur ’ of cat owners this behavior was associated to something weird, which could show cat lacks.

For example, it was said that a catweaned or separated of his mother too soon would exhibit this behavior to compensateor supply time that he should have been with his mother sucking.

Why cats knead

Is idea is falsebecause the great most cats kneaded, whereby, by that rule of three, all the cats in the world must have been weaned early. So discarded idea.

Another misconception is to think that they do forsharpen nails But this is not true either. When cats sharpen their nails, they prefer a rough and vertical surface, and perform a different movement with their legs.

What to do if my cat kneads

If your cat kneaded you, as we have explained before, you should not worry because it is not a bad thing. Yes we would like to give you some advice: if your cat kneads On top of you it is good that you file him and cut his nails so that he does not hurt you when he climbs on you. If you do not, the nails of the gate could harm you unintentionally. We also recommend why my cat bites me and spider.

Keep in mind that this article is purely informative, in Curio Sfera .com We are not trained to give any kind of treatment or make diagnoses. If your cat has any type of discomfort or problem it is better to take it to the veterinarian.

What to do if your cat kneaded you?

If your cat kneaded you frequently, it is recommended keep your nails trimmed to avoid being scratched or spoil your clothes. You can also save a folded towel next to your favorite chair, and use it To protect you how much your cat loved you with its paws.

Why cats knead

If the kneading movement is uncomfortable enough for you to bother, you can try leave your cat gently on the floor in a lying position To calm down and fall asleep.

Other tricks can be gently hold your front legs together and stroke, or distract your pet with a toy or a treat. The experts in domestic pet behavior agree that it is not appropriate to punish a cat for a behavior as natural and instinctive as kneading.

You want to know more?

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Why cats knead blankets

Cats knead soft and soft blankets when they feel relaxed and calm. This behavior is related to his childhood, when kittens knead their mother's belly to help milk flow better and the cat feels more relaxed.. This theory is supported by the fact that some cats knead and at the same time suck on the blankets. That is, while they are kneading, we can see how they lick suck or get to emulate a kitten that is sucking from his mother.

Usually each cat has a favorite blanket to knead, which are usually fluffy, very soft, and pleasant and warm texture. This pleasant feeling transports them to their childhood.

Cats start this movement when they are still verylittle ones Y maman of the cat By kneading her breasts, mother's milk flows better and they can get more food.

Your cat is not a masseuse, if he kills you it is because he feels good

Cats knead when they feel good and to be comfortable. This way of pushing the legs against the body, against another animal or against any surface is called kneading (because humans tend to name things). But its origin is not something invented by us.

The cat kneaded when it's baby to get more milk from her mother's tit and this beautiful action continues as an adult when looking to feel comfortable.

Many cats knead, we invite you to, for example, put “cat massage” on YouTube, you will see how many feline physiotherapists you will find.

My cat doesn't knead, will he be sad?

Some cats do not knead, and this does not mean they are sullen or unhappy cats. Simply, each cat is different, and expresses his well-being and his affection towards us in a different way. Some cats knead their owners' bellies, others lick them, others purr at their presence, and others fall asleep on their favorite person.

All these ways of demonstrating love and complicity are valid, and that a cat does not love, it means nothing. Simply, you will prefer other types of demonstrations.

If you have doubts about the subject, and you want know if your cat loves you, click on the link above and discover 10 signs of love in cats, that will surprise you.